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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
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   Our first experience...  

7/22/2010 11:41
Posted By:  - GOLD RIVER, CA  
Date Posted: 7/22/2010 11:41
   Our first experience happened about 5 years ago. My wife and I had been dating for about 6 months or so, and had talked about a threesome with another girl, but she came from a strong christian background and had even recently graduated from a private christian school, so she was unsure about everything to say the least. Anyways, I had this friend, J, who had a bad habit of dating girls he worked with, and then when it ended badly, he'd quit and find another job and another girl. J is by no means a looker, in fact, he's quite overweight, a little slow, and overall pretty immature, but damn if that guy didn't have game. He could pull some hot ass anywhere he went, and it never ceased to amaze myself and our other friends when he'd show up with some bangin' girl. He even managed to hook up with sisters and neither of them ever found out about the other, which is a feat for any guy of any age.

J got a job a local burger joint, and sure enough, about 2 weeks later was supposed to go on a date with a girl from there who was still in high school. (Keep in mind, we were all 18-20, so we're not pedophiles, just some crazy adventurous kids) He was supposed to be her prom date, but she didn't want to go, she just wanted to get out of the house for a whole night. He called and asked if they could come hang out at our place for the night, he was going to try and get lucky. We said sure, and didn't think much else of it. Once they showed up, J had cleaned up pretty well, but this girl, L, was looking good that night! She wasn't a supermodel, but she was definitely out of J's league. (Small perky tits, big ol' ass, and showing lots of skin) As soon as they came in and everyone introduced themselves, I noticed that she was taking quite a liking to my wife, and as the night went on, she kept complimenting my wife on how pretty she was, even though we weren't really dressed up at all. The night went pretty average, J didn't get anywhere with L, and we all promised that we'd hang out again sometime.

It wasn't more than a day later when my wife got a text from L asking if we wanted to come over to her house next weekend, that her parents would be out of town. We said "sure, that sounds that like fun!" and again, didn't think much of it. The next weekend came around, and we went over there, expecting J to be there too.

Well, he wasn't. It was just her, us, Bacardi and a hot tub.

We started all drinking, and before you know it, were trashed and L was complimenting my wife all over again. She started talking about how she'd always been bi-curious but had never found a girl that she could see herself playing around with, until now. My wife was completely taken back by this, as it was her first time too, but she loves to make out and couldn't resist the offer to make out with anyone, girl or not.

They started making out with each other, as I sat across the hot tub in disbelief. Now, I'm not a religious man, but I thought to myself "God, if you exist, I owe you one buddy." I watched as my wife was enjoying the makeout session with L, and like a scene from a well-acted porn, they both turned to me and signaled with their fingers for me to join.

I obliged. :)

We went at it for a good couple of hours, which I know isn't a huge deal to some people, but keep the following factors in mind:

- We were all horny teenagers.
- We were all extremely intoxicated.
- It was my first time with two girls.
- My wife didn't like anal, and this new girl loved it.

You can all imagine the scene in your own way, but I will say that if you do, I'd like you to think back about the first time you remember sex being GOOD, not just the first time you did it. That was how this felt..

Once we were done, we all fell asleep in her bed (which was a twin, btw, so we barely fit) and woke up the next morning alone. She had left to go to softball practice and we gathered our stuff and headed home. It didn't occur to us until on the way home that I had basically betrayed my friend, J. We kind of laughed about it as well as felt bad about it, but when we analyzed it all, they weren't dating, L wasn't into J, and J ended up quitting his job the next week to go work somewhere else, so he obviously wasn't too into her either. To this day, we never did tell J about what we did, even though he'd occasionally bring up L's name in conversation, and we'd pretend just to vaguely remember her...

(Side note: We did play with L a few more times, and she did end up becoming fully bisexual, and last we heard even had a steady girlfriend. J and I aren't friends anymore, we had a falling out over other unrelated issues 3 years ago. My wife and I obviously ended up marrying a few years later, and we still enjoy playing with each other the most. We haven't talked or ran into L in years, but we still keep our mental trophy in the back of our minds for having popped her metaphorical cherry.)

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