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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
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   The Hike - An Erotic Fantasy  

9/23/2010 19:37
Posted By:  - IRVINE, CA  
Date Posted: 9/23/2010 19:37
   The Hike

Inspired by an incredibly sexual and uber-orgasmic woman who has a mind, body and spirit that leaves me in awe.

Given your love for extreme sports I assume you are an avid hiker. There is a trail not far from here that leads up to these beautiful sandstone rock formations overlooking the canyons below. I have invited you for an afternoon of hiking and you have excepted my invitation with a sexy little grin on your face because you have more than just a sneaking suspicion that I've got more on my wicked little mind than just your average Sunday afternoon hike...

We arrive at our arranged meeting place and I am more than just pleased to see you have arrived not only in your hiking boots (I knew you were a hiker) but in a sexy little skirt as well. Oh... you are already starting to understand how my deviant thought process works and have chosen your wardrobe accordingly. I, as usual, have shown up without a shirt eager to have the sun's rays wash over my tan skin.

After a long welcome hug we start out on our afternoon's venture. It's a beautiful day. The sun is out with not a cloud in the sky and there are two hawks floating in lazy circles above us. As we begin our way up the rocky dirt trail, the slightest of breezes carries the scent of lavender and wild rosemary to our olfactory senses. This is going to be amazing.

We continue our assent up the wide gradual trail that will lead us from the canyon floor twisting and winding our way up the dry and rugged ridge line. It is very peaceful. We exchange some pleasant banter back and forth along our journey but mostly we take in the sounds from the symphony of birds, crickets and beetles all seemingly keeping time to the rhythmic "crunch, crunch, crunch" baseline of the gravel beneath our feet as we walk in unison.

We walk side by side and at times hand in hand or arm in arm. We soak in all that surrounds us as we bath in the rays of the warm afternoon sun. Our hike is starting to inspire little beads of sweet to form on our skin. As we touch one another along the way, we can now not help but to notice the smooth slick sensation of our skin against skin. My mind starts to spin with the thought of our two bodies touching and gliding against one another.

We have crested the first ridge and stop to take in the view. Holding your hand in mine I bring it to my face. As I plant soft kisses on the back of the delicate little hand in mine, I can taste your sweet and salty perspiration. It makes me hunger for more of you. I take you close in my arms and we embrace as our lips meet.

We hold each other softly whilst our tongues slowly dance and play together. My hands begin to move over your body caressing your now slippery soft skin. My fingertips tracing tiny swirls along the way. I take your athletic little butt in the palms of my hands and pull your hips tight against me so that you can feel the hardness that is growing in my jeans from being in your presence.

Your body lets out the slightest of quivers as your fingernails gently scratch their way down my muscular back. My hands move down to your toned and shapely thighs. The beads of perspiration make it easy for my hands to glide across your skin as I slide my hands up and underneath your sporty little skirt. I am delighted to discover there that you have so naughtily left your panties in the car.

My hands move over your ass and as they always do, my fingers find their way to that special spot at the junction of your inner-thighs and your body stiffens to my touch. I glide my fingers over your bare and exposed pink lips and they become slick with your excitement. I bring your sticky juices to my lips and savor your arousal. I cup your pretty face in my hands and softly kiss you. You can't help but to taste yourself on my lips.

My eyes catch glimpse of the majestic rocky formations on the ridge line behind you and I am snapped out of my daze by the realization that if we don't control ourselves, we will never reach our destination. I playfully say to you "How about a piggy-back ride." You happily except my offer.

I take a knee in the dust of the trail and declare "Your steed awaits." You eagerly jump, not on my back, but like a little girl up onto my broad shoulders. This makes me smile. : ) You rest your hands on my head and spur me with your heels as you say "Giddy-up horsey!"

I rise and continue up the trail with you high upon my shoulders. Your thighs are are soft and warm around my neck. My arms are wrapped across your lower legs with my right hand holding your left ankle and my left holding your right. Your fingers are twirling their way through my hair as your body playfully canters to mine as we continue our trail upwards.

Neither of us is really talking. I think both of our minds are racing with the thought of what we left unfinished on the ridge behind us. The sun is beating down hotter now and your legs wrapped around my neck are causing that union of flesh on flesh to get very wet and slippery. I can feel the tiny streams of sweat starting to trickle down my chest and back.

The sweat is not the only thing I can feel. I can also feel on the back of my neck and shoulders all the areas that would have been covered by your panties had you not been such a naughty little girl. As my mind starts to think about the parts of your sexy little body that are touching me, I can't help but to notice that your playful canter has taken on a more purposeful rhythm.

I let loose your ankles and my hands begin to caress your legs. First your calves then your thighs. This feeds into your now obvious intentions and your hips start to slowly teeter side to side against the back of my neck and my hands find their way up and over my shoulders to gasp your sexy little bottom.

My hands join in the rhythm slowly moving your hips side to side against my neck. Your fingers no longer twirling through my hair but now forcefully gripping two handfuls of my lochs. Your fists subtly forcing my head side to side in opposition to the movements of your hips.

And then, a quiet release. You collapse a little and become still as if to try and hide the results of your efforts. But, the warm trickle on the back of my neck exposes the truth and I am excited beyond measure by what has just taken place. You have selfishly and not so secretly taken your pleasure with me up upon my shoulders and I love it!

The adrenaline is flowing through my body and my pace quickens as if to be racing to the finish line so that I may take my prize. You begin to sit upright again and your muscles once again start to stiffen. I know now that you are not done and that this time, you won't hold back. You've had a taste and now you want all of it.

Our rhythm starts up again but there is nothing subtle about it this time. You are riding and grinding your wet little pussy up and down the back of my neck with purpose now. Your heels are dug into my ribs pulling yourself forward and pushing yourself up. Your left hand forcefully gripping my hair like a saddle horn. Your right hand now gripping me by the throat and using it as leverage to grind yourself against the back of my neck nearly choking me in the process. I am totally caught up in your pursuit and my hands move to your knees and grip tightly pushing and pulling with you trying to help you reach your goal. Your breath is racing and your moans fill the canyon as it happens. Your body stops and you hold yourself hard against the back of my neck. Your powerful thighs tighten crushing my neck and checks as you take yourself over the edge and your passion releases. A river of warm climax gushes out against my skin exploding all over my neck and shoulders and you cry out to the hawks floating and watching above as your orgasm floods over me. I revel in the warm wet sensation that is rolling down my back. It channels and flows down the crack of my ass into my groin and down my thighs. You have had your way with me and have excited me beyond words.

And just like that, we have reached our destination. I once again take a knee in the dirt as you slowly slide (almost as if falling off) to the ground. Your movements are slow as you right yourself and allow me to stand and take you in my arms. We hold each other as we sway in the breeze at the top of our mountain. We have arrived. You have had your little appetizer. It is now time for the main course...


NOTICE: This story is the original work and sole property of “Yours4TheNight” and is not to be re-printed, published in any form or otherwise used, in part or in its entirety, without prior written consent from “Yours4TheNight”.

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