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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
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   Spa Week End Day Two  

6/21/2010 17:24
Posted By:  - CHANDLER, AZ  
Date Posted: 6/21/2010 17:24
   You can find day one but his story can stand alone.

Day 2- Saturday

We woke after a very satisfying sleep. Tom was horny right away but we decided to save our strength for later. Miguel might call and if he did not, we would go to one of the swinger clubs in San Diego.

Our day was planned. I had never been to Sea World and I wanted to see it. I have only been here in the states for two years so there are still many things for me to see. We would go to the park after breakfast. I wore my thin silk dress for breakfast. Tom likes when I do not wear a bra or panties so I gave him a bit of a treat for the morning meal but I intended to dress in shorts and t-shirt for the park. . This silk dress is very short and the top is just tied around my neck. I feel extra sensual wearing it over nothing but my bare skin. I am a bit shy normally but when we are on vacation and we know no one, I am more daring. We went back to the same restaurant as last night. This time we sat up front near the window. I was facing inside and Tom faced toward the window. I could see the people inside and the couple at the closest table was interesting. He was about 45-50, handsome with some grey hair and broad shoulders he and was facing me. The woman was also Asian with longish black hair a nice shape and was mostly facing away from my view. Our waiter came and took our order and delivered some coffee. The guy looked at me and our eyes met for an instant. I smiled but he looked back at his companion. I told Tom about the eye interplay. He said that he was getting excited about the thought of playing with them. He told me to show my pussy to the guy. I immediately felt myself getting wet. But my excitement and our general attitude for the week end pulled me to extreme boldness.

I moved my chair a bit more toward him and placed my feet on the sides of the chair. I am too short for my feet to touch the floor in this position so my toes pointed down. My skirt was up about halfway between my knees and my crotch. I was trembling with excitement. He looked up at me again. I smiled and spread my legs so that he could see my pussy. He clearly saw and looked away before it became obvious. I closed my legs and felt the signs that I was about to cum. I closed my eyes and tried to not show any outward signs. Tom was quiet. He knew that I was cumming and that if he spoke it would spoil the moment. I felt a bit of a shuddering and then the release. I opened my eyes to see Tomís big smile and our breakfast being delivered to our table. I took a sip of coffee and looked up to my new admirer's gaze. He was alone at his table. I told Tom that he was alone. Tom got up and went over. I noticed them shake hands. Tom and the guy spoke a bit and Tom came back.

While we began our breakfast, she came back, I guess from the rest room, and they packed up and walked out. As they were passing, he looked at me and I think that I saw a bit of a smile.

Tom told me that he had told the guy, Roger is his name, that I thought he was attractive and if he wanted to call our room this evening, perhaps we could get together.

My heart was back to normal pace but my skirt was a bit wet. Its color was dark enough so that I could exit the place without everyone noticing. But I was thinking that this is crazy but so much fun.

We finished our meal and exited the cafť to go back to our room. I felt a bit uncomfortable with the wetness but Tom walked behind me so that people could not see. The walk to the room was refreshing with a slight breeze that I could feel on my damp legs and under my short skirt. We got back to the room and Tom just pushed me down and started licking me. That got me going again but I reminded him about our plan for the day. Tom loves to be horny so he helped me up. I striped off the dress and headed for the shower.

Tom signed into the wireless site and checked emails. I came out naked and fresh and checked mine too. I was so happy to see a message from Miguel. He said that he finished work today at 4 PM and we can call him at that time.

Maybe we would get to play with him after all. But now off to Sea World.

Tom had been to the park several times so he knew that the key was planning the time to get to all the shows. We managed to get to all of them and by about 4 PM we had seen about all I needed to see. I loved the shows and the weather was perfect. I was in the care of the love of my life and we were both excited about the night ahead.

