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   A worthy cause parts 1-3  

10/23/2010 09:47
Posted By:  - MADISON, WI  
Date Posted: 10/23/2010 09:47
   I smiled as I sent you the email. I wasn't sure if your ready, willing or able but none the less I thought the time was right. I wondered how long it will take for you to reply and if you will ponder or sleep on the request. Checking a couple more emails, I was a bit surprised to see that I had a new email already. Was it you from you? With a keystroke, I soon was opening the email. Sure enough, you had replied already. What I read surprised even myself.

"I would be more than happy to go with you to the event. Precious is curious as to what will be going on, but I trust Sir will take good care of his precious. Just let me know the details and what I need to do." Looking at your brief email I couldn't help but smile. I'm wasn't sure you know exactly what might lay ahead for you but I couldn't help but stir just a little with anticipation. It has been a few weeks since I had came across notice of this event. It wasn't something I was serious about attending but a part of me as time went by thought, why not.

Clicking back to my in box, I checked the invitation once more. Reading carefully the details, my mind began to whirl some ideas around as to the possibilities what lay ahead. I had known you a while but this would be a first for you. I hadn't exactly been to something of this nature either but I felt comfortable for some reason to take you. I knew I would be a tad nervous and you even more so.

A couple hours later I decide to send you more detailed information. "Dear Precious, Sir requests that you be ready at 7 pm this Saturday. I will be picking you up. You will wear exactly what is in the box that you should be receiving in two days. I will be waiting in the car and will text you as soon as I pull up. We will be gone all night. Be well rested and don't keep me waiting.

The next couple days seemed to fly by. I knew you would be surprised at your box. It was about 4pm when I got the text. "OMG, you can't be serious." was your message. Taking a bit to decide how to answer, I replied. "It would please me and is required for you to go along." A moment later I smirk as I read "Yes sir, see you Saturday." I knew that the next couple days for you would be nerve wracking. This would be a bit out of your comfort zone and even though I didn't think you would bail on me, I wasn't 100% sure you were committed to this either.

A few more texts you send my way through out the next day. You seem to be trying to learn more about what lay ahead. Me being me, was as evasive as I could be. I do tell you that there will be about 20 or 30 people there as well. I do tell you that I will be dressed in a black tuxedo and tie. It also will be me a bit out of my element. I know that I also have my curiosities and questions that I don't have the answers to yet. A couple more emails I exchanged with the hosts and much of my nervous tension is gone. By Saturday morning I have a pretty good feel for the upcoming night and welcome this new experience.

About 3pm, I decide to send you a simple text. "Check your email, precious" As I sit in front of my computer, I wondered if this will be an experience truly memorable or if it is pushing your comfort level too much. Here is what you read.

"Precious, I know this won't be easy for you and your nervous level I sense is very high. Know that sir will take good care of you and won't put you in a position of risk or anything that won't in the end be a fun, positive experience for you. I know you've been a good girl and this would please sir greatly to go through this night with you." Sir.

Your reply is pretty much as I expect. "Sir, I am very nervous but know that you will take good care of me. I'll be ready and waiting for you"

As I pause after reading your reply. I have a pretty good idea that you truly will be ready and waiting for me. You have to know by now how I hate being late and being made to wait. I also hope you accept and use everything I sent you in the box. Oh, how I wish I could have seen the look on your face as you opened the box. Even more so I wonder how you will be as your putting on your outfit and items I sent.

It wasn't long before I realize I needed to get ready as well. A quick shower and a quick look in the mirror and I feel comfy in my look. It had been ages since I dressed up like this. I felt confident that you will be nervous wearing and being seen in your outfit. I also was certain you know how turned on I will be to see you in it as well. I make sure I have my direction sheet and everything I need in my overnight bag and with that I'm on the road. It will be an easy ride to get you and I leave a bit early just in case traffic is a problem. A send you a quick text before pulling onto the road. "Precious, I look forward to "seeing" you" I smirk as I know you will get exactly what I mean. I began my trip to get you and as I turned the radio on low, I began to ponder if I've forgotten anything. Time flew by and before I knew it I was pulling up to get you. I put my car into park and turned off the ignition. A few presses of the keys to my cell phone and your text was sent.

