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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
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   Last Drop Of Honey....  

10/26/2010 01:47
Posted By:  - SAN DIEGO, CA  
Date Posted: 10/26/2010 01:47
   Once upon a time lived a girl with a sad, boring life.
She worked day-after-day in a crappy job that sucked balls. Made way less than she was worth. Got yelled at by the boss and was under appreciated and ignored.

But she had to work to survive. She wondered why even bother? Even her cat didn't like her that much.

She was just mousy all over. Mousy hair... meek and quiet.. an average frame...average face... nothing special.

Day-after-day... it was nothing special.

One day... she had finally had it. She decided to end it all.

She walked down to a bar that was a couple blocks from her crappy roach-infested, ready to be foreclosed upon condo. Sat at the bar ordered a dirty martini, very very dirty and began to ponder exactly how she would do it.

A gun? Nah... too messy.

Hanging? Ick.. might not work right the first time.

Slice her wrists? Again too messy. She wasn't really that into the sight of blood. A little pain maybe... here and there. But blood... nah.

And then she decided...well pills I guess. Easiest. But before taking some pills, she wanted to do something she hadn't done in a long, long time. Have sex with a guy. A guy without a disability. A guy with all his limbs, his eyesight and maybe even decent looking. A solid 7 perhaps.

So she sat and thought. And drank.

Looked around the bar for a possible victim or suitor.


"Maybe I should fix myself up a little. Might help". So she hobbled to the bathroom to look at herself in the mirror.

Her stringy brown hair was extra stringy. Hadn't washed it in... 2, maybe 3 days.
Her make-up was all smeared off. No lipstick. No blush to her cheeks. Her black t-shirt had a stain on the front. What was it? Pasta from last night? Mac and cheese maybe. Her jeans were fitting a little too snug. No bra. At least she had some tits. Kinda floppy but a D cup. Hmmm...

She did her best to make herself look a little closer to human. Rumaged around inside her big black purse for some make-up, a comb, whatever she could find.

She found some soft pink lipstick. Applied it gingerly to her thin lips. Tried to make them look poutier. The some eye make-up. Some blush. And put her hair up in a ponytail. A little better.

She got some of that pink, nasty powered soap stuff and rubbed at the stain on her shirt. It finally came out. Okay... a tiny bit better. It'll have to do.

She looked at herself in the mirror again. Eh...and walked back out into the main room of the bar.

She scanned the room for life. Hmmm....

It was rather bleak. 2 am on a Thursday night. In a 3 traffic light town in the middle of some god-forsaken place. In the diviest bar around.

And then she saw him. Across the room. Head down. Just staring at the table as he slowly drank his beer. A guy.

He had black shaggy hair, slumped shoulders and a lanky frame. She waited for him to look up. Then he did for a moment as he lit a cigarette.

His face was rough. Hadn't shaved in a while. But there was something... pleasant about his look. He was almost mildly attractive.

"He'll do." She thought. "Well if he will even look my way that is".

So she mustered up all the liquid courage she could get. And walked over to him.
"Hey, gotta light?" She tried to say in the sexiest way she could. It kinda came out in a mumble though.

He looked up at her.


"You gotta light?" She repeated. Now she could see his face a bit better. He had green eyes and some kind of strange tattoo on the left side of his neck. She couldn't quite make it out. Sort of a black blob of some sort. But he was sexy. In that sort of... he's the only decent guy in the place sort of a way. She hoped he wasn't some ex-con or something. She wanted to die.. but not in that kinda way. Not all gruesome and stuff.

"Yeah", he said finally. He held up his lighter.

"Got a cigarette too?"

"Uh yeah. I guess. If you like the cheap, non-filtered shit."

She strugged. "Sure. Whatever." And he gave her a cancer stick and lighted it for her almost like a gentleman.

"Thanks. Mind if I sit a second. Kinda bored just drinking alone." She smiled at him.

"Suit yourself."

She pulled out the chair next to him and it scraped on the floor. Kinda startled her a bit. And she sat.

"So. Let me just get to the point." She looked dead straight into his eyes.

"Go ahead."

"Well it's been a while. All I do is work. Nothing else. No fun, no excitement. I'm really, uh, needing some... uh, you know...."

"Heavy drugs?" He said with a wry smile.

"Uh.. well maybe that too, but no. Action. I need some action. Some low-down, dirty, cheap, hard action from a sexy guy like you. A man who will use me up and spit me out and make me scream like a banshee. I need to get laid. Desperately." Then she looked down. Embarassed. Nervous. This is crazy.

"Seriously? Are you shittin' me lady? You're not a bad looking broad but... really?"

"Uh no. Unless.. you are like... offended or...."

He laughed. The lines in his forhead softened a little. He touched her hand and repeated himself... "Are you serious?" His words make her melt a little.

"Yeah. I need a guy who can really bang me hard. I mean hard. One last time."


"Just fuck me. "

"Hmmm... what's your name, sister?"

"No names," she quickly blurted out. "No names. Doesn't matter. You got a place? Somewhere close?"

"Yeah. You got any diseases or anything?" He looked at her quizingly.

