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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
 Originator Date Posted 
   a night out...  

9/27/2010 17:20
Posted By:  - TARPON SPRINGS, FL  
Date Posted: 9/27/2010 17:20
   without any plans or a party on the calender, we decided to go out to a vanilla dance bar. dressed to impress, or a little slutty, Mrs B. was definitely catching a few eyes.

that is when we noticed the hot couple sitting across the bar looking at us.

smoldering, flirtatious looks from across the bar.. a smile and a wink at her, Mrs b giving bedroom eyes at him, and the shrill excitement when they started flirting back.

we meet on the dance floor and soon find ourselves in each others arms. His grace and charm is matched by her spunk and smiles. spinning, turning, holding close, lingering hands- perhaps a little longer than normal. the close dances a little closer each time. Until we stop moving apart and move even closer together.

she feels the bulge in your pants and with a wink she brings your hand under her short skirt to feel her wetness. a glance to the side and you see Mrs B in a similar embrace.

the excitement of the first kiss, first soft, then firm, finally passionate and forceful. her hands exploring your body and inviting you to do the same.

the music stops and you bring the dance back to your seats. Mrs B takes him by the hand, winks at me, and then pulls him into the rest room, as the two of you watch them dart in together and she whispers "that looks like a good idea"... and she takes me by the hand and we join them in the next stall. The four of us tear at each other with passion. closes astray, skirts pulled up, pants pulled down. the sounds of your spouse in the next stall moaning and writhing in pleasure, echo the moans escaping your lips and breathlessly tickling your ear.

wave after wave, the pleasure builds, climbing higher and higher, tongues entwine - finger nails scratch, and hips thrust,,, faster and faster until you can't hold back, then you let go and the orgasms release from your body.

catching your breath you hear the next stall open, and look at a mirror of yourselves - clothes in shreds, hair and makeup a mess, and the shine of afterglow.

the four of your collect yourselves and ignore the looks of the others as you walk out of the ladies room and begin what will be a wonderful night together.

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