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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
 Originator Date Posted 
   Silvia (a little nerdy humor)  

11/6/2010 16:17
Date Posted: 11/6/2010 16:17
   I've known you for nearly six years.

The very thought of you each morning splashes a smile across my face.

Sadly I've neglected you. I rarely think about you when I close my eyes at night. There's no chance of my wanting to sleep with you. I haven't bought you a gift in months, and I've never taken you out to dinner. Yet you're still there to soothe and warm my soul. My dirty little secret.

Yes, though I love you, you don't stand a chance against the other girls.

It's worse than that, though. I do tease you terribly.

Every morning, I see my reflection in your face and smile warmly. Though it's taken some time, I've learned how to push your buttons and get you hot and bothered. You always did seem to work best under pressure.

You're tied to the wall. I caress your face, your body. 10 seconds later I'm whoring you out to my friends. They can't touch you like I can. Yet you dutifully try your best.

After my shower you're lying in wait, waiting for my fingers to explore you. Fifteen-hundred times later you'd think this would get old. But you never grow old. You'll be the same in 10 years. Lying in wait for the love that I'll never really give you.

Yeah, I put you through the grinder. All you get in return is beans.

I turn you on. Turn you off. And leave you in the darkness for another day.

And yet you can never comprehend just what you do to me. You make my heart race.

Yes, when you're lying there, hot, wet, and awfully dirty, I touch you for a second. You consistently react with a shudder and spill your elixir everywhere. A few seconds later I leave the room. Yet your scent travels with me.

I breathe deeply and inhale your aroma. I lick my lips and taste the product of your arousal. Most of my friends don't understand what I see in you. But your honey tastes like chocolate to my lips and lingers on my breath for an hour. I'm not ashamed anymore. I'll never be ashamed about you again.

And though you'll never be the only one, and I know that one day we will part, I can't imagine living a day without you.

My beloved espresso machine.

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