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   The Backup Plan  

7/8/2010 08:45
Posted By:  - MADISON, WI  
Date Posted: 7/8/2010 08:45
   The weeks of chats, emails and phone calls appeared to be all for naught. Today is the last day on your trip to Wisconsin. Our weekend meeting didn't happen as planned due to unforeseen family issues and with all the parties and reunions, we might not have time to meet on your visit home. With many miles separating us, the common thread being born in this great state and fans of our beloved.

I knew today you had planned a lunch with your long time friend but something told me to reach out with an offer. Sending you an early morning text, i simply say, "If your lunch cancels, i'll be your backup plan." A number of times in my life i've been a backup plan and I sort of revel in it. The intuitive side of me has a feeling that the best laid plans might go astray for you once again on this trip. It wasn't long before I got your reply. You will let me know if things change. In work mode, my day is soon filled with challenges with clients and supplier screw ups. My mind seemed to have a hard time focusing on the issues at hand and wandering at what possibility lay ahead. Looking at the time, I knew you were now at your dental appointment. It would be a while before I would hear more.

A couple hours later, I send another text. "Hear from your friend yet." You reply that you still haven't. I soon find myself thinking that we might be able to work something out after all. I can't help but smile and feel my heart race. Once again, i type out another text. "Remember, i'm the backup plan!!!" I realize that if I truly become the backup plan, that i'm farther away in distance and being presentable. I begin to panic after looking at myself in the rear view mirror. OMG, hat hair and work clothes. Yes, I tell myself it shouldn't matter but first impressions go along ways.

Another round of texts, and you tell me to call you in five minutes. Waiting ten to be safe, you soon answer. No longer the backup plan, we decide to meet, but where????? Thinking on my feet, whirling around in my mind how far away from each other we are, I ask you to meet me half way. It is settled. We both move ahead.

Changing the course of my driving, I head to the destination. Looking once more at my semi dingy clothes and messed up hair, I decide to make a stop along the way. Pulling into the parking lot of the retailer, I swiftly move to acquire my new shirt and pants. The line to check out is especially long and the clerks way to slow. Finally I'm out the door and off to find an isolated spot to quick change. Remembering that I had gel in my car, i soon begin to relax as I approve of my new look. Checking in with you via text, I realize i'm the one who will be early. I decide what the heck, shall we change our plans once again. You eagerly agree, and I find myself heading slightly off course in search of the hotel instead of the previous meeting place. I text you once more if your nervous. I should know better, knowing your personality but I ask none the less. You reply that you aren't and you look forward to meeting soon. A few minutes later, I find myself relaxing, awaiting your arrival. The time is near, no longer the backup plan.

I hear the chime of the phone, you message that your near. I move to greet you outside, and I see you drive up as I open the door. You appear like your pics, a vision of fitness and beauty. I can't wait to embrace you. The hug instantly brings me a warm feeling as well as my senses activate.The gentle breeze allows me to catch your sweet scent. I grasp your hand and ask if you are ready. I have no doubt in my mind that I am. Walking hand in hand, I escort you to the room. Opening the door, we move to the center. Looking down at you, I plant our first kiss. Eagerly I seek your lips and I feel an instant chemistry. I want more but soon back off, not wanting to rush this anymore than we have. Patting the bed, I indicate for you to sit. I really want to talk some and relax before what I feel will be a well needed release.

Words begin to flow effortlessly. We both seem oh so relaxed and comfy in the setting. Although we are relatively new friends, It feels like we've known each other a bit longer. As you tell me about your full weekend, I can't help but admire your charms and beauty. As I gaze at your firm legs and short skirt, I instantly recall one comment you had made to me in the past. "I never wear panties". Recalling that memory, made me stir some more. I sense your anticipating more as well. I look into your eyes and move close to you. Seeking out your luscious lips, I gently trail a path over them with my tongue. Seeking out your tongue, we begin our communication without words. Rubbing your strong shoulders, and caressing your sides, I can't wait to see more of you. My mind begins to work double time. I ponder how much of a tease I should be or if today is one of those carnal, animalistic moments in time. I decide, perhaps some of both is needed today.

Gently cupping your bountiful breasts through your top. I bend down to kiss the side of your neck. Immediately I recognize the sensitivity of it. I decide to really focus on all of you. I move to your top, "lets get this off", I say. Slowly pulling the top over your head, i see how you fill out your bra. Kissing your neck and skin around the cups, I reach behind you and soon release you. I pause for a moment to gaze at your glorious breasts. Bending my neck down, I need to savor them. Circling your ariolas, they instantly become taut. Patiently I wait for the right moment to suck all of you in. I also begin to reach down and tease your strong calves, flicking a path from above the ankles higher and higher towards your skirt. You seem to spread your legs a tad wider, almost beckoning me to explore under. I force myself to keep this seduction as slow as I can. I know how much I want you and you seem to be primed up for the moment as well. Grasping your ass through your skirt, I can't wait to enjoy that asset of yours as well. Gently pushing you back on the bed, I stop for a moment to grab a pillow.

