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   hot vacation  

6/27/2010 13:14
Posted By:  - MONUMENT, CO  
Date Posted: 6/27/2010 13:14
It was the middle of winter and my wife Vannia and I were in the mood for a break from the long days of winter and ready for the warm feeling from the sun. We decided to take a vacation the Caribbean for some fun partying and total relaxation. The resort we went to was beautifully laid out and with the warm weather and easy going people relaxation just came natural, plus being at adults only resort the atmosphere felt sexually charged. Not only was the resort beautiful but Vanna is a sexy woman with nice curves, large breasts and the sex appeal to go with it, which, is a TOTAL turn on for me. The resort had some other really good looking couples, some hot girls, and a few hot men (the ladies got rip off on the lack of man-eye-candy). Vanna and I enjoy pointing out the eye candy to each other; I actually get turned-on pointing out to her men who are well hung, nice asses, and good looking. But the best thing was how friendly and easy going everyone was, totally relaxed and there to have pleasant fun.
After settling in at the pool we laid down before dinner. Dinner time was when all the ladies dressed sexy, becoming eye candy for all the men; it was almost like a contest to see who got the most looks. I donít know who enjoyed it most, the ladies or the men watching all the other men checking out their ladies. So anyway, Vanna put on a nice bustier which really accented her large breasts , a short tight skirt barley lower then her pussy (she doesnít wear panties) , leg stockings, and a pair of super sexy high heels. As we entered for dinner the heads just started turning and she got plenty of compliments, me, I just smiled and told her how this all just proved my point in how sexy and hot she is.
During dinner we sat down with some really nice people, both singles and couples, just a great partying fun mood. After a few drinks we got our asses on the dance floor, I just loved watching her titties bouncing in that bustier and grinding against her nice butt. Vanna was full of high energy and I had to take a break from the dance floor but told her to stay and have fun. I didnít mind taking a break, it gave me time to sit back and watch my hot wife on the dance floor having fun, and my cock was semi hard from watching her out there shaking her tits and ass. Vanna finally came back to the table and after sitting on my lap asked if I was having a good time, I gave her a soft gentle kiss behind the ear and said ďlike you canít tell, as I was grinding my hard cock against her assĒ? The dancing went on for a couple more hours and I was just thinking how much I loved my wife.
The dancing was finally over, at least for a time. At this point my cock was so hard he either needed a break from the teasing or just relief. My wife and I decided to take a walk around the grounds. After all the dancing we decided to relax on the beach. We pulled a couple of mats together and lay down. The evening air felt great after all the dancing. With the moonlight sky and fresh air it wasnít long until we started to passionately kiss. I had one hand holding her close and the other caressing her nice ass. I started to kiss my way down to her cleavage, now with both hands caressing her ass while Vanna was on her back. She looked so good with the moonlight off her beautiful face and the sparkle from her eyes. I told Vanna that since she teased me so good from watching her on the dance floor, which now was my turn to tease her. I continued to kiss and caress her, since her tits were almost out of her bustier I decide to just release them. I began to gently lick and suck on her nipples. With the cool air and my tongue it didnít take long for them to become hard. I was really enjoying kissing, licking, and sucking her breasts and nipples as one hand was caressing her ass and the other started to finger her pussy. I continued to finger Vannaís pussy as I passionately kissed her. Her pussy was becoming extremely wet and her juices needed to be licked. I spread Vannaís legs as I admired her sexy body and looked her in the eyes giving her a look of lust for her. My cock was hard now and my mouth watered for the taste of her sweet juices. I began to slowly and ever so gently lick and suck around and inside her pussy.
Vanna then said that she thought someone was watching us, I told her to just ignore them and let them watched if they wanted and for us to give them a good show. I continued to orally please my wife until she had cum, her juices so good around my mouth. As we started to switch we noticed that there was someone watching, a man. Although there was a man he wasnít so close or creepy, he was just lying on a lounge about 50 yards away so we didnít feel like we were being invaded. I told Vanna to make sure she sucked me good and gave our spectator a good show. I loved watching my wife suck my cock and was sure he would also. Vanna started to go down on my 6 Ĺ inch hard cock while gently pinching my nipples (which made me TOTALLY FUCKIING EXCITED). She began to go from sucking my cock to sucking my nipples, then she just started going all out on sucking while gliding her hands up and down on my shaft. As I became close to cumming I told Vanna to make sure she showed our watcher how she liked to share my cum with me. My muscles then became tensed as my cock exploded a large load of cum inside Vannaís mouth, which she passionately then shared with me along with a kiss. We finished and lay there a little while longer before finally headed back to our room for the night, knowing we gave a good show, we both agreed it was a turn-on being watched.
The next day after a full nightís sleep we decided to just relax by the pool. After a while we started to point out the eye candy for each other, like we always did. We noticed one guy sitting across the pool from us; we thought he might be the guy from the previous night. We didnít look to long as we didnít want him to think we were staring. We laid down to get some rays and after about a Ĺ hour the waiter came to us with drinks. He said that the gentleman from across the pool ordered them for us, as we looked over he was watching our reaction. Vanna said that was sweet of him and I motioned for him to come over. Vanna was a little shocked but cool with it. As he got up to come over Vanna couldnít help herself to check him out, I mention to her how he looked good and Vannaís only reaction was ĎYea, and a nice butt ď and I said to herĒ and also nicely hung, , like you didnít noticedĒ. We guessed he was about our age, about the same height as me. When he got over to us he introduced himself as John and I introduced Vanna and I. We thanked John for the drinks and asked what the occasion was, he just smiled and said that it was the least he could do for the hot show he was given the night prior, we all smiled, had a good laugh and I said we were glad you enjoyed it.
