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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
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   A Night Out Alone  

2/11/2010 18:57
Posted By:  - TARPON SPRINGS, FL  
Date Posted: 2/11/2010 18:57
   This last weekend, Mr Bubbles took the kids out of town, for some father sons bonding time, which left me home alone. Two choices, a night in PJ's watching a chick flick by myself or a night of adventure. As Mr Bubbles left, he winked at me and gave me a "hall pass" for the night!

I flashed back to one night when we were talking about fantasies, Mr Bubbles told me one of his was for me to pick up a random guy in a bar, flirt, dance and get all hot and bothered with him, and then to take the guy into the bathroom, screw his brains out and leave -- without even getting his name. Have to admit it was a pretty hot scenario, and hard to arrange. Sometime the best experiences are not planned.

As I walked into the Karaoke bar by myself, I felt every set of eyes on me. My low cut top showed more than a tease of cleavage, my short skirt barely covering my ass, damn I looked good! As I sat down, the first round of drinks started arriving. That was when I noticed him.

In the back, playing pool he was hard to miss, tall dark and handsome. We made eye contact and shared a smile. After singing a few songs and a few drinks, I started to flirt from across the room.

After my second song, as I walk off the stage we shared a smile again, and instead of walking back to my seat I walked straight to him. “That was really good, you are a great singer” he said. I took him by the hand and said “if you thought that was good, then you are going to love this”

The bathrooms at this bar are not the cleanest, so instead I opened the back door and led him to the alley. Before the door even closed, I turned around and we started making out. Passion ignited as we kissed, his hands freely exploring my body. Within seconds my bra was off and he was sucking on my rock hard nipples. I couldn’t hold back the moans as I got hotter and hotter with each second. His hands quickly discovered I wasn’t wearing underwear and his fingers soon realized how wet I was. His fingers explored, rubbed, fingered and banged my pussy. I don’t even know how many fingers he had in me, nor do I really think I cared as I came, hard. Those of you, who know me, know I am more than a little vocal. I had to hold back the moans as wave after wave of orgasms rocked my body.

“It’s my turn”, I said as I dropped to my knees and undid his belt and dropped his pants. His cock was long and hard and filled my mouth as I began sucking him. “Tell me your name” he asked in a throaty whisper between moans. “No, that is part of the fantasy” I told him and returned to sucking and jacking him off. With in minutes I could feel him start to stiffen up, his breath got heavier and his panting announced he was close to coming. I have to tell you my pussy was throbbing. The thought this hot stranger about to explode was driving me wild. He announced his orgasm with a loud grunt and I stood back as he covered the ground of the alley.

“That was incredible” he said while catching his breath. “What are you doing after the bar closes? Hell lets go somewhere now!” he said as he was buckling up his pants. I didn’t hear the rest of his statement because I had already turned to go back into the bar.
I stopped in the ladies room to “freshen up.” My pussy was still throbbing, I was so turned on I ended up getting myself off in seconds. Checking my hair, makeup, and look I left the bathroom and went back to my seat.

He tried to come by and sit with me. I turned to him and said “No, I am done with you, you served your purpose, now please leave” The people I was sitting by, commented how that seemed rude – until I told them he was hitting on me and that my husband wouldn’t appreciate it. The rest of the night they stood vigil, cock blocking him from coming over. Have to love vanilla bars.

I sing a few more times, and he and I did share a little smile and a wink as I walked off the stage at the end of the night.

“Have I got a story to tell you” was the text I left my husband as I drove home alone from the bar.

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