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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
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   The massage  

10/26/2010 07:15
Posted By:  - MADISON, WI  
Date Posted: 10/26/2010 07:15
   Looking at the clock, the time seemed to stand still.
It was now down to 15 minutes before her massage
therapist was due to arrive. Her back and neck had
been killing her and she truly was in need of this
service. Her life had been so hectic and stressful of
late with the normal life challenges. She had never
met Brandy before but heard she was quite talented.

She hadn't had a massage in ages and typically went to
a therapist at her health club or the local spa. She
was a bit nervous welcoming a stranger into her home
but her friend assured her that she needed not worry.
Brandy was one to put people at ease, oh so well.

Walking over to the stereo, she thumbed through some
easy listening cd's. She wasn't sure if the therapist
was bringing any and she remembered it always helped
her relax more with some calm music. As she pressed
her selection into the changer, the doorbell rang.
Taking a moment to compose herself, she looked into
the wall mirror to double check her appearance. Making
her way to the door, she felt a nervous excitement.

Opening the door, she was surprised to see that Brandy
was a very attractive redhead. She stood there for a
few moments too long, taking her in as Brandy had to
ask her if she could come in. Feeling herself blush,
Mary regained her composure and welcomed the attractive
redhead into her home.

Mary immediately offered Brandy a cup of tea or coffee
to which Brandy declined in favor of some water. Mary
couldn't help but stare again as Brandy was dresses in
a skirt with white tank top with a pair of sandals.
She noted how Brandy has bright red fingernails and
matching toenails. She always took time for herself to
make sure her grooming habits were immaculate and
appreciated Brandy's appearance.

Making small talk, the two seemed to click. Laughter
that seemed to flow as ease helped ease Mary's nervous
tension. Mary found herself asking tons of questions
about Brandy's background and they both found some
real interesting similarities.

Finally Brandy asked if she had the table setup
already, as she knew from their phone conversation
that Mary did own her own portable table. Walking
into the living room to inspect the table, Brandy
instructed Mary to get comfortable and remove her
clothes. Seeing Mary pause a second, Brandy removed a
thin sheet and handed it to her. Instructing her to
remove her clothes and to drape a sheet over herself,
Mary nervously smiled. "I'll use your bathroom while
you get yourself ready for me", Brandy mouthed.

Removing all her clothes, Mary couldn't help but gaze
upon herself. Feeling a bit surprised at herself, she
noticed her nipples had become a bit erect. She always
felt insecure about her large areolas and wondered if
sometime during the massage if Brandy would gaze upon

Moving onto the table, she felt a few goosebumps. Not
sure if it was from nervousness or what , since the
room was plenty warm being it a June summer day.
Covering herself up, she waited for Brandy to return.
Hearing her voice ask her if shes ready, startled
Mary. She thought Brandy still was in the bathroom.
Little did she know that Brandy couldn't help but
watch Mary undress from around the corner.

Brandy also had a pleasant surprise that day in
meeting Mary. Brandy had an appreciation for
attractive women and had on occasion dabbled in the
pleasures of another woman. Brandy found Mary to be
easy to talk to and her curvy body was of the type
that went straight to her head.

Mary heard her simple instructions to follow and found
herself nodding a simple affirmation. Feeling her feet
exposed, warm oils soon became massaged into her
soles. Feeling Brandys grasp, she knew immediately
what a skilled therapist she was. Feeling her pressure
points easily found she knew she was going to have to
thank her friend for this reference.

Moments later, her calves then her arms were next
target areas. Every so often Brandy took the time to
ask Mary questions about her workout habits, family
and lifestyle. Mary realized early on that her nervous
tension was gone. She truly was fascinated by her
therapist and so at ease so early on. Feeling the
towel being lowered to expose more of her back, more
oils soon followed. Slowly Brandy worked the tension
out of Marys neck travelling slowly down to her
shoulder blades. Working just below the blades Brandy
noticed Mary slightly twitch then mutter a quiet gasp.
Smiling immediately, she knew she found a SPOT. Taking
more time in this area she noticed some goosebumps
form. Feeling a tad devilish she continued with this
area to see Mary's reaction. Finally Mary pulled her
shoulders up towards her neck and said "that feels
ticklish". Smirking broadly, Brandy knew it wasn't
from being ticklish that Mary reacted the way she did.

