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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
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   A Cold Snowy Day  

5/4/2010 03:46
Posted By:  - MADISON, WI  
Date Posted: 5/4/2010 03:46
   The snow was falling ever so gently and I look out the window to savor the moment. I love playing in the snow and today is another day adding to the snow depths which aid me in my fun. I am startled by the beep of my phone. I know its a text message and I grab my phone to check on it. Viewing the message, I see its from you and I read ...Thinking of you and knowing your enjoying the snow. Instantly I come up with the reply. "Thinking of playing with you in the snow". Sending the text, my wait for the reply was brief. "Sir, precious hasn't played in the snow in ages".

Taking a few moments to work things out in my head, I decide that some spontaneity is the course of action. Clicking away I grin and send the message. This time the reply comes way slower. About 5 minutes pass before I receive the reply. "Precious is on her way". I should be surprised but I'm not. After all this time , I feel I know you very well. I know its been ages since I've offered up some naughty fun and I know that you must be pleasantly surprised. Looking at the clock, I know i'll have just enough time to get my gear and snowmobile ready. I grab the camera as well, knowing exactly what I have in store for you. You has been a good girl for way too long.

I hear the chime of another text, and read that you are almost there. I grab my coat and throw my boots on and in a moment i'm down the stairs to the garage to get the sled warmed up as i wait. It starts on the first pull and i hear the roar of the engine. Looking up, I see you pull into the driveway. Your radiant smile brings a warm feeling to my soul. I walk to you, and help you out of your car. Grasping your hands, I pull you to be to embrace. Looking down at you briefly, I pause before speaking. "I'm glad to see you precious." As usual, I find you so precious seeing you blush in reaction. Bending down I seek your lips and I enjoy the mix of warm lips out in the cooler air. A moment of our lips locked leads me to break the ice and I speak up. "Is precious ready???" You eager utter, "always for sir". I love the enthusiasm you at times have for your "role"

Grabbing my smaller set of bibs and coat. We move inside the garage to get you dressed for the elements. Grabbing the helmet, I help you with the last part of your outfit. Helping you tuck in the stray hairs, you should be nice and warm for our "ride". Hoping on the snowmobile, I wait as you slide on behind me. I feel you adjusting to the seat, and you press against me tight. I know its been ages since you've ridden and I know you are just a tad nervous. Pulling out of the driveway, we take a slow path to the trail head. Once we get to the smooth, groomed trail. I instantly accelerate, feeling you holding on for dear life. I pull harder down on the gas and we rush ahead faster into the countryside. The cold air even though very crisp, I savor as it blows into my vent holes. I turn around every so often to see how you are doing behind me. You seem comfy and I witness you smiling through your clear visor. We are gone about 15 minutes before we come to the spot I have in mind. As the trail curves ahead, Instead of turning I continue straight. I feel you tap me on the back. Knowing you think i missed the turn. I turn and shake my head and know you know doubt are confused. We continue ahead another few hundred yards until i see the "stand".

Pulling to the base of the tree. I turn off the snowmobile. Removing my helmet, I push myself up and off the sled. I help you raise your visor so I can speak to you. "We are here, precious. This is my families land and this is where I hunt. This is my deer stand and where you will complete tasks". The look on your face is priceless. You seem completely relieved that were aren't trespassing is my guess. I reach into my coat pocket and grab my camera. I wink at you and say "Time for you to be a good girl". I reach for your jacket zipper. You shreek, "But its soooo cold."

I pause for a moment and look sternly at you. "Open your coat for sir." This time the wait isn't long and you start to pull the zipper down. The coat is opened and I decide to reach for your sweatshirt. I used my large hands to push the front up, exposing your round orbs. Your nipples are bullet hard from the cold. I snap a few clicks off and then push your top back down. I reach for your hand and lead you to the ladder. I help you climb the 20 feet into the stand. Once in, i watch as you take it all in. "Wow, this is surprising," you say. "I know you said it was comfortable but I didn't know how comfy", you chime in. I walk to the heater and strike up a match. A minute or two pass and we both can feel the room heating up fast. A few moments of discussion on the history of this hidden "tree house" and I knew it was time for more fun.

Looking down into your eyes, i ask if your ready for your next task. You nod and speak in a soft voice "yes sir". I ask you to slowly take off your clothes. With camera in hand, I click away as you slowly tease me. I know your still a bit chilled even with the heater blowing the forced air. Your nipples are still hard as pebbles. I patiently away your panties being pulled off. I so hope your still not like a baby there. "Oh yes," I find myself speaking up at the site before me. Exactly what I like and hoped for was right before my eyes. Regaining focus I help you to your hands and knees, you knowing what I want a pic of next. A few more clicks brings me to pause a moment to look at you. It has been a while since i've seen you in your glory. It appears like your wet. You also seem swollen from the tell tale signs. Running my hands along your back and to your shapely bottom, I surprise you with a spanking. Three swift semi gentle swats to your ass, left a slight red mark. I once again take a mental picture of that right before I include one for memories on the camera.

Moving to your face as your still on hands and knees. I slowly drop my pants. I'm semi hard from the activities and I know it will be only a moment before im at full staff. You know my body well, and you enthusiastically get into the task at hand without any instructions. I know i'm leaking a lot of precum as your talents bring out the best in me. I enjoy the semi cool air mixed with your talented warm mouth. I feel myself getting nearer release and i have to push you away to spare the inevitable.

Reaching for your hands, I help you to stand. Almost as quickly, I turn you around to face the chair. "Grab the back of the chair", I instruct you. As you bend over to grab the rungs, II reach down and take hold of your cheeks. I move into position swiftly. Pressing my large plumhead against your opening. i realize i need to push your legs a bit wider. I move my legs inside your and kick your feet into position even wider. Spanking my head 3 times against your slot, you groan with anticipation. Finally I relieve your need and plunge slowly into your tightness. Your soaked and no doubt ready for the assault. It only take a few thrusts and i'm balls deep into you. I begin a slow steady rhythm sawing in deeper. I reach under your sweatshirt and find your erect nipples. Holding tightly onto your orbs, i begin to tease your nipples the way I know you like. Pausing for a moment, I reach down to grab the camera once more. I ask you to turn your head and look at me. I snap the reaction. Grabbing your flowing mane, i tug against it gently. Your head tilts back and I begin to thrust into your harder, and deeper. It feels so animalistic here in the nature. I hope my precious is enjoying it as i am. I bend down and speak firmly into your ear, "sir is gonna fill you full, get ready". With that you scream with need. "Oh my god, i'm gonna cum," you respond. "Pull it out of me precious, take my hot load", I groan as im speeding to release. I grab harder onto your hips and hold on tight as you begin to push hard against me. I feel it moving up my shaft and i begin to scream in release. "Precioussssssssssssssss!!!!" i find myself uttering, even surprising myself. You scream almost in unison "sirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, i'm coming". A few more stokes and i feel your pussy clenching and pulsing against me as well. I feel myself flooding you, and a minute later our comingled juices i watch as they run down the back side of your legs. I push out slowly, feeling oh so sensitive. I kiss the back of your neck, causing you to shiver. Moving to face you, i ask "ready for more". You can just shake your head.

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