As I gazed at your front door, I turned each direction briefly to see if any neighbors were out. I knew you would be especially sensitive to being seen like that. I didn't see anyone milling around, lucky for you. I check my watch and see that it is 6:55. You don't keep me waiting much longer as my eyes catch you stepping out your door. As you turn to lock it, I grin broadly as I see your short black skirt and the tops of your stocking tops. You shift a bit unsteady on your black heels as we both know your not as use to wearing them. Your hair was groomed meticulously. I gather that you made a trip to the salon. As you turn towards my car, our eyes meet. I could feel your nervous tension. I know your blushing and as you approach the car, it was very evident. I opened my door and moved to greet you. Looking down into your eyes, I don't speak but only grin. With a wink, I reached for your hand and escorted you the rest of the way to the car. Opening the door for you, I watched as you carefully slide onto your seat. A shot went right to my cock as I see you see thru black panties. You reach down to try to adjust your skirt to cover more of you up. You were only semi successful. As I began to pull away, you speak first. "Sir must be pretty happy with himself now." As I turned to look at you, I pause for a moment before I said, "The night is young, before Its over I will enjoy many many more moments in time like the one I just experienced. With that we drove on to the party.

As we drove down the highway I decided to explain more of the event. Reaching for you hand, I gave you more background. I went on telling you that I haven't met any of the people there before but had been communicating some with one of the people who will be there. "Male or female", you asked. I chuckled and say "It doesn't matter, does it precious?" I said everyone who will be there is there for a worthy cause. I had to vouch for you to attend with me. I had to assure the event master that you were a rare, worthy woman and he would be most happy once he set his eyes onto you. I feel your pulse speed up as you grip my hand tighter. I turned to look you over once more. You drop your head slightly as you know your being inspected.

I reached into my tuxedo inside pocket and produce a note I earlier had placed in there. I turned toward you and handed you the note. Your hands seemed to shake as you took it from me. You carefully unfolded it and pause a moment before reading it, almost like you were afraid as to what you were about to read. I watched your expression as best I could considering I was driving. Your chest seemed to heave, and your face way that you were blushing once more. When finished you almost seemed breathless as you spoke. "Sir, thank you so much, it means a lot."

I had every word memorized. You read.
"Precious, I have no doubt that you will look delicious in what I picked out for you. I know you will be surprised by everything I chose for you. From the really short skirt to the stockings and heels to the homemade collar. I know there will be mixed emotions with putting the collar on yourself. You are a lovely woman and I am glad to be bringing you to this worthy cause. Reach in the glove box for another package, open it and do as the note says.

I gazed your direction as you put down the note. You seemed this time really eager to find out what was coming next. You opened the glove box and grabbed the small gift wrapped box. You carefully studies and admired the handiwork. I knew your mind was racing. As you slowly and carefully unwrapped the box. I tried my best not to react as I saw the look on your face as you realized what was inside. Looking at the small note, you read it. "Precious, you are to take this gift from the box, and hand me the remote. You are to push your panties down just enough to insert the bullet along the outside of your pussy. You know how to place it. The rest will be up to me.

As you secured your new toy, I gave you a moment to guess when it would start. With a push of the button, you responded immediately. I gave you a minute of constant vibrations before I decided to tease you some more. You groaned as I paused the toy. I slowly waited until the time was right before starting it back up once again. A loud moan soon followed. Looking over to you I couldn't help but notice how perky and hard your nipples were becoming as they your bra less breasts pressed against the top. It was becoming more evident that you were racing towards your first orgasm. As I heard you closing in on it, I firmly spoke to you. Don't come without permission, precious. As your face showed the telltale signs, I waited for you to speak. "Sir, may I", you asked. "Count down from ten and don't orgasm before you reach one." was my response. Oh those ten seconds must have seemed like an eternity for you. I enjoyed each and every moment as it is engrained in my mind. Hearing you shutter as you hit "1" i watched as you reached down to pull the new toy out of your panties. "Stop, leave it there till i say so" was my reply, startling and surprising you. As you pull your fingers away. I had you accept another minute. The pleasure became almost painful at the sensitivity. Pushing the button to off, you instant slump down in the seat, almost as if spent.

As you turned to look at me, i beat you to the words. "The night has just begun". And it had.

