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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
 Originator Date Posted 
   An innocent photo shoot...  

10/23/2010 00:06
Posted By:  - OVIEDO, FL  
Date Posted: 10/23/2010 00:06
   You emailed me saying you always wanted to do a photo shoot. You opened your privates for me and I was smitten. You looked young, your body was tight, your eyes beyond your years, your hair long and flowing in the wind. We agreed to meet at my studio the next night.

You showed up on time. I was impressed. Your hair was up, your dress was white, you had a long overcoat on... my heartbeat accelerated, just a bit. I tried to stay calm and act professional. I took your hand and brought you in. I looked in your bag and found another dress, this one was shorter, thinner... I didn't even speak to you, I just looked in your eyes and stood in front of you, my heartbeat getting deeper. I started to take your dress off but you held my hand, then looked at me and let it go so i continued. Your dress fell to the ground, it was hot in the studio, your skin glistening with a million drops of sweat, I let your hair down. Such dark, long mane, smelled of honey and flowed down your shoulders and covering just your nipples but not all of your breasts.

I got down on my knees and you gently stepped into the next dress, my face so close to your pussy I could almost taste it. I continued pulling your dress up, slowly, dressing your thighs and then your hips, slowly past your hips and finally covering your deliciously full tits. As I gently pulled your dress up it's edge grazed your nipples and they instantly got hard... I licked my lips, unintentionally, you noticed and bit your lip mischievously.

You stepped back and sat on a white armchair. Your legs for an instant together, but as I held my camera to my face, they slowly moved apart, and you slowly pulled your dress towards your stomach. I could clearly see your pussy. You started delicately fondling it while your tongue caressed your lips and your eyes were fixated on my lens. You let a slight moan out, your clit was swollen and your pussy and fingers moist, your eyes asking me to come to you... so I did.

I approached carefully, never taken my eyes off yours. My cock felt hot against my thigh, imprisoned by my pants, urging for your hands to free him. But I wanted to focus on you so I kneeled between your legs and began kissing your inner thigh and making my way to your aching clit. I could feel your breathing getting heavier as I got closer and closer, my hot breath on your skin, my tongue exploring every inch of you. You begged me to please lick your pussy but I had other plans. I grab a blindfold and gently cover your eyes, darkness is all you see now. I reach for some rope and carefully tied your hands together above your head. There, now you are my mercy...

I whisper in your ear and ask you if you trust me while one of my hands is over your heart and the other spreading your lips open. You answer yes. I nibble on your ear lobe and work my way down your neck. I gently bite, it then suck it. you shiver, my hand still over your heart, I can feel your heartbeat like a drum, faster and faster. I ran my hands down your body and get back on my knees in between your legs. you have them spread wide open, your pussy thrusting towards me. You yell at me to please fuck you but instead I stick one finger in it, you moan and push against it. I can feel your juices surrounding my finger, the warmth of your insides travel through my finger straight to my already swollen cock, it hurts so good. One finger is not enough so I stick another one in you, you beg me to fuck you but I just start to fuck you with my fingers, in and up, stimulating your g-spot and I can feel it growing, I like that. I finger bang your pussy until I can feel you are about to come then i stop, suddenly. You are not amused and beg me to finish you off but I take my tongue and shove it as deep as I can possibly go. I don't want to lick your pussy, I wanna french kiss it, long and hard flicks of my tongue inside of you, tasting you, making you moan, almost scream i make out with your pussy for a while forgetting to breath myself so i drink you in. I flicker your clit with my tongue then i stop and suck on your clit, you are going crazy, sweat dripping down your chest, your thighs moist, your veins popping...

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