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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
 Originator Date Posted 
   An unexpected surprise  

7/4/2010 10:48
Posted By:  - MADISON, WI  
Date Posted: 7/4/2010 10:48
   Here he was about to land at his destination. It had been only a few days since the plan had been hatched. A couple hours of chat time and the wheels were set in motion. A spontaneous almost impulsive plot was unfolding and he couldn't help but smile wide at what was in front of him. Hearing the pilot announce they were about to descend, he found himself begin to have a case of the butterflies forming. Here he was, a veteran of sorts in the lifestyle. This most certainly wasn't the first time flying to me "friends". This was a good nervousness he kept telling himself.

As the plane arrived at the terminal, he texted his friend as where to meet him. A few moments later found him walking out of the sky way and up to his old friend. Even though this was the first time they had met in person, all the months of instant messages and chat conversations had them all feeling like old friends. Catching a ride with him back to their place gave them both time to talk over what might unfold.

The task at hand was simple, to surprise the lovely lady. They both carefully plotted and covered their tracks. Little would she know what was soon to arrive at her door. Stopping to grab a couple bottles of her favorite wine on the way home, they soon arrive at the house. Jim, having sent Sue to drop off the kids at the parents for the weekend, knew he still had a little more time to arrange things in the house.

An hour later everything was set. Hearing the garage door open, they both took their respective places. Hearing Sue's high heals ascending the steps, brought Jim to the door to greet her. Welcoming her with a kiss and a glass of wine, she looked at him questioning. Gazing around the room, she uttered a "wow". Asking him what was up, she listened as Jim explained how tonight was her night. Grasping her by the hand, he lead her to the table. Seeing her favorite meal prepared and done before her eyes made her feel like a pampered princess. Little did she know that it took four hands to prepare this feast.

Toasting each other, she soon found herself asking what was next????? "Patience", Jim spoke firmly followed by a devilish wink. Finding them done with the fine meal, Jim asked if she was ready for dessert. "Dessert?" she questioned. "I'll be right back", Jim chimed in.

Walking through to the kitchen, Jim found John waiting there smiling and ready. Exchanging smirks, John stepped towards the swinging door and paused briefly. Composing himself, he slowly pushed the door completely open. Stepping ahead their eyes met. Screaming with immediately recognition, she stood up and began to rush over to him. Meeting half way, he reached down to give her a huge hug. Shaking her head in disbelief, she soon caught Jim's eye. "You guys, I can't believe this", she uttered.

Soon they all sat back down around the dinner table. Enjoying what was left of the first bottle of wine. Even though it was the firs time they had all met face to face it was like long lost friends. An hour later Jim announced that it was time for dessert. "What's for dessert?, she questioned. Looking over at Jim, john found himself reciting the familiar words while looking at Sue, "patience".

Excusing himself, John found himself positioning himself for the next planned phase. When everything was ready, he called to his hosts. Seeing them enter, again Sue was surprised by what was in front of her, a darkened room, a massage table, soft music and candles galore. It surprised her none the less but she did recall his affinity and interest in massage. Aglow, she couldn't believe the night.

Excusing himself momentarily, John allowed Jim to prepare Sue for her massage. Sue went on and on to Jim about how this was such a surprise and thanked him for this. She was so comfy with John and yet never expected to meet him like this. Kissing each other like nervous teenagers, Jim was glad he made this happen. As to plan, Jim slowly and sensually began to unbutton her top. Kissing her neck and shoulders the way he knew would drive her crazy, he teasingly took the time to unfasten each button. Reaching behind her found the bra to find itself discarded on a pile behind them. Dropping to his knees Jim began to work her skirt lower. Looking up at Sue he couldn't help but smile at seeing her eyes closed. Gazing at the last garment her lacy black panties, he found himself eagerly pulling them down her legs as well. As he stood once again, he looked into her eyes and whispered "enjoy". Helping her upon the table, he finally stepped away and moved the chair placed a few feet away to watch.

A couple more minutes of nervous tension found them hearing a soft knock at the door. Entering finally, John came carrying a warm bottle of his favorite massage oil.Making a couple adjustments of the table and repositioning the thin sheet that was draped upon Sue, he was now ready. Oh how John liked giving massages and this was once again a great inspiration for him. Taking a minute to savor the moment, he appreciated the view of the thin sheet framing the ass that he had come to enjoy in the various pics and brief cam moments. Snapping out of it, he moved to her feet to begin. Time moved slow as John took the time to work on her every muscle. The tension in her calves, shoulders and neck all gave in to his skilled large yet gentle hands. Hearing her signs and gentle moans helped inspire him all the more. So professional, he couldn't believe his patience. Here in front of him was a beautiful, desireble woman, and yet he knew that they had a lot of time on their hands.

