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   Scavenger hunt  

11/6/2010 19:05
Posted By:  - MADISON, WI  
Date Posted: 11/6/2010 19:05
   The weeks of planning had lead up to this day, this moment in time. This crisp fall day had me in my element. The sun beating down radiantly had me smiling at what was to come. Looking at my watch, I knew it was just a matter of time before the fun would begin. The invitations had been sent out with a little help from a friend. The elaborate packages that had arrived days ago at each destination were immaculant and well thought out. I was very proud of her works. The small box decorated and filled with everything they would need for this day. In each box was a GPS unit, an engraved pen, a small pad of paper, and a note tailored to each recipient that was sealed in an envelope in the box. From the texts and emails I had received from each invitee, the reactions were exactly as I hoped. A little confusion, some nervousness and yet a level of excitement as each knew that there would be in for another one of my well planned surprises.

I took one last look at my note sheet before making one last text before the fun began. Yes, the weather turned out perfect for this. Typing a message on my phone and in a minute it was sent to all three of my scavenger hunt friends. The text was simple, "let the fun begin, you may now open your note." Waiting for the follow up texts from them, they all replied within five minutes. One replied, " I'm so excited." Another said "you have me nervous." Last one I received said "sir has kitten wet with anticipation." With a wide smile, I began my part of this hunt.

I guessed it would be an hour or so before the replies would be coming back in. With each participant living in a different direction made this all the more challenging. Each note contained a set of instructions that had them first figuring out their gps unit, then heading to their first destination at the coordinates listed on their note. I hoped each would make this first step in their allotted time or did I? You see, on the note they read, it also said that each step would have an hour time limit.If they didn't respond to me via text that they successfully completed their next step there would be a punishment phase at the end if either I had to assist them or if they failed on their time allotment. Oh what determined hunters I'm sure I will have.

The first text I received was 40 minutes from the start and I was surprised that it was from Maggie. I guessed she would have had the most trouble with her first phase and maybe I underestimated her interest in this game. Her text said "done and a bit cold from that." Each of them had to find the location and take off their panties and place them in the box I had left there. Each of them found their box located at a city park where they lived, in an isolated area with their box slightly buried and covered with sticks. Five minutes later Kris found hers as I received her text saying "naughty sir, I'm onto the next search." At the 55 minute mark Jackie texted me saying "just in time sir, what would the punishment have been?" As with the others, I simply replied "you done well, be waiting for your next completion."

Their next coordinates took them to a bar about 30 minutes away in the direction leading closer to the final destination which would be ME. They were to walk up to the bartender on duty with their note found in their last box and hand it to them. The bartenders all then were to hand them a new note with a task.

This time all three texts came in about the same time. The first one from Kris said, "how naughty sir." The second was from Jackie and it said "I wonder what's next." Lastly, Maggie chimed in "I'm even colder now." Each of them read on their notes to go to the bar bathroom and take off their bras and leave them in the stall." Oh, I wonder how they felt walking out of that bathroom. Would they think the bartenders knew their task? That's half the fun of this I chuckled. Soon, I saw a new text from one of my assistants, she asked if everything was on schedule and I replied that it was.

Each of them this time had a note with coordinates that would lead them closer to their end location. Maggie would be driving about 45 minutes to a gas station off the highway. Kris would be driving about 45 minutes down the interstate to a rest stop area. Jackie would be driving to a location only 15 minutes away but it would take longer to get there. She would have to be more patient as she would have to ride a ferry across the big river to get to the other side. Maggie was the first to text as she found her next box in the hollowed out log. Jackie chimed in at the 50 minute mark saying that she found her box taped under the picnic table at the park next to the river. At the 55 minute mark Kris texted me saying "I can't find mine sir what am I to do?" Sending her a reply at once I texted "you still have 5 minutes you will get help in 6 if need b."

Six minutes later I found myself sending the text. "Call me and i'll give you help." Soon, the phone rang and I could tell from her voice that Kris was nervous and frustrated. "Your punishment will come later, your box is in a large tree and it should be easy to find since there is only one near where your at. I stayed on the phone with her until she started laughing. I knew she would like where I left it. Hanging up on here I knew it was time to start my own drive to the final destination. I called my assistant and made sure she would be there at the discussed time. She also was nervous and excited as to what lay ahead. Off to the car i went and i wondered what was going through their minds as each was on their scavenger hunt.

