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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
 Originator Date Posted 
   Erotic Chat and Body Paint  

10/1/2010 10:49
Posted By:  - TUCSON, AZ  
Date Posted: 10/1/2010 10:49
   So I'm overseas (The Mr) and the Mrs is feeling frisky and we are having some erotic discussions in a private chat...Here is an excerpt of what she came up with :)

So you are leaning against all the pillows your hot tan firm body just looking so good. I lean over and give you a long wet passionate kiss working my way down to your neck slowly licking your ears and sucking on your ear lobes kissing and licking my way down your chest

Getting closer to your hard cock but just teasing you. Kissing every area around it but not touching it. Licking your inner thigh and kissing the base. Grabbing it with my hands so it is straight up. I lick the entire way up to the tip. Circling the tip with my tongue and slowly put you inside my mouth but not all the way yet

just keep circle you with my tongue and giving you gentle kisses. Then when you just can't take anymore teasing I put your hard cock deep inside my mouth

So I am just completely enjoying you in my mouth as you are also. Then I reach over to my drawer and pull out some edible chocolate flavored glowing body paint

So I take the paint and decorate your hot hard body with all the different colors that are just glowing under the light while taking a taste every now and then to tease you some more

Then it is your turn to paint my body and lick and kiss me all over while you are painting. You start at my feet slowly kissing your way up my legs and past my hot wet pussy.....now you are the tease. You kiss my stomach and work your way up to my hard nipples and kiss and taste them with your tongue as you are painting me in all different colors. Working up higher to my neck and then giving me a deep passionate kiss while gently biting my lower lip.

Your hand reaches back behind my head and gently you pull my hair and reach down and kiss my neck while climbing on top of me. All the colors are combining together and glowing. You kiss your way back down and put your warm mouth on my wet pussy, which is just wanting your hard cock deep inside

So......you lick me until I just can't take it anymore and have the most intense orgasm. It just makes my whole body shivers. You lower your body on top of mine and instead of going in slowly just trust your hard cock deep inside me and I am just dripping wet and it feels amazing. You slide in and out faster and faster then without any notice just stop and pull out. You put that cock of your in my mouth and make me clean it all off. I can taste me on you. After licking your entire cock I lick the underside and work my way back to that favorite spot of yours just licking sucking and kissing.

You want to be back inside me so you roll me over on my stomach and trust deep inside me again. But oh my you just want to be in the other area much more. You reach over and grab the lube. Slowly and patiently you slip inside and so gently slide in and out while teasing my clit with your fingers from behind. I am reaching under and massaging your balls as you slide in and out

Our bodies still glowing from the paint

Then you put out and clean off and come back to me. I pull you on the bed and push you onto your back and climb onto your still amazingly hard cock. I lower myself on top and slowly go in out until I thrust you deep inside.

You are just laying back enjoying every moment then I lean over and start grinding my wet pussy and your hard cock making sure my hard clit is just hitting the perfect spot. My hips moving back and forth with just the right amount of pressure. You are getting closer but aren't ready to cum yet. I am so close but want to wait for you.

We keep grinding until I just can’t take it anymore. I cum so hard it last forever. You are so ready to cum after that. You toss me off you and get closer to my face. You are stroking your hard cock just inches from my mouth. You are getting closer with each stroke. Then u r ready to explode. You shove your cock deep inside my mouth and have the most intense orgasms. Just squirting you love nectar into my mouth and I lick all of u and clean every drop off….

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