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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
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   Massage for 3  

11/18/2010 12:30
Posted By:  - MADISON, WI  
Date Posted: 11/18/2010 12:30
   Waiting in my car for Kathy to arrive, I checked my phone upon hearing the chime. She was going to be here soon. With that I texted Jackie to let her know we would be there in ten minutes. Jackie had been a naughty friend of mine for a few months and just a limited episode with a lady. Being a newbie to the lifestyle, I had been trying to help expose her to new adventures and today would be one of them. Her nervousness was a worry of mine and yet I knew I would do everything in my power to make her relax with time. In my mind I was pretty sure how today would play out yet half the fun was improvising on the go.

A couple minutes passed and Kathy pulled up next to my vehicle. Looking at her, I couldn't help but smile. I knew she would be nervous as well but not to the level of Jackie. Opening the door a moment later, I found myself checking out her look. Her stocking covered legs and business attire were a favorite of mine. Oh, how professional she was looking yet I knew in a matter of minutes she would be out of those clothes and onto a new adventure.

The drive was short and we soon found ourselves walking up the stairs to Jackie's. Ringing the bell soon brought her to the door to let us in. She was dressed exactly as I hoped. The nervousness was evident. She was as hot as always and I enjoyed taking in the moment, being around two lovelies as them. I indicated for both to move to the living room to make ourselves comfy. Both were silent at first. I took it upon myself to bring up mutual interests that might lead both to relax even a bit. Telling my massage story seemed to break the ice and by watching their reactions I knew it was time to proceed.

I told Kathy to undress to her comfort and when done get under the thin sheet that was upon the massage table. I looked at Jackie and said, "let's go to the bedroom for a bit." A few steps later found us there, and i turned to shut the door. As it was almost closed, I caught a glimpse of Kathy undressing. As much as I wanted to watch, I knew there was greater things at hand. Moving to Jackie, I bent down to kiss the lovely one. Her being all of 5'2 made me bend down to seek out her sensual lips. Turning her around after a minute. I began to rub her neck. The tightness of it, I knew was a result of the tension and nervousness of this new adventure. Talking softly, I kept assuring her everything will be fine. I looked at her and in the tone she was oh so familiar with said "you won't be made to do anything you aren't comfy with." I ended telling her she can just watch and if ever comfy, she could help with the massage.

Looking into her eyes, I gently pressed her back toward the bed. Positioning her on her back, it wasn't long before my hands were pushing her Aerobics pants down. Reaching between her legs with my hand, I found her pussy dry. This was the opposite of what was the norm for her. She always was so responsive and damp with what we had done. I paused for a second to digest this. I knew I would need to work even harder to make her unwind. Teasing her nipples as I kissed her lips once again, a moment later I moved my my hand between her legs. This time she was accepting of my finger. Teasing around her clit, i felt her relax some and she began to enjoy the sensations. A few minutes of getting her worked up, she looked up at me and said "you shouldn't keep the lady waiting." As much as I didn't want to stop, I knew Jackie was right. Pulling away from Jackie, I helped her get herself together. With pants back in place, we turned to walk to the living room. Seeing Kathy draped by the thin sheet. I wasn't surprised that she was completely undressed. I knew from recent chats that she wanted to get a massage from us both. I knew though from how today was unfolding , that it was best if i started the massage and allow Jackie to watch and perhaps learn the art of erotic massage.

Looking at Jackie, I helped her to the couch. She never looked so nervous. Once more I bent down and kissed her sweet lips. "Relax, you will be fine," I told her. With that I handed her the massage oil and said "you can be the oil girl." Holding my hands out to Jackie, she soon squirted some warm oil upon them. Moving to the head of the table, I began my massaging Kathy's shoulders and neck. I asked her how long it had been since she had a massage. She indicated a couple months. She didn't seem tense and I wasn't finding any knots or places that seemed to be off. Trying to be as professional to start I forced myself to slow down, even as eager as I was to touch her elsewhere. Time and again, Jackie helped me by adding oil to my hands. In time I moved to the foot of the table. Working on Kathy's feet and legs, I admired them. Both these women were athletic and runners. Both beauties but with totally different looks. Kathy being tall, blonde and leggy. Jackie being short, darker tones with small yet lovely breasts and a sneaky hot ass.

Finding myself teasing along her inner thighs, I found myself teasing ever closer as I worked my oily hands higher. Seeing how Kathy's body reacted, I looked up at Jackie to see if she was taking all this in. I hope she was seeing the reactions. There was so much going on in Jackie's head and half the fun of the moment was all the emotions and reactions by both of these lovelies. Looking into Jackie's eyes I mouthed silently to her "you look hot." Turning back to Kathy, this time i pushed the thin maroon sheet higher, exposing her ass. I knew from the angle that Jackie wouldn't be able to see Kathy's pussy, but It was evident to me from where I stood. The massage was about to take a turn from professional to erotic.

Moving my large warm hands upon her nice globes. I began to work them, up and down, and back and forth I was watching each of the women for reactions. I knew Jackie was seeing a side of massage that was new to her, as she was ever the professional. Seeing how wet and creamy Kathy was becoming, I knew she was becoming me to please her there. Sliding my fingers so close, every pass I made it closer and closer yet still not THERE. Hearing her gentle moans, and seeing how her body slightly shifted, I knew I was getting the desired effect. Finally, I relented and passed a couple of my fingers between her soaked lips. Looking back now, I regret not moving them immediately to my mouth and have Jackie watch me taste her sweetness. Backing off once again for a moment, I pushed the sheet back upon her. Moving higher once more, I worked on her upper back. I knew she was surprised I stopped, yet she had to have known I was a tease.

