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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
 Originator Date Posted 
   Erotic rhythmic, rhyming poetry that tells a story. Written by yours truly  

11/16/2010 17:46
Posted By:  - CITRUS HEIGHTS, CA  
Date Posted: 11/16/2010 17:46
   ************************* A NIGHT TO REMEMBER ***********************

What a great guy, this mighty Chuck.
To make love to him is just her luck.

He turns her on like none before,
thus, she can't help but try to score.

He's sweet and sexy, this she knows,
gazing at him, her passion grows.

He swaggers and struts as he begins to walk,
he's ever so cool, and hard as a rock.

She fingers herself and goes insane,
she's wet and ready to ride his great Dane.

With condoms in hand for their protection,
she surrenders herself upon perfection.

She strolls on up and begins to gawk,
then reaches down and grabs his cock.

He can't wait to take the bait,
to enter through love's inner gate.

With pretty eyes and a body to match,
he's on his way to explore her snatch.

He slithers on down and spreads her wings,
he's always enjoyed life's finer things.

He parts her lips to begin his meal,
a night of passion is for her to steal.

She moans and groans in utter delight,
as he teases and pleases throughout the night.

Without a doubt, this woman's in heat,
she loves to feel him eat her sweets.

She comes again and now she's tired,
but yet she knows that he's still wired.

She opens her eyes and begins to drool,
for now she sees his enormous tool.

He feels the bulk of his erection,
and guides her hand in the right direction.

She's come a plenty, she's had her share,
to do him now would only be fair.

She firmly takes hold around the base,
as she slaps its head across her face.

Cupping his balls with her other hand,
nothing else could feel so grand.

She takes him long, she takes him deep,
a drop of pre-come begins to seep.

She strokes his shaft for all it's worth,
he sighs and cries like he's giving birth.

She goes to work on his aching balls,
and echo's of pleasure resound from the walls.

With precision strokes and intricate skill,
he wiggles and squirms, but can't sit still.

The head is swollen, he's ready to blow,
and yest his cock still seems to grow.

She pulls back to admire his size,
her desire for him, she cannot diguise.

Her hands are numb, she's growing weak,
and yet his rod is at its peak.

She kneels on the floor and turns backside,
then begs her young stud to give her a ride.

He mounts from rear but proceeds with care,
to be so big is indeed quite rare.

He strokes away with grace and style,
he needs to see her beautiful smile.

He rides her high, he rides her tight,
this indeed could take all night.

He turns once again to change position,
with making love, his ultimate mission.

The night is gone, it's getting late,
but he'll keep going to please his mate.

For these two lovers, a night to remember.
Steamy and hot in late December.

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