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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
 Originator Date Posted 
   Office Fun  

1/30/2010 11:35
Posted By:  - VERNON HILLS, IL  
Date Posted: 1/30/2010 11:35
   Here is a story based on something I went through early in my career. I changed it so you can see yourself in the fantasy...makes it hotter I think. Hope you enjoy it...

You had been flirting with him for weeks. Teasing him. Letting your shirt fall open revealing a little too much skin when he was in the room. Moving your skirt higher to reveal a little too much leg when he was looking. He knew what you were doing – you knew he was looking. So you weren’t surprised when he asked you to stay late one night to “clear the air.”

You came into his office and sat down and crossed your legs slowly letting it ride up your thigh until it just covered the silky material of your thong. He said, “Now that’s what we need to talk about.” You smiled and played dumb about what you were doing. He said “Look we’re friends and if things were different we could be more than friends, but I can’t date people I work with and you can’t keep teasing me like this.” You said, “Like what” as you brought one leg higher giving him a peak at your thong.

He swallowed hard at the show and you said, “Who said anything about dating, how about if we just fuck right here in your office?” He said, “You’re shitting me.” With that you spread your legs so he could see your pussy soaking through the thong and you said, “Does it look like I’m kidding?”

He stood up and you could see that he was hard. You smiled and walked around his desk. Pushing him onto his desk you straddled him feeling his cock pressing against your pussy. When your lips met his you both moaned into each other’s mouths. His tongue swirled around yours and his hands were instantly on your ass pulling you tightly against his cock. You were moving your hips as you sucked his tongue, fucking him through his clothes. Then you sat up and started to pull his shirt off.

He was hungry for you now and he ripped his shirt off. You pushed him back onto the desk and started to kiss his neck. You moved your tongue lover and swirled it over his nipple. His hands were in your hair and you let him guide your mouth lower. You ran your hands up his legs until you found his cock. You stroked it through his pants feeling it throb in your hands. You looked up at him and said “I’m going to give you the hottest, wettest blowjob you’ve ever had – and I plan on swallowing every drop of you.” His breath caught in his throat as you started to unzip his pants. You pulled them down slowly leaving him in just his boxer shorts. Running your hands over his cock you licked your lips and stripped his shorts off in one motion.

Kneeling over him you ran one finger over the length of his cock. He moaned loudly. Then bringing your mouth close to the tip of his cock you said, “I want you to watch me.” He sat up and trembled. His cock was leaking precum that ran down over your hands – you ran your tongue through it and over the tip of his cock letting a long strand connect his cock to your mouth. You moaned and licked him again. Then in one motion you swallowed him letting your tongue stroke the length of his shaft. He ran his hands through your air and moaned that he wouldn’t last long. You moved your mouth over him quickly then you pulled away and said; “I want you to cum on my tongue.” Pulling him by the cock you sat him on the edge of the desk and dropped to your knees in front of him. You put his hands on his cock and told him to hold it against your tongue. As you licked him with slow long strokes, he started to pump his cock to match the pace of your mouth.

His hand held your head and you ran your own hands over his ass keeping your tongue on his cock. You could feel him get even harder and you knew he was going to cum. You stopped licking him and held your tongue under the head of his cock. You looked up and you saw him staring disbelieving at the sight of you on your knees with your tongue pressed against his cock waiting for him to cum in your mouth.

He screamed “Oh shit I’m cumming!” and you could feel a long stream of cum hit the back of your throat and your tongue. Then a second stream sprayed your lips. And a third landed on your tongue. You kept your mouth open so he could watch his cum drip onto your tongue and into your mouth then you swallowed him and sucked the length of his cock into your mouth to get every last drop.

He collapsed onto the desk and said, “That was unfucking believable.” You said, “And you didn’t even have to buy me dinner.” You thought he was done for the night so you started to get up. Catching you he said, “Where do you think you’re going?”

He pushed you onto the desk and kissed you deeply. Then he ran his hands over your waist and onto your tits. It was your turn to moan. He made short work of the buttons and quickly pulled your shirt open. You could feel his tongue teasing your ear and he whispered, “I want to taste you.” He instantly started to circle his tongue lover over your neck, between your breasts. He paused there and swirled his tongue over each of your nipples as they strained against your bra. You reached down and unclasped it and he pulled your bra away letting his mouth explore your tits. He sucked your nipples gently teasing you with his teeth and tongue. You were moaning out loud and you arched your back as he caught one nipple his mouth and swirled his tongue over it.

Then you felt his hand on your thigh moving slowly higher. You spread your legs to let him touch you. His hand just brushed your pussy through your thong and you pushed your hips up to greet it. He could feel how wet you were, but he was going to tease you a little. He traced his finger along the elastic outline of the thong and made you tremble with desire. Then as he gently squeezed your nipple with his teeth, he ran his finger between the lips of your pussy – fingering you through the wet material. You were moaning loudly now and you pushed his head lower. He let you lead him and as his tongue left a wet trail over your stomach you could feel his hands pulling your skirt and your thong lower. You raised your hips and he stripped it from you in one motion.