"Honey... I highly doubt it. It has been so long.. I'm almost a virgin again. Don't make me ask again... just lead the way to your place before I change my mind."

He just nodded got up from the table,and said "Alright. Let's go, firecracker."

Firecracker? She felt like one just then.

She followed him out of the bar and to his car in the deserted parking lot. As she walked, she dug into her purse and found the bottle of pills. Valium. Hopefully that will do it. The plan is... bang this guy... then leave his place, take the pills and just colapse somewhere. Not at this dude's place though. That wouldn't be very considerate. "Well, we'll see," she thought. "Depends on how good a lay he is." Heh heh... she laughed to herself a little.

Back to his place.

Small. Dark. Dank. Smelled of dirty socks, stale beer, even more stale cigarettes, and some kind of cheap air freshener. Kind of messy but not too hideous.

Sofa bed.

And then. He pulled her inside and pushed her up against the wall.

"Is kissing cool?"

"If you chew some gum first. Here." She gave him some minty gum from her purse and took some for herself as well. They unwrapped and chewed.

He blew his breath into her face. "Better?" Still smokey a bit but...

"It'll do, " she retorted.

And then they kissed. He kissed her hard and deeply. She was surprised.. but something tingled down below. Whoa. Their lips parted. And his eager tongue found hers. Smokey but sweet from the gum.

Damn. It had been so long since someone had kissed her like that. Made her feel sexy and desireable. Like... like a hot chick or something.

He kissed her neck. And said "Lift up" as he lifted her arms above her head and took off her shirt.

He looked at her chest. Her boobs that she thought were floppy and obtuse and he said, "Nice...." To her breats. He grabbed the left one and placed his mouth upon it.

Damn. More tingling. She felt her underwear get a bit moist.

He sucked that left tit like he was a baby trying to get that last drop of milk. Like a dying man... sucking on his last morsel of food.

Her mind was swimming. Going blank. All she could do was feel. Feel his mouth on her flesh. Hear him softly moan. Deeply suck. Feel his hands glide all over her body. "Just fucking ravish me" She thought. "Just do whatever you want".

Oh and he did. The pants came off next. He ripped off her underwear and carried her to the bed and dropped her on top of it.

He got on top of her and kissed and licked her from her neck... down to her tits...down to her stomach... (she sucked it in as hard as she could).. down to her... OH GOD... her thighs... and then....

Down to her awaiting... hungry.. lonely ... pussy. Her poor sad kitty that hadn't had a tongue in... years... and then....

He licked her clit and explored that pussy with his tongue.

OH MY GOD. She felt dizzy. The pleasure was so fucking intense... she could hardly handle it.

Deeper his tongue went. and then his fingers. Rubbing, probbing, going inside her wet, hot hole. "OH MY GOD!" That time she said it aloud. He was so good. So skilled....

Then more fingers. Wet, hot, tongue, lips fingers... everything fucking her pussy in and out... over and around.

She could hardly take it... and she CAME.. Holy crap did she ever cum. So hard. Wave after wave. Moaning loudly....

When she recovered after a minute or two. She said,"Take off your clothes," And he complied.

And then she saw his body. In the moonlight. In the drab, dusty, dumpy apartment. She saw his lean... inked up... sexy body. Tattoos on his chest... his arms.. and his back... so hot and sexy.... too many to describe. Tribals and faces and pin-ups and skulls... just hot...

And she pushed him down onto the bed. And looked at his naked form. And let her eyes travel down to his cock. An amazing cock. Long, thick and throbbing. Totally groomed with shaven balls.

"Whoa," she said. "What a yummy looking cock" And she sucked it and rubbed it and made that gorgeous cock come.

They 69'ed and licked and sucked each other for quite a while like that. And then when she thought she couldn't handle any more... he got up off the bed.

"I'll be right back." He said. And she saw him walk towards the bathroom.

"Going to get a condom" she thought. She got up and walked to the kitchen. Tip-toeing as quietly as she could. She openned up the refrigerator. Water. Perfect.

She got a glass out of the cupboard and poured the water into the glass.

It's time. She got her pills quickly out of her purse, took a hand full and popped them into her mouth. Drank the water. Gagging and drinking. Quickly swallowing as much as she could.

Then she hears footsteps coming up behind her. She drinks the last of the water and places the glass on the counter.

"You ready for more?" He grufly says.

"Yeah. Thirsty. Let's go." And they walk over to the bed.

And he starts to fuck her. Enter her. Pound her. Destroy her. It is so magical as she feels the Valium taking hold. So gooey and liquidy as he fucks her hard from behind. Harder and harder....

And her head spins.. and whirls....

Harder and harder.

With the last drop of honey. The last hot fuck. The only hot fuck. What a way to end it... being fucked to death... just end it...

And then.... her stomach feels queezy... and then....

"I don't feel so... hold on..."

She gets up from the bed and runs to the bathroom. To the toilet. Closes the door quickly. Just in time. And throws up. Again and again. Spilling her guts.

Ug. Nasty. She sits on the floor beside the toilet. Closes her eyes.

There's a knock on the bathroom door.

"Hey are you okay?"

"Yeah. I'm fine." She says with a smile. "Just fine. Be out in a bit."

--The End--

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