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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
 Originator Date Posted 
   Blindfolded Fuck  

10/1/2010 18:08
Posted By:  - JACKSONVILLE, OR  
Date Posted: 10/1/2010 18:08
   My wife mentioned that she had seen a story/fantasy idea on another website that caught her attention. She said that a woman's husband had arranged for a blindfolded fuck with a man she had never met. I asked my wife if that was something she would like to experience and she said yes...she thought she would. She has played with single men in the past, but never like this.
My search for just the right guy started almost immediately and I located him in a larger city about 4 hours away. His pics showed a muscular, well trimmed guy with several testimonials. They were all very good. Come to think of it, though, I don't think I've ever seen a bad one. hmmm
But, I digress (sorry).
The closer we got to the day, the more excited she became. I have to admit that I was feeling it also. On one occasion, we were laying out on the deck (naked) catching some sun and I was thinking about our upcoming date. The more I thought about it the harder I became. To think that my wife was trusting me enough to find a guy that she would fuck without ever meeting him was a huge turn on. I also really liked the sluttiness aspect of the whole thing. Pretty soon, I was stroking myself while thinking about it and shot my load a good foot into the air!
Ahhh...the power of the mind!
The day came to meet and we checked into a very nice hotel that I had reserved. After dinner, she dressed in an open-cupped bra (with her pierced nipples poking through) and crotchless panties. She added some lace-up heels and then the blindfold. She was waiting in a chair when he arrived. Now, I hadn't met this guy either. I had hoped that he would be what we had hoped for, but you never know. He was, however, ALL that we had hoped for... and more! We shook hands at the door and he went straight for my wife. She stood and they kissed for several minutes, then the two of them worked at getting him undressed. She was really enjoying feeling his chest, kissing him (like they had been lovers for years) and working over his stiff cock. I have to say that this was the biggest guy I had seen. He was huge, and I was a little worried about my wife's ability to handle him. She dropped back down into the chair and started sucking him. She was really into it and I was no longer concerned. He led her to the bed, where they did some more kissing and then he went down on her. She was really grinding her pussy into his face and I could tell that she was REALLY into this guy. He brought her to the brink of an orgasm and then it was time to switch places. She sucked as much of his cock into her mouth as she could, then began bobbing her head up and down on his pole. Then, she raised up and slid her panties off of her awesome legs. He put on a condom and went down on her again to be certain that she was wet enough. He needn't worried, because I could tell that she was wet as hell!
My wife laid on her back and spread her legs as her antonymous lover guided his mammoth dick into her. She groaned and instantly reached around his ass, pulling him into her. They fucked for several minutes, with her getting wetter and wetter. I could see her cream running down the crack of her ass. They kissed hard as he plunged in and out of her. She was wearing only her bedroom heels, a sexy belly chain and her blindfold.
To say that this was fucking HOT would be a gross understatement.
After a few minutes, she told him, "I want to swallow your cum." He pulled out of her and she went to work on his cock. She used both of her hands and mouth as he fucked her face. I could tell he was close and she began moaning in anticipation of tasting him. He moaned more loudly as he shot his cum into her wanting mouth. She continued to suck him off and swallowed every drop.
Later, she would tell me that his cum was the sweetest she had ever tasted!
The two of them laid back for just a few minutes and then, it was clear that she wanted me next! She reached out for me and I began to undress, as our friend began to get dressed. I hadn't even fully undressed yet and she released my stiffening cock from my pants. My dick was in her mouth when I reached out to shake our friend's hand, thanking him for a GREAT time!
All told, he was there for only an hour. He came, they fucked and he left. She kept the blindfold on the entire time. Other than some pics that I took, I'm not sure that she could pick him out of a line-up. We both agreed that THIS is the beauty of the single guy. No drama, no fuss, no hidden agenda. Just great, NSA sex! How good is that???
Thanks for reading!!!

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