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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
 Originator Date Posted 
   Full Blown  

8/16/2010 05:46
Posted By:  - LOS ANGELES, CA  
Date Posted: 8/16/2010 05:46
   I must have drank too much last night as I don't remember getting home or passing out. I do remember the party though, so many hotties, good friends, sex all around us, alcohol. The last thing I remember was you telling me about the new girl who just got to the party. you described her as a brunette pixie who was extremely fuckable. You couldn't stop talking about how you wanted to lick her pussy. I remember you going to the bathroom when you saw her head that way and the next thing I know I am waking up in my own bed. Wait, what is that sensation, a tongue on my cock, I can't quite sit up, still too groggy. I can just make out short brown hair. I think it is you and reach down to grab her hair when suddenly your breath is in my ear, good morning sexy you whisper as your hand joins mine caressing this sexy stranger's head. "you missed out on some fun last night so I brought some fun back with me." You kiss me and I can taste what can only be this girl's pussy juices on your lips. "enjoy this gift" you say as you kiss down to my nipples and begin to suck. The brunette has now surrounded my waking cock with her mouth and is slowly sliding up and down with her lips, teeth and tongue. She is either a natural, an expert, or both as she gives me sensations I haven't felt since that first date in my parents' buick so many years ago. You kiss farther down and whisper to her before kissing her around my cock. Her hands are fondling my balls now and the two of you swap licks around my cock. Your pussy is near my face and I can see how swollen your lips are. Clearly you used some toys last night as both your holes are open and pink. You are so wet I can't resist and I lean up to lick you while our new friend squats over my erection and rubs it against her clit. I have to look and you knowingly but reluctantly roll to the side so I can see this hot 20 something using my cock as a toy. Her body is tight, small but well formed bosom with nipples that seem to be big as erasers. As if reading my mind, she pinches them with her fingers and then asks you to suck them. You sit next to her, kiss her hard on her lips and then kiss her neck down to her breast which you begin to tease before clamping your mouth around her nipple and suckling her. Your hand has now grabbed my cock as you help her near orgasm by rubbing her clit and opening with it. I watch as her juices start to roll down my cock when suddenly you slide me inside her and push her down. She is tight and wet and there is a little gasp from her as I plunge inside. You lean her back so I can see my cock in her pussy and your hand spreading her lips so I can see her slick clit. You rub her clit until she moans and begs for you to let her fuck me. You oblige, letting her sit back up where she starts rubbing her pussy up and down my cock. You spread your legs around my face so I can see how wet you are but before you sit, you tease me with your finger around your clit. My hands are on her hips now, the only thing keeping her from bucking off as she is lost in her sensations. You lower your pussy to my face and I lick you while she gives me a ride. We both near orgasm and I can feel her clamping and releasing my cock while she begs you to suck her nipples again. She keeps repeating "i'm cumming" over and over again for what seems like forever. When she calms down, you get off my face and guide me to my knees. The two of you lay wantonly before me and you pump my cock with your hands while she licks and sucks the tip until my come spurts all over her tongue, face and breasts. you give me one lick of your own and then proceed to clean her up with kisses and licks. This starts me to think about what we are going to do next with this lovely gift!

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