Mary, feeling this surprise pleasure, couldn't help
but wonder how long she could handle this attention
without letting out a moan. This was one of the spots
that literally drove her nuts when her husband
caressed her there. Being on the table also heightened
her other senses. She noticed the unique fragrance
that Brandy was wearing. It seemed to be light and yet
it seemed to appeal to her sense of smell. She noted
that she was gonad have to ask what it was called.

All at once she felt the sheet being removed from
herself. "Hope this is ok," Brandy chimed in at once.
Mary not sure how to respond and still a bit surprised
by her sudden nudeness could only mutter a low "yes".
Brandy began to work circles along her middle back
closer and closer to her curvy yet womanly bottom.
Mary thoroughly enjoying the massage so far forgot for
the moment her stresses. She could feel a more at ease
movement of her muscles and was amazed at the comfort
she was receiving.

Brandy all the while was finding it hard to focus on
the professionalism of the massage. She couldn't help
but admire Mary's body. She found herself wondering
what was in store for her on the other side. Moving
her head down closer to Mary's body, she also couldn't
help but catch how fresh she smelled. She thought to
herself that Mary must have showered now long before
she arrived.

Eventually the time came where Brandy began to knead
Mary's buttocks. She loved the fullness of the ass
that she was blessed to be touching at that moment.
Again doing her best to focus at the task at hand, she
found it challenging. Surprising herself , Brandy
found herself commenting to Mary "you must get
complimented a lot on your butt". Mary of hearing this
giggled a nervous laugh. Not being use to such
compliments caused Mary to blush once again. Mary
then felt the strong hands working her glutes even
harder. Noticing her legs were being spread just a tad
wider , gave her pause. She immediately realized that
Brandy would be able to see her pussy. Almost as fast
did she realize that she was moistening down there.
Confusion and numerous thoughts began to creep into
Mary's head. Brandy, never one to miss a beat, noticed
Mary's condition.

Sliding her fingers down along the crack, she moved
closer and closer to Marys bud. Feeling a tad wicked,
she decided to test the waters just a bit. Staying as
professional as possible yet a bit more of a tease
that she should be, she pressed on.

Mary feeling so heavenly and relaxed wondered what was
coming next. She wondered if this was normal for
Brandy's massage and if Brandy was intentionally doing
this. A part of Mary felt a bit uneasy and yet it felt
so good she wanted more. Mary never had been with a
woman before sexually but yet had a few innocent
moments as a youth. Kissing, light touching and some
minor experimenting with a close friend was as far as
she had come in her life to being with a woman.

Just as Brandy's fingers trailed as close to Mary's
netherlips as she could without touching them, she
stopped. Instructing Mary to roll over, she could
sense Mary's frustration in the request.

Mary slowly turned over onto her back. Realizing that
the rest of her was being viewed, gave her a brief
insecure moment. Seeing Brandy with the sheet in hand,
it was soon draped upon herself. Looking down, she
realized the sheet produced a sight. Her nipples had
become very erect and were pressing against the sheet.
Mary having long nipples and large areolas was making
quite the imprint. Looking back up, she saw that
Brandy was watching where she was looking. Again, she
felt her face flush. "It's ok dear", Brandy piped in.
"I wish i had as responsive of nipples as you do",
soon followed. They both laughed for a moment. Both
women could sense a bit of tension in the air.

"Any particular place I should work on before I
start", Brandy asked. Mary could only produce a "just
keep doing what your doing" response. Brandy wickedly
grinning at how she phrased her own question.
Beginning at the feet once more...she slowly worked
her hands further up the legs. Feeling the firmness,
she asked how often Mary worked out. Stopping for a
moment, Brandy realized what was missing. Walking over
to her bag she came back holding onto something.
Asking Mary if she was ok if she blindfolded her to
keep the sunlight out of her eyes, Mary was surprised
by the request. Further explaining how it would
heighten the massage, Brandy told her it was normally
done to most of her clients. Taking a moment, Mary
agreed by saying "you better not tie me up though".
The both laughed a hearty laugh at that comment.
Little did Mary know that Brandy actually did have a
soft fuzzy set of restraints that could be used for
such an occasion...Placing the blindfold upon her,
Mary could no longer see a thing.

Brandy resumed by alternating techniques, trying
different approaches to see what Mary best liked.
Hearing soft whimpers she continued. Mary felt her
legs being pulled and at times slightly spread. She
felt the sheet being exposed higher and higher. Boy,
she was glad she had showered and was freshly shaved.
She wondered how much of herself was being seen.

She felt so good and loved having the talented hands
on her. Being blindfolded seemed to heighten the
sensations all the more. The sensual woman in her was
savoring every moment and touch. A side of her though
was insecure and unsure what was coming next and how
she should react.

