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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
 Originator Date Posted 
   An unexpected Twist  

7/13/2010 11:23
Posted By:  - MADISON, WI  
Date Posted: 7/13/2010 11:23
   The party was winding down and the night was rather uneventful. So many of the same people were there as usual. The place was too crowded and the music and voices too loud. He was ready to go, even though his wife pleaded for him to stay. Kissing her on the cheek, he said she could stay as long as she had a ride home. He had an early morning ahead and was tired from the previous long work week.

Walking towards the coat room, he felt glad he was on his way out. Rounding the corner, he and as he was entering the room, he saw a lovely site to behold. A cute long haired beauty was bent over picking up what appeared to be a dropped pair of gloves. Startling her, she jumped slightly at his presence. Appologizing, he found himself extending out his hand. Introducing himself, he couldn't help but see how lovely of features she had. She smiled so friendly but it was her scent that activated his senses. She was a vision of loveliness and his heart raced just a bit to be standing so near her.

Asking her if she needed anything, she said that she found only 1 of her gloves. Always the gentleman, he insisted on helping with the search. Bending down, they both scoured the floor and dark corners of this tiny room. Surprised he hadn't seen her earlier that night, he asked if she had been there long. She had been there only an hour but said she was alone. Her husband didn't want to go since he didn't really like some of the crowd that was to be there. She carried on about being bored and was on her way out.

Resuming the search, he found himself checking her out. Hoping the task would take a bit more time, he smiled widely at his good fortune. Asking her questions on her family, where she lived and the normal friendly banter, made this a pleasant search none the less.

Finally finding the lost glove, he waved it at her. As she reached to grasp it, he playfully hid it behind his back . As she reached around to get it back, a playful almost youthful game of cat and mouse ensued. Finally, he found himself putting it into his shirt. Never thinking she'd have the guts to reach into a strangers shirt, that's exactly what she did. Grazing his nipples, he wondered if that was my accident. Looking down at her, he chuckled as she tried to pull the glove out. It traveled all the way down to his waist, with the shirt being tucked in to his pants.

"Guess it's mine now", he uttered. Surprising him almost as fast as the words were spoken. She reached down and pulled his shirt up and out of it's confines. Grabbing the glove, she pulled it out in swift fashion , also grazing the front of his pants as her hand passed back out along it's path.

"Your a little shit", he spoke softly. Almost as fast he grasped her hands and pulled her closer to him. Seeing a look of confusion and perhaps shock on the lovely woman's face, he raised one of her hands and brought it up to his mouth. Kissing it gently, he told her he wished she wasn't on her way out. She sighed and said perhaps another time.

Instincts took hold and an idea raced into his head. Grasping her right hand, he gently pulled her in tow. Opening the outside door, they walked into the night.
"Which vehicle is your's?", he asked. Pointing out her SUV, they walked hand in hand. Looking at him with a shy smile, she thanked him for the escort. Opening her door for her, he helped her in. Rushing around to the passenger side, he let himself in and plopped down on that side. Laughing at his boldness, she had to ask "won't your wife wonder where you are? With a wide grin, he reached for his cell phone and sent her a quick text. "She will most likely wish that I take my time before coming back to find her", he answered. "What about your husband?" he asked. Pausing for a moment, she hesitated before answering. "He will be more than thrilled for me to come home to him, well fucked and totally spent. He is a cuckold and that is part of the reason I was leaving the event." Looking into his eyes before continuing, she finished. "This is my first time looking for a bull at my husbands request. I hadn't found anyone that interested me until now."

As he took a moment to digest the moment, he his train of thought was interupted by the sound of a text arriving on his phone. Reaching into his pocket to take a quick look, he soon read. "I found me something really hot as no doubt you have as well. Text me when finished." Turning the phone to show his new friend, they both smiled.

With that they began their journey.

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