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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
 Originator Date Posted 
   Hall pass perks  

3/16/2010 11:47
Posted By:  - STEVENS POINT, WI  
Date Posted: 3/16/2010 11:47
   Written for a special friend whom I hope to see again very soon....

Last night as we crawled into bed I was surprised to find my wife undressed and having a devilishly playful look on her face. She's been stressing about school and not getting a lot of sleep the last few nights so I'd assumed sex would be the last thing on her mind. After some playful kisses and teasing, I told her that I wanted to take care of her needs so she should lay back and relax. Slowly teasing and tantalizing the sexy areas that I know love to get attention, my hands and lips and tongue explored her body. Her eyes were closed but from the concentration on her face it was obvious she was focused on the building sensations. As her breath quickened and she started to slowly writhe around the bed, I moved up her body so our lips were gently brushing, feeling each others breath. As we lingered there, experiencing the closeness of our connection, I slowly penetrated her while taking in her building passion - amazed at the sensuality I knew she was feeling.

Slowly moving my cock in and out and as her hips began pushing back toward me, I whispered to her teasingly that she wasn't thinking about me - she's thinking about the last hall pass date she'd had with your husband and how passionately he treated her and how loud she'd gotten because she just couldn't help it. As I started moving in and out I whispered to her more of the memories I know she has from their date - the kissing, the sweat, the sound of their bodies connecting with every thrust. Seeing how incredibly she's responding to my imagery, I tell her that I'm going to arrange for him and me to give her a special evening of two men devoted to pleasuring her. We'd never done anything like that before and she can be quite shy for such a sexual woman and I was curious what her response would be.

For a moment, I thought I'd broken the mood as her eyes opened wide and with a bit of surprise. But with a relaxed and thoughtful look she responded playfully that if I really wanted to turn her on that she'd love to see me pleasuring you first. She'd teased me in the past about wanting to watch a woman being ravished and she'd shown interested in watching you and I together even on our dates with you and your husband. She looked at me with such sincerity and passion that I knew she was being serious. My mind jumped back to our last hall pass date - your desperate gasps, your legs wrapped around me pulling me fully into you, your body contracting repeatedly as orgasms roll through your body....

I'm not sure of the expression on my face but it was clear that she loved the look and had decided to take control of our little fantasy-time. It's not very often that she truly takes the dominant position during sex but now she felt she had it and had decided to drive both of us crazy with it. Without any change in our sexual momentum, she dropped the playful-style sexy she was feeling before and starts down a more urgent and graphic path. She tells me that she's always loved your sexy ass and that she'd love to see you on all fours and you begging me to enter you; she wants to hear and feel and see the need in your voice and body as I'm taking you deeply - watching my hips push my cock deeply and listening to your moans of pleasure. As her intensity built she's saying things I've never heard come out of her mouth - like how she loves the sound of our skin slapping together when I'm fucking you hard and deep; how she wants use her favorite toy to fuck herself while watching me take control of your body and making you cum over and over.

Both of us are getting so hot that I'm losing control. I picked her up and flipped her over and started fucking her from behind…Her hand instinctively moved down to her pussy and she started rubbing like a woman possessed of a single need. But with the position change I'm back in control and I pulled her hand away then took the other one and pinned both of them behind her back. Even with the change of control she's not stopping the dirty talk - but she's so hot that she's not so much saying words as gasping them out; like how she can tell from how I'm fucking her that I'm not thinking about her anymore and that it's your pussy I'm fucking; how she feels like such a slut knowing that while I'm using her body it's you I'm actually thinking of. And she's right….I know that my body is feeling her wetness and warmth and it's her voice I'm hearing but in my mind my cock is in you and my hands are in your hair and the needing I'm feeling from her body is really your body begging me to give it release. My body took complete control of my mind and I could feel you underneath me cumming and moaning - I couldn't control myself any longer let myself go with an explosive orgasm. With each spasm my body thrust my cock deeply into her...but my mind was experiencing the feeling of my cum shooting into you.

For just a moment afterward there was a pause but as my head cleared I knew that she hadn't cum. I hadn't gone soft and, although the pace slowed, I kept fucking her as my lust rebuilt. The way my body was responding it was as if I hadn't cum yet. My mind went right back to your breathing and how I can feel the desire in your kisses as you are cumming on my cock. I was fully hard again and finally let her hands go so she could re-positioned her body to finger her clitoris again. The response was almost immediate - within just a few seconds I felt her tightening on me as her body convulsed and the sheer sexuality of the moment pushed me over the edge again. Her orgasm had an intensity I'm not sure I've ever experienced with a woman and the sounds she made were almost gutteral. Mine was no less intense - my head went blank for a few moments and I collapsed on her in a near loss of consciousness.

After we finished we didn't talk about any of it. We lay exhausted on the bed basking in the the afterglow you feel when you've completely spent your physical and emotional energies. I had two mind and body-rocking orgasms. And, honestly, they were for you - my wife and I both know it and it was one of the hottest things we've ever experienced.

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