Feeling the hands traveling their path up her calves,
she wondered again how close they were going to
approach her charms. She knew what was going to have
to be done after this massage was over. The new toy
she purchased the other day might have to be put to
good use. Feeling the heat of Brandy's hands moving
along her skin, she was a bit startled when
fingernails began to trail along. This new sensation
went right to her head. An uncontrollable shiver soon
resulted causing her to twitch. Brandy seeing this,
continued the tease. Brandy now was convinced that
this sexy lady was enjoying this as much as she was.
She was ready to test the waters a bit more. Lightly
flicking her nails up along a path closer and closer
to Mary's V, she focused on the facial expressions
that she was producing out of Mary. Mary seemed like
she was stifling a moan. Brandy knew all too well the

Surprising herself once more, Mary realized her body
was reacting. She felt her legs being spread wider
than they should be and wondered how long that had
happened. She wondered is Brandy knew how excited she
had been becoming from the massage. Was this a normal
thing for women to react this way?, she thought to
herself. Boy will the toy come in handy she once again

Brandy knew the time was right to press on as she
spoke, "Do you do that yourself?" Mary not knowing
what she meant uttered a "huh". "Oh sorry, I mean do u
shave yourself or do you get waxed?", Brandy replied.
Mary semi shocked to hear the question, realized her
pussy was being viewed. "I shave myself all the time",
she found herself uttering.

Brandy replied "how do you get it so you don't miss
many stray hairs, I can never get it looking that
smooth by myself. Sometime you need to show me how you
manage". Almost surprising herself in that comment,
she was glad that Mary was blindfolded.

Mary feeling herself twitch with the comment, didn't
know what to say. She wasn't use to someone talking so
openly with her. Finally mustering up some words she
replied "it's really not that tough".

Knowing the moment was right, Brandy slowly pulled the
sheet off of Mary. Slowly sliding the sheet over
Mary's erect, stimulated nipples causing another gasp.
Mary by now knowing this was intentional yet she loved
the sensation. Almost as fast, Brandy dropped lower to
extend her tongue to flick the nipples presented in
front of her. Startling Mary, she saw her twitch.
Stopping as fast, she moved her hands upon Mary's
chest and gently squeezed the orbs. "This is a part of
the massage many women love, is this ok?", she asked

Mary loving the way this felt didn't have the heart to
tell her to stop. She knew this wasn't normal yet
couldn't help but think back to the time at band camp
with her close friend. "Just do whatever you need to
to help me relax and feel good", Mary found herself
telling Brandy.

Brandy hearing this , increased her enthusiasm.
Extending her tongue, she slide it from her nipples
down a path lower towards her waist. Reaching her
belly button she circled it. All the while her free
hands began to move up to Mary's breasts to continue
where her lips left off. Slowly she flicked and gently
kissed her way even lower to she was close. Taking a
moment to gaze upon the pleasure center, she realized
she lost focus. Immediately she stepped up to Mary's
mouth and met her lips. The KISS began, lingering for
a minute or two, eventually her tongue extended to
french her new friend. Once again using her free hand,
she trailed it to the spot where her mouth left off.
Touching the smoothness for the first time she felt
the heat. Soon enough she felt the moisture. Knowing
that she was the cause of this, encouraged her even
more. She was ever more determined to send this new
friend on an orgasmic journey unlike she'd ever had

Mary deciding it was time to play some herself, began
to explore with her hands as well. Not being able to
see, all her senses were heightened. Feeling up under
Brandy's skirt, she soon found her not wearing
panties. Sliding her fingers higher, she found that
Brandy was also smooth which made her smirk. She had
been duped before.

Mary soon felt a finger sliding ever so slowly into
her delicate quim. She knew it wouldn't be long before
she came. She couldn't hold back, she was way too
turned on from this new experience. Feeling Brandy
sucking on her nipples, while her pussy was beginning
to be fingered sent jolts through her body. Brandy knew
just how to curve her slender fingers and easily she
found the SPOT. Like a rocket Mary blasting off,
Almost falling off the table due to the intensity,
mary came hard. Continuing the assault, Brandy carried
on until Mary couldn't stand any more. Finally she was
allowed to come down from the big O. Reaching up to
remove the blindfold, it took a moment for Mary to
adjust to the light. Once their eyes met, They couldn't
help but laugh at each other.

Finally Brandy spoke, "My turn?"

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