With your huge release, I gave you a moment to come down from it. Waiting a minute until I knew the time was right. I reached into my tux pocket and produced another note. Handing it to you, You spoke up "Omg not another one. I don't think I can handle much more of these." With a wicked snicker and a shake of my head I responded."You will be surprised what you can and can't handle, before the night is over. As you read the note, I am very happy with how everything is progressing. As you finish and put down the note, your first reaction is to turn and look around. You no doubt are going to complete the task but are hoping to do it without being seen. Comfortable that no one is that close to the car, you slowly push your top down, exposing your breasts. With that I look down at the odometer, making note of when you began your task. It might be a long 5 miles, I hoped. Surprised a bit that you hadn't protested or spoken up since you read the note, I had to chime in "Four more miles to go." With that you lightly punch my right shoulder. "You happy with yourself, sir?" you chime in. "Very" I replied.

As I see a semi closing the distance in my rear view mirror. I begin to slow a bit. You at that moment realize what's happening and your hands instantly move to cover your breasts. I turned to look at you and sternly shook my head and replied "Down or we will restart the odometer." Nervously you did as instructed. As the semi was almost to our side I hit the accelerator. We sped ahead just far enough and from the look on your face you were very much relieved.

"We only have a couple more miles to go. Soon the real fun will begin," i uttered. With that I told you you could readjust your top back into position. Before we knew it we were pulling into the long driveway. Following the gravel road, we soon were in front of the large warehouse looking building. I turned to you one last time before heading in and said how hot you look. "Thank you John. You replied. I decided to not call you on your slip. Walking around the car to help you out, my eyes caught another couple also exiting their vehicle. They appeared to be around their early 50's and do doubt had money. The mercedes they came in gave it away. He was dressed similar as me and she was wearing a full body latex suit. My eyes followed yours as you also took in the moment. Helping you along the path to the door, your steps were tentative as you were no doubt trying your best to walk in your unfamiliar shoes. Knocking as we entered, a large body guard asked if we had our invite. Prepared for that, i swiftly produced ours. As he allowed us to pass, I heard the mature couple that approached behind us cuss that they had left theirs in the car.

As we proceeded into the dark hall. We slowly followed it until we got to a host area. A attractive couple who i recognized from the email exchange was seated at a table. Handing them the invite, I began to recall all the steps in the process from the email exchange that lead up to tonights event. As they looked over the piece of paper, the gentleman asked if we decided on names. Looking over to you, I ask you to tell the man your name. You pause a moment, and to help you out I spoke up first, "I'm sir John and this is...I paused to allow u to finish. "precious". You found yourself saying rather nervously. The woman stood up and offered to show us to our seats. Grasping you gently by the arm, you found yourself hearing her say "You are absolutely going to be a great asset to our event." You immediately turn to look at me questioning her comments. Again the little shit, I wink only. Soon we reach our seats and are seated in the 2nd row. We are asked by her if she can get us some drinks. I order for us both some rum and cokes. As soon as she walked away, you begin to ask some questions. What is going to happen next? Aren't you also nervous? Why the stage?

Reaching for hand, i caress it gently before answering. "We are here for a worthy cause. You are safe, i'm here for you and these people all are carefully screened. With that I stood up and looked at you and said. "Stay here, i'll be right back.". As I walk away my eyes begin to catch a glimpse of all the people trickling in. We being one of the first, I took in the attire of all those. What variety and what differences of people in attendance I noted. As i found myself back at the host table, I ask where i can get my numbers. The host knowing exactly my situation, discretely left that part of the process out when you and I first arrived. A moment later i found myself back next to you. I see our drinks had arrived. Looking down at you, i asked for you to rise. As you were wondering what was in my hand, i reached down to you and pressed a stick on number onto your top , just above your chest. "what's with the paddle?" you ask right away. "It's my number for the auction that's part of tonights event, "i answer. You press me more for answers, asking me what all that means. "What's being auctioned you ask?" I tell you soon it will all be explained.

It seemed the room had filled with people. I guess the instructions were clear to everyone. Being there between 8 and 8:15 sharp was being adhered to by everyone. Sitting back down with you, we sipped our drinks until we saw the hosts approach the stage. At once the room became quiet. Here is what we heard....

Thank you Gentlemen and subs. We are glad you all are here for this worthy cause. All proceeds will go towards the juvenile diabetes association. We hope you find this a rewarding and memorable evening. We hope you have read the rules over closely. The winning bidder is responsible for immediate payment to our auctioneer before proceeding with your prize. From the looks of it there are some really grand prizes here this evening. Hearing that I turn to you as you are listening intently to the man. From the look on your face your beginning to understand why your hear and what this is about. Looking down at the number on your chest, you turn to me in panic. Shhhhh shhhh i say, this is for a worthy cause.

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