We found a table so that we could relax and I called Miguel. He answered on the first ring. I think that he was just waiting for my call. I told him that I have been thinking about him since. Miguel said that sounded hot. He said that he would give both of us massages if we like. I said that sounded great. He then told me that he could not risk being seen going to a guestís room. I gave the phone to Tom. They decided that we would pick him up after dark and then drive back to the resort. We would drive right to the room and when we were sure that no one was around to see him, he would just slip right into the room. Later we would drive him back to his car. Tom set a meeting time at 8 PM and to meet. It all sounded a bit childish but exciting anyway.

Tom gave the phone back to me. I told Miguel that I could not stop thinking about his beautiful cock and that Tom wanted to see what I was so excited about. He told me that he was very turned on and that he had masturbated after I left the spa yesterday. I told him that he need not do that today and that I wanted all of him. I gave him a kiss over the phone and said we will see him later.

We had seen just about everything in the park so we decided to head back to the hotel. First we would stop for some Chinese or Thai food. We checked via the iPhone and found a Thai place in PB just a few miles away and headed there.
It was a bit difficult finding a parking spot but finally we did and we had a great meal at a wonderful small Thai place on Garnet Avenue in Pacific Beach.

When we finished it was still early and we had parked near a neat looking adult shop and I had forgotten to bring a vibrator with us. If I needed a boost, we needed to have a toy. So we went in. There was a young girl at the counter who caught our eyes right away. Usually the people working in these stores are not attractive but this girl was devastatingly beautiful. Her eyes were shining and she wore a tight tank top and tasteful make-up.

She asked if we needed some help and I told her we did. She came over to the dildo display and I explained to her that I like one that is strong and she showed a series of vibrators that I had not seen before. She came close and I could smell the aroma of her perfume. She handed me the packaged medium size unit. Our hands touched for an instant. She looked into my eyes and I felt an immediate connection. I stammered out that I would like to feel the strength and she said that she would get some batteries to test it. She came back quickly. I was standing a bit in a daze while she was gone. Tom was looking around. When she came back I could tell that she was turned on too. I told her that I thought that she was very attractive and that I would love to have some time with her. She smiled slightly, took my hand and led me back to the rear of the store. Tom saw us going and just nodded. We went into a dingy store room and she pulled me to her. Our lips touched and she roughly kissed me and sucked my tongue into her mouth. She ground her pussy into my leg and her hands hungrily explored my boobs. She lifted my shirt and sucked my nipple and moved her hand into my pants. I was still stunned and unable to respond. It all happened so fast. She pulled me down to the floor and took her shorts off one leg. She pulled my face into her crotch and I licked. The smell was strong but the moment was so erotic. I sucked her clit and she began to shudder in orgasm immediately. She pushed me down and roughly pulled off my shorts. She pushed herself into my crotch and I felt her nose against my clit while her tongue probed deeply. I looked up and Tom was standing in to door watching. His cock was hard but he stood to watch. My orgasm was right on edge and I came and bit my lip so that I would not make too much noise.

Tom came over to help us to our feet. I was a little put off but what a rush it had been. The girlís name is Pam. I asked for her phone for our next visit. She gave it. We went to the front to check out and left to get back to the hotel.

So far the day had been perfect, Sex at breakfast, a neat day at Sea World, a memorable Thai dinner and rough and surprising sex for desert. If the evening went at all well it would be a week end for the record books.

We made it back to the resort and our room in about fifteen minutes. I needed to shower and re-shave for the evening. We had just barely an hour to get ready. Tom offered to go get Miguel himself but I wanted to go along to be sure that he did not feel uncomfortable with just Tom. Of course, I could not wait to see him.

Besides the newly smooth pussy, I used some really neat perfume that Tom thinks is irresistible. It Jaídor and it seems to work on Tom so I used it for this very special night.

I put on my very short black off-the-shoulder dress with nothing under. Tom wore linen pants and a silk shirt. He looked hot and I was on fire.

