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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
 Originator Date Posted 
   Sensuous massage: A couple's fantasy  

1/31/2010 20:42
Date Posted: 1/31/2010 20:42
   Where I work, I have been asked many times to give hand jobs and blow jobs. Unfortunately, it is against the law. The doors don't lock, and other masseuses and stray clients have walked in on massages. It doesn't happen often, but it still happens. So, when I am at the spa, I work completely by the rules.

However, in my own personal business, I have given hand jobs to clients. It is usually at the end, after a full hour of sensuous touching. I will come very close, but back away. Then a little closer, perhaps a light brush against the "forbidden zone" with my fingers, then off to another area that needs attention. Somewhere near the end, if both of us are good with it, I will end with a hand job.

Sometimes the wife is in the room, watching while her husband becomes excited and hard at the hands of a stranger -- and another man, to boot. I remember a client recently who had already discussed with his wife this desire to have her witness him getting off with another man. Aware of her husband's desire, she sat in the room with a book while I began to massage him. He was face down. Slowly, I worked my way from his feet to his glutes. I spent a little extra time massaging his inner thigh before moving to his butt. He began to move a little bit, shifting a little side to side, and he moaned slightly. It was all very quiet. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a smile flash across her face. When I moved to the other side of the table, he adjusted himself. I could see his erect cock between his legs. I started the same way, but I spent a little more time on his inner thigh and allowed my fingertips to barely graze his cock before I moved on to the other butt cheek. He shuddered and moaned a little louder. I was staring directly at his wife at that moment, and she, pretending to read, had a huge grin on her face.

I moved on to his back and spent a good amount of time relaxing his muscles. I decided I would tease him a little more, so I went lower than his hipbones and firmly caressed his butt checks with my hands once more. Spending a little more time on his sacrum and coccyx before returning to his back, I could hear him breathing a little heavier. I then massaged his arms, just to keep him in suspense. His wife seemed to have stopped reading, but she was still holding the book. He had calmed a little by the time I had finished his second arm.

I asked him to roll over onto his back and slide down so that his head would be on the table so I could remove the face cradle. His wife and I were both smiling: His erection was proof that he was enjoying his massage. I began on the front side with his feet and worked up to his hips. His hard cock was lying on his stomach, stretching a good two thirds of the way up to his navel. I have to admit that I was excited, too. I moved to his other leg and began to slowly massage his shin, his knee, his thigh,--and brushed my fingers ever so close to his balls,--and then brushed my fingertips lightly nearer to his scrotum, the moved on to his abdomen. By this time, his wife had put the book away and was watching intently. Each time I went close to his erect cock, I would push a little deeper into his belly so that my fingers would flow under his erection without touching it. I knew it was the right move, because he would shudder each time. Then I moved on to his chest. His nipples were small but erect. I made certain to touch them lightly, then a little harder. Each pass over his nipples was met with another moan and small shudder. I finished massaging his neck and ears, spent a little time on his scalp, then traveled slowly back down his chest and abdomen until I cupped his balls in my hands.

I had been so focused on giving him a great massage that I hadn't noticed that his wife had stood up. As soon as I cupped his balls, she moaned deeply and loudly, bent down, and kissed him sensuously on the lips. It was such a turn on, I felt my body shudder in a quasi-orgasm. I squirted a little oil into my hand and began to stroke his cock. I was about to ask about the pressure when his wife said, "How's it feel, honey?" He just moaned. I drew light circles on his balls with one hand while stroking his cock with the other. His wife was watching while stroking his scalp. It didn't take long before he came. His orgasm was intense, and, as he arched his back, he shot his first load past his shoulders onto the floor, his second onto his chest, and his third and fourth onto his belly. His wife slurped up the come from his chest and belly. While I held his still erect cock in my hand, she swallowed the crown and sucked it gently.

She then stood up, leaned over the table and kissed me. Her come-coated tongue slid into my mouth. Leaning back, she smiled at me, looked at her husband, and said, "My turn."

It was quite a night.

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