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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
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   The note. Part 1  

6/17/2010 10:51
Posted By:  - MADISON, WI  
Date Posted: 6/17/2010 10:51
   She had found herself turning up the car radio even louder as she was sipping her semi warm can of cola. The day was long and the weather extra warm and humid. She just wanted to get home and relax in the tub. She was tired and dreading having still 2 more work days to go. After a couple songs that she can't believe are now considered oldies, she found herself pulling into her driveway. Taking a moment to gather all her valuables, she soon began the short walk to the door. As she was approaching, she saw what appeared to be a note hanging there. Was UPS there and she missed a delivery? Reaching to remove it, she realized it was stick it paper. Looking at it closely she read a simple message, "more instructions are under your door. A mixed bag of confusion and curiosity was before her. Unlocking the door, she immediately saw the larger note laying on the floor that must have been slide under. Bending down to pick it up, she instantly began to read the words.

"Tonight is your night, your to take a soothing shower and put on some jeans and your favorite top that accentuates your best assets." It continued with, "next your to pour yourself a glass of wine, the one I know you still haven't finished that is in the fridge." It ended with, "you are to meet me for dinner at 6pm and the location will be revealed to you once you have completed your first tasks." Somewhat puzzled by this surprise, she wondered why tonight of all nights. Here she was tired and just wanting to stay home and relax and now this. She then began to whirl around in her mind who this might be. She had been not meeting many friends of late with her being so busy and not as in the mood for fun. Could it be John? Maybe it is Mark since he lives close. Maybe, just maybe it could be her husband. But, he's suppose to be in work and he wouldn't take off, or would he?

She soon found herself in an almost trance like state daydreaming and letting her mind wander. She decided to try texting those she had a feeling it might be. Sending four out, she waited for a couple minutes in hopes there would be some replies. None came to her dispointment. Finally she decided that she might as well take that shower and get ready for this unexpected surprise. Moving to the bathroom, she began to peal off her sweaty work clothes, she soon found herself peeling off the last garment and realized that she hadn't shaved in a few days. Should she now, will she need to be, she wondered. Stepping into the shower, it wasn't long before she was forgetting about her troubles and an exhilarating feeling set in. Who could it be , she began to ponder once more. She soon realized that she was absently stroking her nipples and they were becoming ever erect. She began to briefly panic when she realized that she might not have as much time as she normally would need to get ready. It had to have been close to five. If it was John, she best not be late. She knows his biggest pet peeve and the ramifications if she is late.

A couple minutes later and she was shutting off the faucet. Drying herself off, she found herself looking at herself in the mirror. Not too bad she thought. She had became more confident in her looks as her diet and regiment was slowly coming along. She was almost to her goals and the old her was coming back. Drying her hair and throwing a towel around her, she walked to the kitchen to pour that glass of wine that was requested of her. Filling the glass, and with a small sip soon after, she found herself in a relaxed state. Picking up her cell phone she looked once more to see if anyone replied. None yet. Damn, she thought. She was becoming ever more anxious as to what lie ahead.

Moving back to the bedroom, she began to look for an outfit that would please him, whomever him was. Inspecting her new favorite jeans, she smiled knowing that not long ago she might not have been wearing that pair. Thumbing through the hangers, she came across her favorite top. The question that ran through her mind was, is this too revealing, not knowing where she was meeting him. She grabbed it none the less, and soon began to dress. Hearing her phone chime, she realized that she has a text. Immediately checking it, she read the following : You are to meet me at our favorite Chinese restaurant at 6. I look forward to seeing you there, it's been a while.

Now she knew who he was. A wide smile was soon to follow and her heart began to race just a bit for she knew there could be an endless number of surprises ahead. Checking herself in the mirror and finishing up the last touches in the prep and she was soon on the way. It wasn't that far to the restaurant and one last check of her watch and she was confident everything was on schedule. Pulling back out of the driveway, she was soon speeding down the street. Turning her stereo up louder yet, her mood was oh so different that just a meer hour ago. She was there in near record time, perhaps from the excitement. Pulling in front of the restaurant, she recognized his vehicle instantly. He was sitting in it and waiting for her. She opened her door at about the same time as he did. They soon found themselves approaching each other, a hug soon followed.

"What a pleasant surprise this is, what's up", she asked. With his ever wicked grin she soon hear a simple reply, "Patience my dear, soon you will see." She could only shake her head, as he was being typical , him. Walking hand in hand to the door, they soon found themselves at a table. As soon as they were seated, he handed her yet another note. Opening up the folded piece of paper she soon read the following: One of these three things will happen next after dinner, you won't know which until the time is right. Looking up at him with a confused look, again the smirk. Taking a minute to digest the three "options" she looked up at him and spoke "You realize you are an asshole, right?" They soon both began to chuckle. The food turned out to be typical of the place and the conversation flowed as the norm and with the bill arriving at the table, came perhaps an answer for her. With all the food we ate, good thing where we are going next won't matter. Reaching for her hand, he soon escorted her out the door. Walking towards his vehicle, they soon were there. Opening her door for her, she began to slide inside when a playful slap on her ass surprised her. "Nice ass!!" he spoke with it being ever common from him. They both laughed once more, and soon they were off to the next destination. She couldn't help but ask right away where they were going. Seeing the look he gave her, she chimed in "Yeah, I remember , patience". They both knowing that patience wasn't at the top of her list.

A meer five minutes of drive time and she found her answer as they pulled into the driveway. "A spa? she asked. He went on explaining that she had made some appointments for her and everything was taken care of. Soon he was at her side the car, and escorting her inside. As they approached the desk, he turned to her once more and said that he would be back to get her when done. Soon, she was escorted inside unaware yet what the pampering was to be. As she looked back over her shoulder once more, she watched as he was leaving. Wondering what he was up to, yet she knew it would be most likely a very pleasant thing. Soon her name was called and an attractive 30 something woman approached her. Pausing for a moment, the woman chimed in to the receptionist, "you can leave whenever you want, i can close". With that she found herself being escorted down a short hall to a room. Seeing the table set up, she now knew exactly what was in store for her next, or did she?????????

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