Tom and Miguel had arranged the pick up for the parking lot at Belmont Park. It was not far from the resort and Tom knew the way even in the dark without the GPS.
I sat in the passenger seat with my stiletto fuck-me shoes and my short skirt slid up to just about where I was nearly nude below the waist. Tom drove carefully to compensate for his excitement. I called Miguelís phone to tell him that we almost there. Tom said that I should ride in the back seat with Miguel to warm things up a bit while we drive back to the room. That sounded great. My heart began to race and I could feel my blood drain from my face.

As we turned into the lot, I saw Miguel waiting. He was as handsome as I remembered. He wore jeans and a white starched dress shirt. He carried a small gym bag and his sleeves were rolled revealing his strong arms and the shirtís front two top buttons were open. Tom flashed the lights and Miguel came over. I opened the door and stood up so that he could see me. I leaned in and we embraced and kissed. I pulled his face over so that I could get his lips and our lips touched. Tom said there is time but itís better to get into the car. He got in and I followed into the back seat. We reached for each other as I closed the door. I put his hand into my lap so he could feel that I had nothing on and I reached for his cock. His jeans were tight so I could just feel it hardening in the cramped confines of his jeans. He kissed my shoulder and my neck and the heat built. In what seemed like just an instant, Tom said that we were here.

He handed me the key card and suggested that I should go first to open the door so that Miguel would not need to stand outside the car. I did that and waited inside for Miguel. In a minute, he came through the door and into my waiting arms.

By the time Tom came in. Miguel was sucking my nipples and my dress was bunched up around my waist. Miguel seemed to be an extreme gentleman. He stopped to say thanks for picking him up. Tom said not to stop on his account. Miguel said that he wanted to make a special evening for us. He had planned to deliver massages and now was the time.

He suggested that we all get naked and we could start with whichever of us we wanted.

I had to pee so I said that the two of them should get started and I would be right back. I was also very wet and needed to clean up a bit too. I went off to the bathroom.

I expected to find them both naked and getting started and that is exactly what I found. Miguel was on his knees and Tom was face down on the bed. Miguelís hands were at work on Tomís back and butt. Miguelís cock was stiff and he looked like he was turned on. He motioned me to come over. I did and he reached for me and pulled me to him for a long kiss. I pulled away so that I could take off my dress. It did not take long to get naked since I had worn only the dress.

I knelt facing Miguel on the other side of Tom. Miguel took my hands and guided them to massage Tom. He let me go on my own after a bit and he moved his hands to Tomís upper thighs. Tom spread his legs apart. I knew that was an invitation for me to reach his cock and balls. Tom turned his face toward me and I leaned in so that I could kiss him. Tom asked Miguel if it was ok to turn over. Miguel said ďof courseĒ. Tom turned over to reveal his stiff beautiful cock. Itís not nearly as thick as Miguelís but it is quite long and I love to feel it. Mostly I feel Tomís love and his passion for me.

I reached over and gave his cock a bit of a squeeze. Miguel was massaging Tomís legs. I moved down so that I was working on the leg opposite of the one upon which Miguel was working. I reached over to touch his hand. He looked into my eyes and I melted. I wanted him to kiss me so I leaned forward and he met me just a bit north of Tomís cock. I stroked it while Miguel tongue explored my mouth. I broke the kiss and leaned down to suck it. Miguel placed his hand on my head and pushed down. Tom pushed up and the same time and I gagged a bit and pulled up. I wanted Tom to feel good but not to cum until much later so I got him excited and then I sat up.

I said that I wanted to fuck right now and I stood over Tom and squatted down so that his cock slid into my soaking hot pussy. I am not sure but I think that I had never felt his cock so big before. I could feel every vein and the ridge of his cockís head as it moved within me. Miguel moved to the side and stood on the bed and shoved his cock into my mouth. I could barely get my lips around it. I was moving on Tom and trying to suck. I rested my hand on Miguelís tight butt and he grabbed my hand and moved it so that I knew that he wanted me to finger his anus while I sucked him. I put my inde finger in and he groaned in approval. I was not able to concentrate and I wanted to cum so I told Miguel to lie down. He did. I reached over him to get a condom from the side table. As I did, he sucked my nipple. Tom was still inside me and he moved me to the side and began to hump hard the way I like it. I slipped the condom on the thick cock before me and lifted myself from Tom to Miguelís cock. I gently lowered myself onto that tool. It filled me completely and I leaned forward so that my clit could get the maximum stimulation.