Motioning to Jim, John signaled that it was time for the next phase of their plan. Jim, getting up from his seat, moved to grasp his prop. John, kissing Sue gently along the ears, and back to her sensitive neck, whispered "time to roll over". Grasping the sheet, he watched as she began to slowly turn over. This time not so professional, he watched and took in her beauty. Seeing her erect nipples brought a smile to his face. What a welcome reward, he thought to himself.

Laying on her back, she soon saw Jim approaching. Wondering what was up, she soon had the answer. "What do you think your doing with that," she chimed in. "To heighten the experience, dear", he responded. Placing the blindfold upon her eyes, he soon went to get the rest of the props. With everything going dark, Sue found herself wondering what these two were up to. Nervous, yet so turned on she could only wait.

Reaching for her wrists, Jim felt Sue flinch as he fastened the soft binds to her wrists. Bending down to whisper in her ears he said, "dear remember what you once told me you wanted, tonight is the night!!!" With that, he placed the soft straps over her ankles and tied them to the legs of the table. Seeing his handy work, Jim walked back to the chair and rested once again. Smiling brilliantly at how everything was moving along, he looked once again over at John and shook his head knowingly.

With that John this time pulled the thin sheet off Sue and gazed upon her. A thought came into his head and he soon found himself walking over to Jim. Talking to him in a hushed voice, he knew what this would do to Sue. They both stiffled a laugh as they watched as she was trying to catch what they were saying. Giving her a couple more moments of anticipation, finally John moved back to the table. Producing a can of ready whip he soon squirted a dollop of the sweet creme upon her erect nipples. Coating both evenly, he soon found himself craning his neck down to circle them with his extended tounge. Consuming the creme found himself thinking it should be shared. Motioning over to Jim to come help, once again John coated both her breasts generously. Each taking in a nipple, Sue was pleasantly surprised by two mouths working in unison. Unable to move but not sure she even would want to, she could only imagine how she looked placed upon the table.

When all was consumed, once again John grabbed the can and squirted a trail this time all the way from her chest down to her nether lips. Hearing Sue gasp slightly at its coldness, the time was right to get to the business at hand. Jim moving to Sue's mouth, found them both kissing. Sue immediately recognized this mouth, the one she'd known for oh so many years. Feeling another mouth sucking up the creme made the sensations so erotic. Having a hard time holding still, Sue squirmed in anticipation. Slowly each drop of creme John sucked up along the path. Slowly his extended tounge slithered along the path closer and closer to the most cherished destination. Stopping just above, once again the bottle squirted more creme. Admiring his artwork, John smiled wide as he saw Jim grabbing the camera. A few pictures taken, they both chuckled at the sight. Little did Sue know what it was about.

Allowing the creme to drip ever slowly down the slot. He watched in amazement at the site before him. John ever the devil, knew what this all was doing to her. Patience being a virtue he waiting for the right moment to continue. Seeing Jim stepping away from Sue, their kissing ended , the time was now.

Extending the tip of his talented tounge, he began a path around her slit. In counterclockwise fashion he began to suck up the creme. Licking a trail around and around her preciousness he devoured the sweet "dessert". As it was almost gone, he knew it was near. She was thrusting against him face, indicating more.More she would get.

Extending his middle finger he parted her quim. Slowly entering her til he found the spot, he momentarily stopped. Looking over at Jim, they both understood. Flicking her clit, as he thrust his large finger inside her, brought immediate results. Jim at the mean time, moved to Sue's talented mouth. Sue feeling the familiarity sought out his large cock. She felt like she was in heaven. Her lover at the place she loved so much and her long time friend finally sampling her charms. Closer and closer she moved to the inevitable. Her "boys" had her nearing release. Hearing a stiffled moan, Jim felt her speeding up the efforts with him as well. From the bottom of the table, John new just the thing to finish the job. Curling his finger back even more, pressing with just the right pressure, he felt it. She felt it. Jim felt it. Just like that it happened. Pushing Jim out of her mouth Sue screamed with pleasure. Not stopping John continued thrusting into her with even more enthusiasm. Feeling her torso pushing up off the table he finally saw that she had enough. Seeing her state, he felt so happy that a plan was coming together.

Jim, reaching down to pull off the blindfold, looked at his beautiful wife as she was adjusting her eyes and said.....wait til you see whats next!!!!

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