On their initial note there was a few rules discussed as well. Each was instructed to not send any texts not important to the game. No phone calls during the game were allowed as well. With the cool fall weather, each no doubt would need to dress for comfort and not to impress on their hunt.

I found myself arriving just as the first text came in from Kris. Kris' box was placed right along the interstate next to a sign for McDonald's. I knew she would find it easily as she had to get on the road again as she had the farthest to travel. I couldn't have her too late. Her next note would send her another 45 or 50 minutes closer and so near the end. At the 58 minute mark Jackie announced she found her note by saying "this was the hardest and i almost didn't make it, whew." I replied with a simple "Good girl." Lastly at one minute over the hour limit I found myself texting Maggie, "call me for help." A couple minutes passed before she called. "I give up,where is it", she announced. "You will continue to look until you find it, each minute longer it takes you , you will get a spanking." "Are you serious," she replied. I answered "your clue is think red." With that I hung up and waited for her text. It was nine minutes later before the phone chimed. It read "You little devil." Her box was found taped to the back of a stop sign. In a way I was glad that she at least was going to get nine. I knew she didn't like spankings but would accept them none the less. I sort of wished it would have taken her another 10 or 15 minutes.

The last note in everyone's box took them to oh so close to the end. Each would find themselves at a bar in the resort town. With each arrival the bartender would hand them a note as they arrived. The bartender previously was given a picture of each of these lovely ladies. I wondered who would be first Jackie or Maggie. I would soon find out as I got a call from the limo driver saying the fiery redhead was in the back and looking nervous. With that I made the call. Congratulations I told her. Being the first to arrive there, she would also be the first to be rewarded. I told her I would see her real soon. I knew there would be many thoughts going through her head at the unexpected limo ride. At about the same time my assistant arrived. We knew we would need to speed up our efforts to make sure everything was laid out as planned.

A text soon followed from the bartender. Jackie was there. As discussed earlier, he knew to give her a drink and tell her her ride would be arriving in about a half an hour. Oh how I love how a plan comes together. A couple minutes later I heard the limo pulling up the gravel road to this isolated warehouse of sorts. Moving to the front door, I turned to remind my helper to stay out of sight until I came and got her. Watching as Maggie stepped out of the limo, I smiled as she moved towards me. The look on her face as priceless. I knew she was enjoying this fun game. Opening the door, I ushered her inside out of the cool air. As she looked around it was only a moment before she asked "what is this and what next?" I moved to kiss her and after a brief yet sensual kiss I spoke "You will enjoy, follow me," i uttered. Grasping her hand I lead her down the hall to the central room. I think it became clear to her where she was. Helping her to her seat around the table I first removed her coat. "Your waitress will be here i a minute to take your drink order." With that I walked to my assistant to send the next phase in the game into motion.

I knew it would be only a few minutes before the limo would be picking up Jackie. Just enough time to make some more preparations. In my mind I made a couple last calculations as to when Kris would arrive at the bar. I hoped she wouldn't be early. I needed Jackie out of there first. A couple minutes later my phone rang, the bartender told me Kris was there now as well. Oh well, neither of them knew the other or perhaps would suspect much or at least in theory. I told the bartender that the limo would be there soon. About ten minutes later the limo driver was calling. Jackie was in the backseat. I told him thanks again.Hanging up on the phone , i soon was dialing Jackie's number. With her voice soon on the end of the line, I told her to enjoy the ride and that I would be seeing her real soon. "Where am I going ," she asked. Pausing a moment before answering I said "soon you will be arriving at a secret place. Remember the password is Butt sex. With that I hung up. With that I couldn't help but break out in laughter. I knew exactly the look on her face at that moment and I bet she really had her mind working now. I walked back to find Tammy serving Maggie's drink. "Please take your drink and go change into this," I said as I handed her a bag that contained what I had chosen for her this evening. I hoped it would fit her properly. Her eyes looking into mine I saw a mixture of emotions. " Tammy will show you to the changing room. With a wide grin, I turned and walked to the kitchen. I knew it would be another half hour or so before Kris would arrive and I decided I needed a drink as well.

Oh what fun was to come.

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