He ran his hands along the insides of your thighs just stopping at your pussy. He was looking at your body, drinking you in. The he brought his hands to yours and moved them to your pussy. He started to lick your fingers and he told you to touch yourself. You could feel his breath on your pussy and his tongue licking your fingers and the insides of your thighs. Trembling you ran your fingers over your pussy. Your clit was swollen and throbbing. Then you decided to put on a show for him. As your one hand teased your clit, you pushed a finger deep inside of you as you raised your hips. You were dripping wet and as hot as you’ve ever been in your life. As you fucked your finger you could feel his tongue licking your pussy and your finger as it slipped in and out of you. You were getting closer now. Finally you pulled your hand away and he crushed his mouth against your pussy. His tongue slipped completely inside of you and you started fucking it like a cock. His hands held your ass tightly as he sucked you noisily. You came immediately flooding his mouth with cum. As your hips bucked against his face he held you there letting you use his mouth and his tongue. You looked down and you could see his face glistening with your wetness.

Just when you thought it was over he pulled away and let your ass fall down to the desk. As you were almost over your orgasm, you felt his mouth cover your clit and his fingers slide into you again. He knew what he was doing and he found your g-spot with his fingers making you explode. He pumped you ruthlessly as he sucked your clit. You were cumming in waves now grunting deeply and shamelessly bucking your hips against his face and fingers.

Then he stopped and rested his head on your stomach. He said, “I’ll give you a couple of minutes to catch your breath, then I’m going to have to fuck you.” You moaned quietly and stroked his hair.

Your eyes were closed and you could feel him stand up. You were resting on the desk and you felt him pulling you toward the edge. Your head was leaning back off of the desk and you opened your eyes to see him stroking his cock just a fraction of an inch from your lips. You opened your mouth and instead of feeling the head of his cock on your tongue, you felt his balls slip into your mouth. You moaned at the thought of sucking his balls while he jacked off over your face. You sucked one ball into your mouth and then the other making him moan loudly. Then you extended your tongue and ran it over his balls as they brushed your lips. He was completely hard now and he held your head in his hands. When you opened your mouth again, he pushed the head of his cock deep into your mouth until you almost gagged at the length.

You let him fuck your mouth and you could feel his cock throb against your tongue. You knew he could see you so you spread your legs wide and started to finger your clit. You were moaning against his cock when you felt his tongue on your fingers. It quickly moved to your pussy and he lapped at you noisily. You were so turned on that you didn’t even notice that you had the entire length of his cock in your mouth. You could feel his balls hitting your lips each time he thrust his cock into your mouth. You were close to cumming again when he stopped.

He whispered “I have to be inside of you.” You moaned at the thought of finally being fucked by him and you turned and spread your legs wide. He leaned over you and kissed you roughly on the lips. You could taste your pussy on his mouth and you sucked his tongue deeply. You could feel his cock against your thigh and you tried to guide it into your pussy. He was teasing you and you loved every second of it.

Finally his cock touched your pussy and you grabbed his ass trying to pull him into you. Instead he slid the length of his cock between the lips of your pussy and over your clit, covering his cock with your cum. As you frantically pumped your hips against him, he stabbed his cock into you making you gasp. Just the head had penetrated you but you knew he was finally fucking you. Then he told you to sit up and watch as his cock slid into your body.

You looked down and you could see it. As you watched he slowly pushed his cock into you. He was making it throb inside of you and the feeling was incredible. He was smiling at you wickedly and he said, “You need to cum don’t you?” You gasped “Please” and he started to fuck you faster. You wrapped your legs around him and he pumped you relentlessly. He could feel your pussy tighten and he knew you were going to cum. Just as your orgasm hit you he pushed the length of his cock completely inside of you and stopped moving completely. He held your ass in his hands and let you feel his cock throbbing deep inside of you. Your orgasm ripped through you forcing you to arch your back to drive his cock even deeper. You could feel it throb inside of you and as you came you could feel him suck your nipples and squeeze your ass tightly. You came for what seemed like forever and then finally it stopped.

He told you to open your eyes and said, “Now I want you to fuck me for me.” You stood up and he took your place on the desk – you were going to be on top. You held his cock in your hands and slowly lowered yourself onto it. The feeling was just as intense as the first time and your body shuddered as his cock slipped into you. With one final motion you buried it completely inside of you and looked into his eyes as you fucked him. You smiled wickedly and said that you wanted him to cum inside of you. He just moaned and you started to fuck him faster. His hands were on your ass forcing you down on his cock and incredibly you thought you would cum again. His cock and his balls – even his thighs were slick with your cum. You leaned over him so he could suck your tits – and that pushed both of you over the edge.

He grabbed your ass and sucked your nipple deeply as he moaned. You could feel his cock throb and the hot, thick cum exploded into your pussy. The feeling of his cum spurting deep inside of you made you cum one last time. Your muscles milking every last drop of cum from his cock.

You stayed on top of him and finally you whispered, “So how do I bill this time?”

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