Miguel sensed that I was not getting enough and he lifted me and turned me around so that he was now on top. He was now in control. He stroked gently at first. Then I told him to fuck me hard and he started to speed up. I could hear myself screaming. I had never felt like this. He just continued pumping. He grabbed my shoulders and pulled me onto his cock even further. His cock filled me and it felt wonderful. All sense of anything else left me and all I could feel was his cock. My heart was racing and I was cumming hard and I could not control my body. Miguel was in charge and I just let him take everything from me that he could. He was perspiring and breathing hard. He pulled out and suddenly I felt my legs being pulled to the side.

Tom took over standing on the floor and pumping as hard as he could. I continued cumming. There was water that had shot out from my pussy everywhere and I could barely breathe Miguel was sucking my nipple and Tom was fucking me for all he was worth. Miguel moved his cock to my mouth and I licked the huge head a bit. It is too thick to get into my mouth easily and I want to concentrate on my own pleasure. Tom needed a rest and so did I. Tom just flopped over on the bed and we all laughed.

I got up to go pee and left the boys on the bed. As I leaned over Miguel, I brushed his nipple with my lips. He drew me up to kiss his lips. I was still having aftershocks from the orgasm and this kiss sent another shiver up my spine. I really had to pee so I dislodged.

I spent about five minutes in the bathroom getting a bit freshened. It might have been too long for my two horny lovers to wait. They were both sitting up waiting for me. I was feeling very loving toward both guys and I just stood for a moment to savor the scene. Tom looked over and gave me a wink. He stood up and came to me. He put his arms around me and kissed me deeply. He whispered that he loved me with all his heart and I could feel the swell of emotion between us.

He led me back to the bed. I came to Miguelís arm and he kissed me with what I could almost describe as love but the sexual energy was still high so I realize that it was that feeling driving everything. I could not resist any longer. I leaned over to taste Miguelís cock once more. I could barely get my lips around it but it felt so good. The head is enormous. I decided that I wanted it inside me again. I grabbed another condom and slipped it over Miguel. Tom understood what I was doing right away and and moved to a sitting position while leaving his cock available for my lips. I needed no preparations. I just slipped down onto it. I needed to fuck and I leaned forward on my hands and slid myself up and down. I was getting into a rhythm when Miguel groaned that he was coming. I increased my pace and pushed down as far as I could. I felt him stiffen and suddenly I felt the heat in my pussy. He was spurting hard and that was all I needed as I began to cum. I fell forward and met Miguelís mouth with mine. Tom swung around and licked my anus and I felt like I was losing consciousness. The next thing I knew I was laying between my two lovers again. Tom was caressing my breasts and Miguel was holding my hand. Tom told me that I had passed out for a few seconds. That had never happened before but I felt fine. Tom got up to get me some water.

While we were resting I realized that Miguel and I had cum but Tom had not. I told Tom to lie down and that we would give him a super blow job. I started. Tomís was soft but hardened quickly. He began moving his cock as I sucked. Miguel sat up to watch while I sucked. Tom began to stiffen. He told us that he was cumming and I increased my pace while I stroked Tomís cock. Ahhh we heard as he came. I continued to suck until Tomís was done. I swallowed All Tomís cum.

Oh my. What a neat time we had that night. Tom drove Miguel back to his car while I showered and got ready to sleep. He was gone just 20 minutes or so. He told me that Miguel had said that he never before had had such a sensuous night. We hope that we will see him again.

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