From time to time I looked at Jackie, trying to gage her reactions and read her mind. She seemed to be a tiny bit more relaxed from the way she was taking it all in. I knew it was time to have Kathy roll over. I asked if if she was ready. She soon turned onto her back. I hoped Jackie would gaze upon Kathy's naked body as she was repositioned. Covering her up, I went to Jackie for more oil. Continuing once more with Kathy's neck, I decided to start pushing things along. Moving to the foot of the table, the thin sheet was pushed higher up her legs. Working my magic on her soles of her feet, in time I moved higher. With more oils, my hands pushed the sheet higher, exposing Kathy's pussy to me. I knew Jackie soon would be seeing more as well. Teasing a path higher, my hands gently moved her legs wider. I truly enjoyed the sight before me. The landing strip was a nice touch and it was very evident that she was turned on. Sliding higher, the sounds of arousal filled the air. Slowly I inserted my large middle finger into Kathy's tight pussy. Curling it up and back, I soon found my target. Pushing it faster and faster into the tightness, I knew from the groans I was getting exactly what I wanted to accomplish. Looking up at Jackie, it was clear that she was becoming more into the moment as well. Mouthing to her her favorite word "hitachi" I moved to the outlet and plugged it in. Her face gave her away. She knew what Kathy was in for as she had become oh so much a favorite of this pleasure. Pushing the nob against Kathy's mons, I turned the toy on. Instantly, it was like a lightning bolt hit her. It wasn't much more than 10 seconds before Kathy was announcing "too much." With a wide grin, I stopped the humming of the wand.

Moving away from the table, I moved towards Jackie. Removing my clothes , I looked at her and said ""suck it." Soon, her talented mouth found its destination and she was doing what I needed from her. It wasn't long before I was ready. Unrolling a condom on to my shaft, I moved rapidly to the foot of the table. Grasping Kathy's legs, I pulled her gently closer to me. Aiming my swollen cock at her entrance, I pushed into her. Bottoming out after a couple thrusts, we soon found a rhythm. Pounding myself into her, her hands reach up to tweak my ever sensitive nipples. She did remember, I thought to myself. Instantly I became rock hard. Looking up once more to Jackie, I whispered to her "touch yourself.". Watching as her hands moved to the inside of her aerobics pants, sent a shot to my cock. Both now were exactly where I needed them to be. A couple more minutes of hard driving sex, I knew it was time for Jackie. Looking down at Kathy, I told her it was Jackie's turn. She understood. Seeing some hesitancy out of Jackie, I told her once more it's her time. Helping her off with the rest of her clothes, I paused a moment to admire the sight before me. Moving her to the table, she soon was positioned on her back. Pulling her just a bit closer, her pussy was right where i wanted it. Sliding myself against her now wet slot, I pushed in with little resistance. I couldn't help but smile at how things were unfolding. Pounding her hard, I enjoyed looking up at Kathy. I knew this was her first time watching a couple fucking. The look on her face became engrained. I knew exactly what this was doing to her and for her. Hearing Jackie's groans drove me even harder.

Kathy's eyes then met mine. Quietly, she asked if she could help. Moving to Jackie, she began to explore her body as I was pushing myself steadily into her. The site was priceless, two beauties slowly relaxing and becoming more comfortable around another woman. A couple minutes later, Kathy moved behind us. I began to feel her touching my scrotum and swollen balls from the rear. I wondered if Jackie was getting some sensations from Kathy's hands. It was so hard not to cum with what was happening at that moment but I knew that it wasn't time yet, we had much more to accomplish.

Kathy moved from behind us to the table, hopping upon it, she made sure Jackie was ok with this. A nod of the head and things became even hotter. Their lips met for the first time. I was surprised how Jackie was really getting into the moment. A mere 45 minutes before she was nervous, unsure and almost panicky and now this?? Oh how I loved what was in front of my eyes. Two of my friends, introduced to each other by me, becoming so into the moment. Seeing their mouths explore each other. Breasts, necks, lips and other intimate places were gently and tenderly explored. Reluctantly, I pulled out of Jackie. Grabbing the hitachi, I knew Kathy would soon see something that would make her really think. Positioning Jackie again, i soon moved her favorite toy to her lips. Touching the switch, a mear moment and the room was filled with her moans echoing. I loved seeing her athletic body push itself off the table in orgasmic bliss. I wondered how she never hurt her back in the positions that this toy forced her to. It wasn't long, perhaps a half minute before she had enough. It never takes long to drive here to orgasm and a point where she can't take more. I could tell Kathy was amazed and curious. Soon, Kathy was eager to have a second go with this new found pleasure. I was shocked once again when Jackie volunteered to use it on Kathy. Stepping back, I watched i amazement as Jackie waved her magic wand, she knew exactly how to tease and please Kathy without making it too sensitive to her. Wow, what a fun twist and surprise. A minute later the sound of the toy ended as it was turned off once again. Looking at both I said "to the couch." As she got there, I helped then sit and face me. "I'm going to cum on your breasts," I told them. By their reactions, I knew this is what they hoped for. Each took turns teasing me, stroking me and playing with my sensitive nipples. I was almost too sensitive and my mind really was needing to concentrate for the release. Stroking myself as I watched them tease each other, I debated between holding back and cumming. I knew I was time and soon I found myself moving closer to the two. I began to scream as it felt oh so good. I first aimed at Jackie and i felt the first volley erupt. Not to forget Kathy, I adjusted my aim and send a few shots her direction as well. Finally I was spent, but trying not to collapse upon them. With my heart beating fast as ever, I took a deep breath before speaking. "I'll be right back." As i turned to walk to get a wash cloth to wipe them up, I couldn't help but crack a wide grin, one that they wouldn't witness. Oh, how I loved being me.

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