Propping up your head, I reach down to remove your skirt next. Unbuttoning you, you press your hips up off the bed to help me with the cause. It doesn't take long and your skirt is in my hands. "Yep, no panties!!" We both chuckle as previously that's something we had discussed. Taking a moment, I gaze at you once again. So fit, to firm, so sexy I think as I gaze at your now naked body. I move off the bed to remove my clothes as well, so your not the only one in this stage. Pulling off item by item, I can tell the excitement is building. I feel my semi erect cock press tight against my boxers. It takes a bit more adjusting and effort to pull my pants and then boxers off. Not long though and I'm naked and moving back to you on the bed. I absolutely need to taste you and taste you now. Sliding down between your legs, i gently move your legs apart. Gazing at your lovely charms, i grin when I see your very prominent clit. I can't wait for the treat ahead of me.

Extending my talented tongue, I note now wet you are. Your clit is no doubt engorged and i'm charged up knowing how ready you must be. I begin to flick a path in counter clockwise fashion around and around your lips. You are very tasty and it drives me even more. Slow paths eventually become sped up. I carefully focus on your reactions. Listening close, your moans are more pronounced. Your chest begins to heave and your eyes I notice are closed. With one free hand, I begin to tease your very erect nipples. Playing with them and occasionally I cup the weight of your breasts. I decide to add a finger, and slowly slide my large middle finger into your tight slot. All the while I continue with the assault of my tongue on your lips. Stopping a moment, I begin a new technique and flick back and forth along the length of your large clit. It seems to instantly jolt you. I enjoy the teasing but especially learning a new partner's likes as we explore. I begin to speed up the fucking of your pussy with my finger, pressing it up and back to hit your sensitive spot.

You moan with the sensation. I then begin to suck in your clit. Yep, I instantly know what you want. You become more vocal and you press yourself harder against my mouth. It has been ages since I had enjoyed such a lovely treat such as this. Your so fresh, so swollen and so tight. I become even more driven to get you to cum hard. Not long I get my wish. Your pussy responds just the way I hope as i push up and back against your gspot. Fingering you to release, I suck your clit into my mouth and enjoy the moment. Finally i relent and allow you to come down from your high. Moving up to your mouth, I kiss you. You experience tasting yourself for the first time today.

Taking a minute to relax, I move up to your mouth. I am semi erect and i move my large cockhead to your lips. You immediately show me how talented you truly are. I enjoy the sensation. I decide to move onto my back to enjoy even more, temporarily removing myself from your lips. Laying with my head on the pillow, I watch as you move to my cock. Looking like a tigress, you move to your "prey". Resuming your oral talents, I know my mind will need to be strong to resist releasing in your mouth before experiencing your pussy. A couple more relaxing moments, and I indicate to stop. Moving up once more to embrace, we kiss once more. The time is now.

I move my hands upon your shoulders and gently glide you back in position. Propping your head up, I know you will want to witness the first time. Moving lower and closer to your feet, i grasp my cock. Moving closer to the target, I stroke myself a few times to get me even harder. Moving my cock to your pussy, I tap your clit a couple times gently. You immediately gasp. Placing myself at your entrance, I slowly push in. The large plumhead pops into you an inch or two. I wait a second before thrusting deeper. Bottoming out, I allow you to get use to this new cock.

Reaching up, I grasp your hands and move them to my ever sensitive nipples. We had discussed how sensitive they are but now you get to experience it first hand. You react as you feel my cock twitch as you begin to tease my nipples. A short steady series of thrusts into your tight pussy and I hear you groan. I feel as hard as i've been in ages. Your nails begin to rake my nipples as you explore as well. The familiar feeling begins once again with my cock. I know to back off once more. Pulling out of you, I gaze at your lovely charm. Your opening up from my cock and your clit is still oh so engorged.

Helping you onto your hands and knees. I can't wait to grasp your perfectly shaped bottom. Shifting myself into position, I waste little time before slamming my cock once more into you. Nestling myself deep, I reach under and grasp your breasts hanging low under you. Pushing myself thrust by thrust deeper and deeper, I seem to hit your spot with my head. Your ride is about to continue again. Enjoying the ride, your soon there again. I reluctantly pull myself out of you.

"It's your turn", you chime in. "Come with me," you demand. Moving back into position once more, we rejoin. Slowly we build up a steady pace. You reach for my nipples once more and you find the right button. I feel myself begin to pulse. I tell you that i'm close. Upon hearing that you seem to be ready for another orgasm and I really focus to try to match the timing of it all. Feeling myself losing control, I begin to moan and scream. "I'm cumminggggggg." You hit your stride and begin to orgasm on my cock, I feel you shake and flex, milking it out of me. I join you and begin to send volley after volley of my cum inside my condom wrapped cock. No doubt your none the less feeling my release. I realize that i'm dripping beads of sweat onto your tummy. I am so sensitive and know not to pull out yet. We both lay there spent until finally I muster up the courage to move and pull out. It's too sensitive yet. and I roll on my side. Looking over at you I see you smile. Smirking, I look at you and say, "god, I like being a backup plan."

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