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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
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   I haven't ever, have you ever?  

3/31/2010 02:37
Posted By:  - DALLAS, GA  
Date Posted: 3/31/2010 02:37
   exhale, slowly. It's been so long since I controlled my breath I can feel the cells in my lungs draw close to the air, they're greedy for it and they're all smiling, my chest heaves, and there's a hand at my back.

For the first time, in a long time, I am not here for you to judge. I am not your friend or your co-worker, I am not some face in the bar for you to smile or frown at. Tonight, I am simply hers. My insides sing like a thousand birds in the air and there would be tears in my eyes if I wasn't concentrating so hard on what Miss wants, because what Miss wants is everything, it's my entire world. In the moment, it's all that makes sense and it's all that has to. Her smile, is my smile, her quiver was my quiver first. I am at the top of the hill and the bottom, I am inpreginable and vulnerable and because I'm either, I'm both.

There's a thud, a striking blow, nine tails flail out and wrend me, but I take it like it is a fair breze because floggers don't bother me. She could break her arm and I'd still be standing there. I can sense her waiting on the ether, wondering what I'll do, so I let my legs buckle just a little, so she can hold me up, so she'll know I'm still hers. She does and her arm is like ambrosia across my chest. I smile, not enough so she can see because she'd only hit me harder, but I do smile. I remember this.

My hands trace the fingertips of my partner, not slaves, only subs, but everyone here knows exactly where the line is.

"Yhenna, you're winning me over, and if theres still life in me, I'm winning you over too."

"Are you ready for your caning?" she says. I'm not, of course.

She does it anyway, god bless her.

The sting comes only once. Sharp and true. I inhale like I'm drawing the world in at once, but it's just because I know she'll put her head on my back and try to decide if it's too far or not far enough. I hear her listening for my breath, in that moment I love her so much. It's been so long and Im timid, and I tell her through the waves in my spine. She hears it.

I love her even more.

So she only throws her arms around me, and Id throw mine back, I would, but they're trussed like little angels at the top of my head, immoble and by her design.

I want to say something, tell her how long the last eight years have been, but I'd only ruin it so I stay silent and wait for the whip to come down on the girl who's clutching my hands as hard as I'm clutching hers. I register briefly that it's Erik, and I love him almost as much because I know that this scenario is playing out in her head like it's playing out in mine. I know her heart is bursting. Mine is too, and then we both feel Miss's hand.

I'm not sure if it's the ecstacy or the whip or just the fact that they're both so goddamn hot, but I stand still while they guage us, Yhenna's hands on us like a channel of midnight at four AM. She breathes, and I breathe. I am at your pleasure Miss, I was born for this, and god help me, maybe I was born for you.

She lets me down, and the night goes on, and as it does Erik asks me for little liberties with the girl I love. He doesn't know about the nights spent delirious with tom waits and chartreuse, or the fact that at that moment I'd give the love of my life away for a smle, or a beating, or both. "can I fuck her?" is all he thinks to say. Can you? is all I think to answer.

I am lost in her, and I come like a cloud. The first time I've done such on so many chemicals, and I am not ashamed.

I'm so tempted to give myself to her right then. To pledge all the little things I have no business pledging. I want her to put her collar on me and be done with it right then. But instead I hear heartbeats pounding against my ear, and I wonder if they'll call us to sleep at the foot of their bed.

I drift, only muscles, veins, sinews and hands coming across dreamland to sew up the night like a taylor. I love her, I really love her, we love them. We sleep, ten feet away. I've always slept on strangers sheets best. when we wake up in the morning it feels as natural as the dream itself. She leans her head on a girls chest and damn it I want to make the girl happy just because she loves her.

This is the hight time of the erotic. This is who I was meant to be. You may have thought you saw me, but unless it was at someones feet you never did. I serve, that's all I was ever meant to do. Right now I make sense, and I never did unless I was at someones boot.

The sky is alive tonight. With a full moon and a wonton malevolence bursting from its edges like a god. Did you ever see what you really always wanted put in front of you? Was it ever as easy as doing everything someone else ever said?

I have. Brother, I have.

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