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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
 Originator Date Posted 

1/12/2010 08:01
Posted By:  - JEKYLL ISLAND, GA  
Date Posted: 1/12/2010 08:01

His hand felt good on the back of her neck, gripping it firmly, forcing her head down hard over his hard cock, making it go over her tongue and down her throat. She wanted him to explode and shoot his hot, sticky fluid while she had him deep. The thin edges of her fingernails stoked his balls. She felt a quiver and knew he enjoyed her. She pretended she was swallowing to increase the sensation on his throbbing cock. It was long. She liked long more than thick. Thick cocks felt good at first but after time became irritating. A long cock hit wonderful spots and they are actually easier to swallow was her way of thinking.

Robin worked him well. She kissed the tip of his cock lightly. She licked the tip and slid her tongue at assorted rates up and down the shaft. At last she had the cock displayed in photos with other women. At last the cock was with her. At last the cock that was captured on camera being stroked by strong hands with a gentle touch was stoked by her. At last the cum she saw on camera splashing on her photo was going to be splashing in her mouth.
“Oh yesssss,” she heard him moan. Slowly he began undulating and gyrating his hips. The swallowing technique had achieved her intended results. “Robin, the way you suck my cock makes me want to fuck you,” he whispered. He grabbed her hair with both hands, holding it tightly. Robin loved it. “I’m going to skull fuck you baby.” He used her hair to pull her face back and forth on his cock. He began to pump her head harder, but maintained a slow rhythm. As he pulled her head up off his dick, Robin got a taste of pre-cum. She started to hum as soon as he thrust her face back down and pushed his cock down her neck. Robin alternated humming and swallowing, massaging the sweet meat that was on the brink of explosion. His hands in her hair felt good. She loved how he took control of her. The way he fucked her face had her pussy soaked. His hips thrust upward. Her teeth mouth pressed against his belly. Warm, nectar pulsed out of his throbbing cock, sliding. She took it all. His body shook a few times. The powerful muscles in his thighs flexed as a second burst of cum filled her mouth. He pulled her head away from him and let go of her hair. Immediately, she wrapped long slender fingers around his tool, pushing hair away from her face with her free hand. Slowly, Robin let a tendril of cum seep from her lips as she poised her mouth over the head of his shaft. The fluid glistened in the light from the film neither of them had paid any attention to. Robin looked down at her sticky fingers, anxious to put them to her lips and lick them clean. Robin looked up at him, offered a wink and slowly inserted her “fuck you” finger now coated with his cum to her mouth. Slowly she inserted the finger between her lips, pushed in gently and pulled it back out with no trace of his jism remaining. She then licked her thumb, sucked it as if it was her favorite pacifier and repeated the process with her remaining fingers. Robin slid her tongue over the palm of her hand, letting it dart between the fingers, not wanting to miss a drop of his ecstasy. “You are incredible”, he whispered. “I can’t wait to find out if you taste as good as you look. Dip a finger”.
Robin inserted two fingers under her skirt into her now volcanic cunt. She put them to his lips. Tenderly, he held her hand as he guided her honey coated fingers past his lips. She felt his tongue trace the edges of her fingernails, then a gentle sucking action. He worked his tongue between them down to the joint. There, he moved his tongue in and out of the crevice like it was a little pink penis fucking her hand. If he worked his cock the way he worked his tongue, Robin thought, she knew fucking him was going to be beyond awesome. She wanted to speak but did not dare. Those were the rules.