During the next couple of days we had seen John around the resort. We talked to him quite a bit during the day around the pool and during dinner. The more Vanna and I talked with John the better we liked him. John and I talked on a few occasions about man stuff, like sports and the ladies. There were also times that Vanna and John talked together, I was feeling a trust in John and didnít mind at all he spoke with Vanna at lengths.
One night back in our room while Vanna and I were having a little foreplay Johnís name came up. I was going down on Vanna and making her wet when I stop to tease her for a bit. I admitted to her how extremely turn on I was about the idea of John joining me in giving her a nice long slow massage and giving her a feeling she never had. I said that I felt so secure in her and me and a deep loving trust that I wanted so much to bring her to a new feeling of satisfaction. I asked her if she felt a friendship and trust in John also, which she admitted she did. I said that if we ever thought of having a threesome with another guy that I thought this was the time, a really nice guy (gentleman), respectful, not pushy, and last but not least he was hot. Vanna thought for a bit and finally said yes, but that I have to talk with him first before bringing up while we were all together. I reassured her and said that I would talk with John first before we were all together and that all was cool.
The next day as Vanna and I were lying by the pool I saw John standing at the bar. Before he got a chance to come to us I went over to him. We were talking the same small talk when I just brought up what Vanna and I talked about the night prior. I told John that Vanna and I felt a nice friendship with him and how I suggested to Vanna that I trusted John to join me in giving her a really nice massage. I then asked John if maybe he would consider joining me in giving Vanna a massage, he just broke out with a big smile and said he would enjoy that. I asked him then to consider joining Vanna and I for dinner, drinks, and dancing that night and after he might suggest going back to his room for drinks, you should have seen his big smile. John and I then walked over to where Vanna was by the pool to talk a bit more. I said to Vanna that I hoped she didnít mind but I had invited John to join us that night for dinner, drinks, and dancing, she smile and said of course not, she then turned back on her stomach to tan at which time I said ďLove, looks like you need some sun blockĒ, John would you mind in giving me a hand or two in rubbing down Vanna? This time big smiles came to all three of us. We finished rubbing in the sun block and said later, till dinner.
That night Vanna was dressed to thrill, I mean really hot! My dick was already hard seeing her dressed so sexy. We left the room and met John at a table. After dinner the dancing started and we began to have a few drinks. First Vanna and I danced, then she and John, then John and I had Vanna between us. Vanna would take turns grinding her ass with one while shaking her tits to the other; she was really getting into it. We finally had to take a break from the dance floor to get some air. We were sitting at the table when I said to Vanna that she looked like she could use a break, John then asked if we would like to just go back to his room and hang out, get away from the music and craziness for a bit, Vanna and I agreed.
When we got to Johnís rooms he made a few rum and cokes for all, while I started to kiss and nibble at Vannaís neck. She turned to me and gave a passionate kiss while I had my hand on her ass. I lifted her skirt exposing her nice ass for John. I asked him if he had wanted to caress Vannaía ass and he said he thought about it from the day he met us. John came over and got really close; we had Vanna in a human sandwich. Soon after I asked Vanna if she was ready for that massage we talked about, she smile and said yes. I instructed her that she had to first strip John and I naked, we stood there a moment while she admired us. Both of our cocks had a semi and Johnís was about an inch or so larger than mine and thicker. Vanna took a deep breath, kissed both our cocks then lay down on the bed. John and I turn her over onto her stomach and began to slowly massage ever inch of her. We started at her feet, then up between her legs, then her ass, back, and neck. We must have spent about 30 minutes doing her back. I asked her if she was ready to be turned over, she was so relax she just sighed. We turned her over and again started first on her legs, thighs, and then I told John to go ahead and take care of her chest and shoulders while I continue between her legs. After a bit John and I began to suck on Vannas nipples, slowly and gently. Vanna look so relaxed and satisfied I moved my mouth between her legs as John began massaging her shoulders. After awhile I looked up from eating out Vannaís pussy to see her sucking Johnís cock. She looked so sexy sucking his big thick cock that I got an instant hard on. I leaned up and inserted my cock into her while she continued to suck John. I slowly fucked Vanna deep with a stop and go motion. After a few minutes I pulled out, as I didnít want her to cum too quickly, she asked why I stopped. I asked her if she wanted tongue, cock, or all of it? She said give me all of it. At that time I told Vanna to get on her hands and knees while I got underneath her and John would enter from behind. I was licking and sucking around Vannaís pussy, making the juices ooze while John slowly inserted his cock inside. While John was stoking his cock inside and while I was licking her clit and around her pussy she was sucking me hard. I could tell that Vanna was getting really excited because she started to set the fucking motion with John. John was more verbal then Vanna and I, he said how good her hot wet pussy felt around his cock and that he was about to cum. Vanna started to grind against him as I was still licking her juices. Johnís body became tense and he then let us know he was cumming as Vanna kept grinding into him. After John pulled out, Vanna turned and climbed on top of my rock hard cock. She continued to fuck hard and with all the excitement it didnít take long for me to explode inside her.
We were all exhausted from the sex, which with the massage and fucking lasted over an hour or so. As we lay on the bed we all said how hot that was. I asked Vanna if she enjoyed the massage and she just gave John and me a kiss in appreciation. It was late and Vanna and I got up to go back to our room, and thanked John for a wonderful experience, he thanked us as well saying we were one hot couple.
Later back at our room my wife and I talked about all that had happened. Vanna said to me she appreciated my total unselfishness and I replied that I was grateful that she gave me the opportunity to show my total unselfishness. I told Vanna that I never felt so close or had some much trust in someone before and that I really felt like we are one. We then embraced each other and fell asleep in each otherís arms.

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