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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
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7/31/2010 07:13
Posted By:  - MADISON, WI  
Date Posted: 7/31/2010 07:13
   Looking down as you, I savor the moment. The thin sheet frames your body in a way that makes me feel like i'm looking at art. Your womanly curves are a welcome sight indeed. My sense of smell also is activated by your scent. You lay there motionless. I wonder how your nerves are. This being a new experience for you, no doubt you have to be a bit nervous. Moving to the cd player. I press the button and soon enough the relaxing music fills the room. Grabbing the bottle of massage lotion, I double check to make sure its heated enough for the occasion.

Moving to the front of the table, I bend down and whisper in your ear, "are you ready?" You shake your head slightly. You appear to be very comfy. This being your first time on a table such as this, I make one last adjustment to make sure your even more comfortable.

Moving to your feet, I add some warm oils to my palms. Rubbing my hands together, I soon find your calves. I press the sheet high enough to admire the shape of your legs. No doubt your activity has your gams looking so glorious. Sliding my large yet talented hands along your calves, I find myself smiling. I wouldn't want to be any place but here at this moment. You inspire me and I being the giving persona that I am, it's my goal to make this an evening that you won't soon forget.

A few moments pass and i push the sheet even higher up. I know if I move the thin sheet any higher, I'll get my first glimpse at your intimates. As tempted as I am, the element of tease is the task at hand. Seeing you shift on the table, your legs part slightly wider. I can't help but grin. A few more strokes and movements and I find myself repositioning the sheet, covering you entirely once more.

Moving to the head of the table, I reach for your neck. Recalling from a previous chat how sensitive of area this can be for you, I gently move my fingers upon it. Instantly finding your knot, I add some more warm oils to my hands and focus on relieving the area. Feeling the muscles begin to do what I hope for, I move on to your shoulders. Hearing you sigh, I ask if you are ok. "this feels so good", you chime in. "Bending down, I kiss briefly the side of your neck. Whispering in your ear "enjoy, precious". I next press the sheet lower, moving it to the middle of your back.

Looking down at you, I see the swell of your bountiful breasts. I wonder how comfortable you really are on my table, laying face down. I apply more pressure and roll and knead your skin, covering the whole are from neck to middle back. The smell of the massage oil fills the room. I love that smell. The music has us both relaxed , no doubt. It has been a very stressful couple weeks for us both and I know how welcome this has been for her. For me, It is also great for my soul.

Looking to my right, I catch his eye. I wonder how much he is truly paying attention. I most certainly hope so. In my focusing at the task at hand, I briefly forgot that it wasn't just us two in the room. Seeing him sipping on his gin and tonic, I am very comfy in the moment.

Time seems to pass rapidly as i cover every inch of your torso. I recognize from the point on the cd, that its been 30 minutes. I move again to the front of the table, and ask if your ready to roll over. You don't respond initially, I for a moment wonder of you have fallen asleep. Finally you reply, "Yes, sir." I ask you to slowly roll over. I have a grasp of the thin sheet and wait patiently as you begin to rotate to your back. The professional thing would be to not look, but yet this truly wasn't a professional massage. I gaze upon your womanly body. I see your full breasts as you turn Your nipples appear to be very elongated and erect. You must be either relaxed or turned on. No matter the answer, I am very happy at the moment in time. Finally your laying back and I frame the sheet upon you once more.

I look down at you, your eyes are staring back at me. I recall a previous chat and decide to make sure before I continue. "Are you ok with the blindfold?, I ask. "Yes, I think so," you reply. Reaching under the table, i find the previously placed bag. Shuffling through it, i finally find what i'm looking for. Talking the blindfold, I move it to your face and cover your eyes. Upon covering you with it, I bend down and kiss your lips for the first time. You try to extend your tongue, I don't allow you the pleasure. Ever the tease, I make you wait for more.

Moving to the foot of the table. I once against move my well oiled palms to your legs. Tugging each firmly, I stretch you out. I move to your feet and begin to press firmly against the trigger point. You moan slightly. I enjoy your delicate, well manicured digits. I find myself realizing the time is passing by way to fast. I know its time to move things along. I push your legs slightly wider. The sheet pushes higher on its own. I move my hands higher and higher. I feel the strength of your hamstrings. Closer I travel a path to your mons. Your mouth becomes agape at me becoming nearer, Finally I push the sheet up to your tummy. I pause a moment as I see your pussy for the first time. I grin at the sight before me. You did listen to me. My tastes even though not the same as yours, you decided to leave some hair there. "Good girl", I find myself telling her in a voice audible enough to be heard above the music.

My fingers soon find the area above and my palms soon press gently against your pubis. I dip my head down and plant a kiss just to the right of your now engorged netherlips. No doubt your turned on. Your red and swollen. It appears that your very wet. A thick string is dripping from your entrance. I move my large right middle finger to the entrance and circle the clit ever so gently. Around and around In counterclockwise fashion, I begin my assault. Hearing a soft moan, I become more determined. Your very wet, It pleases me greatly. Stopping for a moment, I think about how the blindfold must be adding to the effect. Raising my middle finger to my mouth, I savor you for the first time. You taste delectable and I smack my lips loud enough to get your attention. I see from your reactions that your comprehending what happened.

Moving my finger back to the entrance, I slowly insert it inch by inch into your warm , wet slot. Curving my finger up and back, i seek out that special spot. I recall how your newer to squirting. A little exploring and soon enough I find it. Your reactions instantly tell me im there. I see your body reacting, i feel how your opening up for me. Thrusting up and back, Im determined as ever. I look to my right and see that he's paying close attention. I nod my head to becon him near. Seeing him stand, I move a finger to my lips to indicate for him to be quiet. Moving towards the table, I indicate for him to move to the head of the table. Seeing him move to your mouth to kiss you. I smile at the moment. Seeing you too extending tounges and enjoying each others mouths was fun to watch for a minute but I didn't want to lose focus. Thrusting faster and with a bit more pressure, I felt the change. You no doubt were nearing our first. Dipping my head down to your mons, I entend my snakelike tounge to your clit. Finding the spot, I begin to flick in small paths. You instantly react. I see you guys stop kissing for a moment. Your body soon is becoming consumed by us both. He is now palming your large breasts, and a minute later your nipples are tweaked as well.

Speeding up the movements of my tongue, in unison with my talented large finger, I know its not long. Feeling my fingers becoming well lubed, I hear the sounds, I feel you opening up like a delicate flower. You scream , It energizes us both all the more. Fingering your slot with determination, you soon flood my hand. You cum so intensely, you force my finger out of your pussy. I thrust it back in as fast as i can and ride the orgasm out. The sheet and table are soaked. I grin wickedly as I take in the sight in front of me.

Looking at the head of the table, I see him remove the blindfold off of you. A passionate kiss , he speaks. "I love you, baby". I am so glad to be a help.

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