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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
 Originator Date Posted 
   Just a Gal  

6/20/2010 12:51
Date Posted: 6/20/2010 12:51
   There is nothing like the smell of fresh coffee brewing as you come out of deep sleep. She woke in the morning wishing that she didn’t have to fuss with putting coffee on. Back in her other life, she always woke to the fabulous aroma of really great coffee. William had mastered the perfect cup and truly enjoyed making it for her. Hers, on the other hand, always left room for more beans or whatever the hell he did to make it smell so good.

Into her 3rd of a 5 week vacation alone, yes without William, in this really great, secluded little village in Mexico, she lazily sauntered into the tiny, dim lit kitchen, provided by one of the very few hotels in this quaint town. As she readied herself for the full day ahead of her, the beans began to brew, and she couldn't help remembering her every day existence with the man of her dreams.

They had been married for many years, childless by mutual decision. Recently they had been experiencing a bit of a lull in their sexual life. It had always been great, but for some reason the sexual faucet had been turned off. Either he was too tired, she wasn't in the mood, he had to get that brief finished by morning, there always seemed to be something. She accepted and fell into a routine without much sex. Although not the most attractive or shapely, she was very comfortable with her many assets. She was very sexual by nature. She had an edge over her early classmates due to the fact that she blossomed a lot earlier than other girls her age. This attracted several of the boys, and she had learned along the way how to please and be pleased.

She felt she needed time away from the lull. William, being the supportive great guy he was, let her go.

With fresh brewed (not great, but it would do) coffee and a smidge of Bailey’s in hand, accompanied by a piece of toast and jam... she knew better to avoid the avocado and/or peanut butter, she headed for the terrace of her complex. It afforded the most spectacular view of the bay, and breathtaking mountains to the north and south, Laying her less than svelte, but nicely ‘rounded in the right places’ self, on the inviting chaisse lounge, she dined as though she were at the finest of French restaurants. As she relaxed completely, she took in her surroundings of the distant children romping in the pool, a cool breeze coming in from the east, the chambermaids busying themselves with their task at hand, and began to, ever so Mexican style, gently fade.

Awoken a bit suddenly, or maybe it wasn't awoken at all, but rather a change somehow in the environment, she opened her eyes gently to the big bright sun. In the distance she noticed a man on a roof with binoculars, looking right at her. She did not stir, but watched for just a moment. “Why not enjoy this?”

Without another thought she discretely lowered her right hand, and gently parted her bikini bottom. With the necessary opening to access her womanhood, she ever so softly touched the small, soft, pink portion of her body that always gave her so much pleasure. As she touched, slow and soft, she could feel the swelling that cried for more than a touch. She peeked once more, and the binoculars were still on her. She became extremely aroused, and now started to softly rub. Lost in the feeling of pleasure, the arousal became more intense. Her finger slid into the swell of her moistness. She could feel his eyes on her. Now she was fantasizing that he was the one touching her. This heightened her to new levels. Each tiny thrust of her own doing became a bit more rapid. She could feel the familiar numbing, yet at the same time pulsing of her inner thighs. She continued her exploration of the softness, the swelling, the moisture. Now the pulsing was slowly working its way to her knees, and finally down to her ankles. The moistness became very warm, the swelling even more soft and responsive. With a few gasping breaths, the blackness of her pupils became visible behind her eyelids. She had reached orgasm.

Taking a moment to compose herself, and put her bikini bottom back in place, she glanced over one last time. Yes, he was there.

On return to her accommodations, she bumped into one of the lovely chambermaids who offered to take her dishes to her room. She kindly declined the generous offer. Turning on the shower, and waiting for the warmth of the water, she undressed and looked in the mirror. With fresh memories of the man on the roof, she studied her body. A few grey hair where you really don't want them... a wrinkle here, a sag there... not Phyllis Dyler, but definitely not Pamela Anderson... a thought occurred... I know women shave their pubic hair all the time, why not....she jumped in the shower with the exuberance of a young teen girl with razor in hand, and was on a mission. No grey hair for this girl!!

Cleanly shaven, Sue felt like she really never had before. This virgin skin hadn't seen daylight since it was about twelve years young, and it made her feel so sexy it was truly unbelievable. Sue just could not stop touching herself, and the moistness that was there had not surfaced for a very long time. She wondered if the man on the roof was still there. This was not out of bounds of the marital vows. I won’t do anything other than tease. What happens in Mexico, stays in Mexico.....New found pleasures to be had.

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