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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
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   football fantasy  

9/12/2010 12:08
Posted By:  - LOS ANGELES, CA  
Date Posted: 9/12/2010 12:08
   it was the first week of football season. Marie had just finished putting out the subs, chips, dip and of course beer when the doorbell rang. Rick's friends came I. Mostly guys from work at the local fire station. Marie greeted them all with warm hugs and handed them a drink. Most of them thought nothing of it but Marie felt a flush take over her body when she saw Matt and damp when he Li gered his strong hands just a little too long over her ass giving it a little squeeze. She also imagined the brush of his arm against her stiffining nipples was not an accident. Damn. She thought to herself as she fought to regain composure. she could still smell the scent of jean Paul mixed with his sweat. Rick secretly noticed the way Marie was flushed and the quickened pace of her bosom but made no comment. The games started and Marie spent the first half refilling drinks and refreshing snacks. She was. busy but not too busy to notice how all the guys snuck glances at her d cups and ass. In fact she had been sure to wear her shortest skirt and thong and cut off chargers shirt. If you got it flaunt it right. Allthough there were plenty of comments and wolf whistles no one crossed the linee although with the wet tingling in her pussy she secretly hoped someone would. Just before halftime rick asked her to clean up some empties and as she bent over he ran his hand up her thigh feeling her damp thong and rubbing her lips. No ne saw since they were all watching the game but Marie almost dropped the bottles and Let out a gasp. Blushing she went into the kitchen. She sat down in the empty kitchen and her mind immediately went crazy fantasizing about rick taking her in front of all the football friends who one by one joined in. Her nipples and pussy were now aching and she was about to tou h her self when Matt cleared his throat. Sorry to interrupt he said but the bathroom down heere is full and rick said you could show me the upstairs one. Marie stammered sure follow me and almost didn't catch the lustful look followed by gladly. The guys who weren't waiting for the bathroom we're outside throwing around the football so no one saw them head upstairs. She showed Matt to the bathroom threw the master bedroom and while he went in she quickly straightened up hiding her. Ightgown. Matt asked if she has a towel as she hxard him washing his hands. She got one and went in to band it to him without noticing the two towels ready on the counter. Marie handed the towel to Matt but instead he grabbed her band and pulled her to him. She was so surprised she didn't know how to react. Her knees. Egan to weaken and she fell into his waiting embrace. His lips closed on hers and suddenly her while body was on fire. His kiss awoke whatever parts of her weren't already tingling.she ft his chest brush her aching nipples anipples and she knew in that instant she was going to get fucked. Matt lifted her up to the counter and slid his hands under her shirt encircling her nipplees with his fingers seemingly knowing exactly where to touch her. He lifted up her arms and slid her shhirt over her head until it reached her wrists. He left it there for her to wriggle free. Momentarily leaving her helpless and pointing her firm breasts right at mats waiting lips. Matts lippips gripped her nipple and the warm sensation of his tongue made her gasp. Her struggles to REMO e the shirt merely caused added sensations in her chest. His hands has already found their way under the skirt and were rubbing her wet panties against her clit. Marie could only say fuck me please b
And Matt lifted her up and laid her on the bed. He took off his shirt but instead of complying with her request he slid his face between her legs. Teasing kisses along her thighs until she pulled his mouth up against her pussy and grinded her soaking clit against his tongue. Mart lapped up her juices until she screamed in ecstacy. She came once grabbing a pillow to muffle hxer screams. She calmed down and then felt herself building to another cum as he simultaneousl found her gspot and slid a slick finger into her anus. she lay for a minute regaining control and heard matt undo his zipper. She sat up and caught matts penis as it sprung free eagerly devouring it and Li mi g kissi g and holding it hoping to Give him the pleasure he had just given her. She could feel him get even harder. She don't want him to cum her because she wanted him to fill her pussy. She got in her hands and knees and invited him in by pointing her derriere at him. Slapping her ass and saying finish what you started stud. She felt him enter her tight we're hole and could feel him swell inside hdr. Filling her with sensations. She reached her hand underneath so she could feel his balls and cock as they Drove into her. She glanced up during a stroke and was surprised to find rick standing there watching with his cock in his hand. She tried to tell him to come ovver but could only make noises but he figured it out and soon his cock was in her mouth but not before she noticed several others watching. The thought of all these hung guys gettingg off watching her get fucked impossibly made her wetter and she became a complete slut in that moment increasing her moans a d show for the crowd. She felt rick start to cum and she gripped the base of his cock holding him off as she rolled on her back grabbed Matt in one band and rick in the other and made them both cum on her face and tits until she was dripping with their juice. Afterward she lay there unable to move but with her pussy still twitching wondering if this was the end or just the beginningm

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