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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
 Originator Date Posted 
   SloooooOOOOOOW tease  

5/2/2010 17:14
Posted By:  - SAN DIEGO, CA  
Date Posted: 5/2/2010 17:14
   It was 2am and he knew she had to be sleeping by now. He tried the door knob but it was locked. He goes around to the patio area and climbs the wall the the 2nd floor balcony. The sliding door to her bedroom is open and he walks in. She's totally naked because of the hot summer air andshe's sleeping on her back with her arms at her sides, Perfect. Very quietly he uses the small piece of rope to tie her wrists together in front of her body. She starts to stir. He realizes that soon she will be awake. Quickly he blindfolds her even though the room is totally dark.

She finally awakes all the way and tries to move her arms but realizes that her hands are tied together and there is something wrapped over her eyes. She thinks about panicking but realizes it wont be any use. She is totally helpless but very nervous about what's coming next. He starts to caress her face, neck and ear area with his dry lips, gently biting her earlobes and breathing warm air into her ears. By this time she realizes who it is that has put her in this position and she begins to relax. He slowly moves lower, licking a soft slow line between her perfect tits all the way down to her belly button then back up again, circling her erect nipples with his tongue but being very careful not to actually touch the nipple area.

He raises her arms up above her head and gently licks, kisses and sucksunder her arms which is extremely sensitive but feels amazing to her. He than again starts to lick down her chest, down her stomach and towards her pussy. Yes she thinks, he's finally going to lick me where I'm dying to be licked but he caresses down the side of her thigh, down her calf to her feet where he begins sucking on her toes. She cant stand it and has to pull her feet away. He then starts licking back up her legs, licking ever so close to her now throbbing pussy but not touching it. Up her stomach and towards her tits. This time he doesn't miss the nipples. With one hand he softly caresses around the whole breast area and gently touches her nipple. On the other side he softly licks and sucks her rock hard erect nipple. With one hand still on her breasts he moves his mouth up the side of her neck and towards her ear, softly biting her ear lobe and again breathing warm air into her ear. Very softly her whispers to her "Do I make you feel good"? Yes she whispers back, touch me, PLEASE she demands. Not yet he says, soon but only if you're good and obey my commands.

He begins to lightly brush his lips along her waiting lips. She raises her head to try and kiss him harder than just a soft touch but he pushes her head down and tells her to lay back, relax and enjoy. He pushes her hands up again, resting themabove her head. He licks his lips and slowly slides his lips across hers. She responds by trying to kiss him back. Lay still he commands, don't kiss me back, just lay still. She obeys and he continues to probe her mouth with his lips and tongue. Finally when she's almost going crazy he licks inside her mouth and gently bites and pulls on her upper lip then the lower one.

She can feel her pussy begin to swell and throb even harder, wishing he would just give it some kind of attention. Anything!! just for one second, PLEASE she says silently in her head, knowing that if she said it out loud, it would be useless anyway. Again he makes his way down, along the way very gently licking and sucking on her nipples and licking the sides of her tits. She arches her back trying to get more of her body to touch him but he backs off. Lay still he says, you relax and let me do all the work. Its all about you right now Baby!! he says. She knew the routine from the many times he had done this to her but each time it felt as amazing as the 1st.

He licks inside her belly button and then lower, just above where her slit begins. He continues to suck and lick the now very swollen lips just above her pussy. He licks and caresses each side of her pussy lips, licking the groin area and inner thigh. He licks behind her knees which shoots shivers up her spine. At this point her pussy is visually throbbing and wetness begins to run down her. Suddenly she can feel his warm breath right in the center of her pussy. Then she can feel it. His wet soft tongue on her clit. Her stomach gets rock hard and she begins moaning, DON'T STOP, Please dont stop but he does, moving to the inside of her thighs -softly biting and sucking. Once her heavy breathing slows down he goes back again but only 20 seconds later same thing. He stops and moves to the thigh area then licking the silky soft skinarea between her pussy and butt. Her whole body begins to shake just as he backs off.

He then puts his middle finger deep into his mouth making it nice and wet. He whispers softly in her ear "Im going to slide my finger in you, make sure you dont cum, if you're going to cum stop yourself, if you cant then tell me to stop. I'll know if you cum and if you do Im going to slap your ass so hard it will leave a red hand mark." She nods her head, as he slides his wet finger into her throbbing, dripping warm pussy thats been begging for 30 mins to be touched. Palm up he finds her G spot just under her pubic bone and gently rubs it. She arches her back trying to create more pressure between his finger and the spot inside her amazing pussy that she never knew existed. Lay back and keep still he once againcommands. Frustrated but she obeys. As his finger is very slowly sliding in and out of her pussy and rubbing on her G spot he begins to softly do things to her pussy that only he knew how to do. Ive died and gone to heaven she silently says in her head. Maybe if I keep really still I'll be able to cum without him knowing. He can feel her pussy squeezing on his finger, tightening and relaxing then tightening and relazing over and over. As she's about to cum he stops for a few seconds and kisses her deeply and passionately, this is what shes been waiting for all night. She locks her tied up hands behind his neck as they continue to kiss hard. At the same time he begins softly rubbing her swollen clit that is wet with her juices. By her kiss he can feel that shes about to cum again so he backs off with his hand but continues to kiss then he moves back down and continues to do magic with his mouth, tongue and lips on her pussy.While he's doing this he's caressing her tits and stomach with his hands. She cant hold back anymore..............PLEASE, let me cum, I beg you. Not yet he replies.

He goes back and whispers in her ear "You know nobody will ever make you feel like this right"? he tellsher. Not even remotely close she says back. Do you want me to allow you to cum he asks, Yes she pleads. He goes back down to her pussy and proceeds to breath a warm breath over and over until her whole body is tensing up, relaxing, tensing up then relaxing. He can see her amazing abs as hard as a rock and she begins to shiver. This is it, Im going to let her cum he thinks to himself. As a huge wave of pleasure hits her he inserts his middle finger into her and very gently rubs on her G spot again. Too sensitive she thinks but I'll try go with it, between licking and sucking on her pussy and stimulation from his finger, she cums over and over and over again. At some point she doesnt konw when one wave of pleasure ends and when one begins. It all seems like one HUGE orgasm, like she had never experienced before. After 4 mins of this she actually cant take anymore and pushes him away. He moves up and kisses her on the mouth, she can taste herself on his tongue and lipsand loves it.

I want your hard cock in my mouth she says. Fully clothed "no he replies" he can feel his hard cock bursting to get out from under his jeans. When she asks, PLEASE. Let me just touch it. No he says even though he would wecome the feel of her tongue and lips on his hard dripping cock. If I cant touch it please put in into my pussy. No he says, going down on her one more time but this time pushing his tongue across her hard clit over and over and rougher and rougher until the largest orgasm of them all takes over her whole body as if she was possessed.

Once she is done and he knows she cant take anymore he releases her wrists and removes the blindfold. He gives her one last deep passionate kiss lasting almost a minuet. Finally she says, am going to feel you no?. Maybe next time...............only if you're good, he says. And he disappears out the door.

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