Robin walked out of the theater with the taste of his cum lingering in her mouth. Her scalp was tender from the firm grip he maintained on her hair. She called it “hurting so good” Her ass still stung from the spanks he gave her with his hand when he pulled her into the men’s restroom and locked the stall door as they were leaving. His thumb artfully banged her hungry cunt while she braced herself against the toilet stall walls. Each orgasm he conjured grew with intensity. When she climaxed for the third time her scream was stifled by his hand over her mouth. Even muffled, Robin thought the whole building could hear her shriek. With one hand over her mouth, he slapped her ass three times with the other. Each slap was hard. Her ass glowed red. The slaps were delivered just as she was hitting the pinnacle of her orgasm. How did he know she wondered? Her squirting all over his hand and all over the floor, made him smile. He took pride in his “handy work”. Her heels clicked on the pavement. She could not recall the last time she had been turned on so much. As she opened the door to her car, plopped herself behind the wheel and turned the rear view mirror to inspect her makeup, Robin wondered when, not if, but when he would be fucking her.
At 9:00 p.m., Robin exited her car. She had parked in space 712 per instructions. No sooner had the car door swing to a to a close with a telling “thunk”, Robin felt a hand on the back of her neck moving upward, clutching more and more of her hair as it climbed. She felt another hand against the inside of her right thigh. The hand was strong, but the skin was soft. His hands she remembered from the theater did not feel as she had expected. His hand slid higher up her thigh and moved to the rear. His hand moved slowly over her ass then toward the thin thong strap. There was a pause. She heard a clicking sound. In an instant, the thong strap was severed by a razor sharp knife, he returned from wherever it came. He held the thong in his hand making it into a ball, as his other hand turned her head to the left. A quick tug of her hair pulled her face upward slightly. Neon lights from across the street flashed on her face. Robin gasped. Her heart felt as if it would burst from her chest. His index finger traced the surface of her frosted pink, glossy lower lip. Slowly he moved the finger toward the center of her lip and then inward, hooking it behind her bottom front teeth. He used the finger to gently, but deliberately ease her jaw downward to full expansion. Then quickly, he shoved her pussy soaked thong in her mouth; pushing it in further and further, as far as it would go without her choking.
Still holding her by her hair, he raised her short skirt exposing her beautiful ass to cool night air. He placed his left leg between her legs. With his foot against the Jimmy Choos on her left foot and his left knee next to hers, he pushed her legs apart. Using his forearm along her spine for leverage, he forced Robin to bend at the waist. Another tug on her hair put a nice arch in her back. Her cunt was soaked and ached to be fucked.

After a few strokes of her clit with his fingers, and once they were slick from her juice, he stroked himself, using her fluid as lube. Fully erect and anxious to be deep within her, he plunged his big dick into her pussy with no hesitation. He couldn’t see it, but Robin’s eyes were huge like dinner plates. After several more intense thrusts, he eased up on her hair with his cock still deep inside of her. Robin began to grind against him like a master stripper. She worked her hips like they were on ball bearings. Her pussy was sweet. She knew that. Every time he pushed in she squeezed her vaginal muscles. Pleasure was maximized for her. Pleasure was maximized for him. He moved his cock in her like a figure eight, and like he was stirring a pot. In and out was boring he and in an email weeks before. Robin came hard. Her fingers clutched desperately on the roof of her car. She pounded the metal as he pounded her from behind. “Reach back Robin. Use both hands and spread your ass wide for me. Now he was fucking her really hard, in a steady rhythm. He plowed into her deep and with the fury of a storm. Passion was totally unbridled. How can he keep doing that she wondered. He pulled her hair, causing her head to lean back more and he used the position for added leverage for his thrusts. He was fucking her like she wanted him to fuck her. He drilled her pussy over and over and over. He was fucking her like a demon she thought. “Is this the fuck you wanted bitch?” he whispered in her ear. His thrusts got even harder and faster. Robin climaxed – again. “No, this isn’t the fuck you want Robin. I know what you want bitch.” Robin could barely hear him. Her head was spinning. He pulled his cock from her drenched cunt. He cupped his right hand and filled it with all the saliva he could muster. He stroked himself with the spit making his hard cock glisten even more. He leaned forward slightly and spit directly on the crack of her ass hitting the center of her glory hole like a marksman. He pushed his cock into the primed and hungry ass that he knew Robin wanted him to fuck. Knowing that Robin was not a novice to anal sex, he did not hold back. With the same unbridled passion he delivered to her cunt, he worked her ass well. Robin climaxed hard pushing a shrill cry past the thong stuffed in her mouth. She knew that if he kept that up she would surely pass out. She squirted again, hearing the liquid from her cunt splash against the side of her car. She felt her knees buckle. Still holding onto her hair, he pulled his cock from her ass. Using her hair once again as a guide, Robin was forced onto her knees.
One hand held her head steady, her face poised in front of his tool. His other hand ripped open her silk blouse sending buttons flying, exposing her ample, tits. The site of her magnificent chest was powerful visual stimulation. He spit in his hand again and with Robin looking up at him, he stroked his big cock until he could take it no more. Hot jizz splashed all over Robin’s face and her full, melon-like tits. He pulled the thong from Robin’s mouth. On cue she began to scoop his cum from her tits and face into her mouth with her fingers. Robin pulled each breast to her lips and licked her nipples knowing he was watching and knowing he liked what he saw. She wanted to speak but did not dare. Those were the rules.


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