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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
 Originator Date Posted 
   Just a story....  

6/15/2010 08:04
Posted By:  - TOMBALL, TX  
Date Posted: 6/15/2010 08:04
   You and I meet for dinner/drinks as Tara is working late after dinner we come back to our place and head to the bedroom, where I tie you to the bed and proceed to lick and kiss and touch my way ALL over your body bringing sighs and moans from your mouth...the inside of your arm...your neck..down each side and around each nipple..back to your lips for a long kiss as my hand runs it way up the inside of your thigh and you moan into my mouth. I kiss my way back down your body..leaving a moist trail from your nipples to your belly and lower...my lips are so close to yours that you can feel my warm breath on your clit..and I give the lightest of teasing licks, hearing you moan and seeing how wet I make you, before moving lower to the insides of your thighs and the backs of your knees..while my hand lightly careses the edge of your lips gently parting them and getting ever so close to your clit but not quite touching, hearing your breathe faster and your moans for me to touch you ..to give you more.... your back arching as you squirm trying to get my finger where you need it. I lick my way back up the inside of your thigh and my tounge replaces my fingers, parting your lips more forcefully, finally tasting your juices...but still not touching your swollen clit. My tounge runs up and down your lips ..darting inbetween as your sweet moans get louder begging me for more...I run my tounge up your lips and finally circling your clit bringing a GROAN of "oh Jesus" as I SLOWLY run my tounge around it, over and over..your back arching and moans cumming louder and faster as I speed up the rythym and slide a finger into your soaking wet pussy and then two....faster still....as you approach the edge...I slow down pulling you back...your eyes look at me questioningly knowing there is little you can do while tied down as I move up your body letting you suck my fingers tasting yourself..before tasting the sweetness on my lips. I continue to slide my body up until my rock hard cock is there for your tounge to lick around the head as I part your lips with it..sliding it in and out as your tounge circles it causing ME to moan. I pull it out and slide my way back down your body my mouth finding yours and my fingers finding you even wetter than before rubbing your clit with a bit more urgency as I take your nipples in my mouth sucking and licking...hearing your moans...as bolts of pleasure race from your clit to your nipple your moans begin to get loud once again I trace my way back down your body to your clit and bring you to the edge again...your hips bucking wildly..back arching panting w ith need...I pull you back again..but slowly let it build again ...as Tara comes home..she stops ...stares and we can both FEEL her getting wet hearing you moan..I move to the side as her tounge replaces mine and take your nipples in my mouth switching from one to another as she brings you to the edge and finally cum...back arching hips thrusting moaning into the night........Tara strips off her clothes and her pussy is wet from giving you such pleasure...she straddles your face as I slide my cock into your swollen pussy......which is a story for another time.......

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