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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
 Originator Date Posted 
   Precious' First  

11/20/2010 17:12
Posted By:  - MADISON, WI  
Date Posted: 11/20/2010 17:12
   Hearing you pulling down the long driveway, I instantly check my watch for the time. I snicker as I see that you're 5 minutes late. I continue rocking as I sit on the screened-in porch of this secluded cabin. I thoroughly am enjoying myself as it has been a number of years since I have been to this semi-isolated haven. A small cloud of dust begins to flutter my way as your car comes to a halt a few yards from where I'm sitting. You instantly check yourself out in the rear view mirror, and moments later open your door. After closing it, you realize I'm sitting on the porch watching you. A faint blush appears. I watch your every movement as you come towards me. You are wearing exactly what I requested of you. I notice instantly how your steps are tentative as I'm pretty sure you don't wear shoes like that very often. I feel like smiling but I decide that staying in character is best for the moment.

As you get nearer, I stand to embrace you. I look down at you and reach for your hands. "I am so glad you found the place. You do realize you are five minutes late and what that means, precious?"

Looking up at me you respond as precious, "yes sir." I ask if you have your envelope and watch as you reach into your purse. Handing it to me, I tuck it into my back pants' pocket, as I'll read through it in due time.

Turning away from you, I move to the rocker and sit down. As I turn back to you, I ask in a firm tone "You were late so come get over my knees." You seem surprised, I wonder if you figured you would have some time to settle in before we began your training.

As you take the steps towards me, you pause at my feet and ask "how do you want me?"

Looking up at you I respond, "head down, ass up." You begin to put yourself across my lap. You seem unsure and it's obvious this is something new for you. A few shifts of weight and some help on my part, and you are positioned the way I want you. I push your short skirt up over your ass. I take a moment to enjoy your black lace panties and black thigh highs. I decide to make you wait a moment, and gently rub your ass. The first spank catches you by surprise as you cry out in response. "You were five minutes late so you get five spankings, precious. You will count each one out for sir," I instruct. Four more even spaced swats upon your womanly ass, I place, with each one being counted out.

When your punishment is finished, you move to get up but I press back down upon your lower back. "Not yet precious," I utter. I decide to enjoy the site before me. Reaching over to the end table I grab the digital camera and snap a couple pics.

I ask you to get up. I also stand and reach reach into my front pocket to retrieve a small folded piece of paper and say, "Sit in this chair and read this and when you're done, come into the living room and find me." With that I turn and walk away, opening the front door to leave you for a few moments. I immediately move to a vantage point in the kitchen where I can watch you as you read. You appear to be carefully reading the words. I know exactly when you get to rule #8, as your mouth becomes agape and no doubt you feel a bit surprised that even I penned such a task.

I know exactly when you're done, as you move to the cardboard box that I left on the porch. I watch as you open it. The first thing you pull out is the collar. You appear to be carefully inspecting it. I note that you appear to be pleased with the design. I hoped it would be fitting of your personality. The hours I took making that I know were worth it by your reaction and smile. You place it upon your neck and pause as you seem to be taking in the moment and symbolism of the action.

Next, I watch as you find the nipple clamps. I wonder if you will put them on with the rubber tips or uncovered with alligator clamps holding tight against your nipples. Even I am not sure what your choice will be. Knowing you as long as I have, this is something that I patiently, and eagerly, await the result. A few seconds later and I watch as you push your top up. I take note that you were a good girl and listened , as you aren't wearing a bra to cover your generous breasts. I wonder how many truckers and people on your drive had the pleasure of seeing those erect nipples pressed against your top. A minute later and the clamps are attached to your nipples and you readjust your top back in place. Bending down once more, I wonder what you will grab out of the box next. You appear to be thumbing through some of the contents. "Ah, yes", I find myself softly speaking out loud. I grin wide as I watch as I see the anal bead stick being briefly studied by you. You put the stick into your purse and reach once more back into the box.

This time you turn toward the door, almost like your looking to see if anyone is looking. You appear to be breathing more heavily as I notice your chest heaving and a slight flush on your neck. I chuckle inside as I see what your choice of the 3 vibrators would be. Oh, yes that truly wasn't a surprise. I had to at least give you some options, so that I knew you freely wanted the training to go down the way that it will. One last object will be needed out of the box. I couldn't wait to see what will be the last choice. You pause a lot longer this time before making your choice. You study carefully each option. I finally see you put the black nylon rope into your purse.

I decide I had best get back into position and move rapidly yet quietly to the living rope to await your arrival. I am looking away from the front door and don't turn as I hear your footsteps approaching. A moment later I see you moving around the island and begin to approach me on my left. I see that you're visually taking in the props and scene before you. You move to position right in front of me as instructed in the note and hand me your purse. Even though I knew everything you chose, I try my best to seem surprised by some of your choices. Pulling each out one at a time. I set each item next to me until your purse is emptied. While seated there, I ask you to kneel before me. As you kneel, we are now face to face, and our eyes level, so we are staring into each others' eyes.

"You chose well, precious. I see you're ready for your training and if you would place each of the things on the floor under the massage table, we can begin." I watch as you gather up the toys and move them the few feet behind you. I enjoy the sight before me as you bend over to place each under the table. Your black lacy panties become exposed each time you bend down to set each item on the floor. I feel myself stir, just a little, as I take in your beauty and the attire you are wearing for your first training.

When completed, you turn around and face me. In a move that totally surprises you, I grab your hand and say, "Come on precious, we are going for a ride." I walk hand in hand with you to the door, and through to the porch. I realize I need to slow down as your heals make each step a slower process than I'm use to. Stepping off the porch, we move towards my truck. As we reach the passenger side, I open the door to help you in. As you step up to get into the cab, I playfully swat you once more on your bottom causing you to cry out again.

Once seated, I reach for your nylon encased legs and turn you to me. Moving my large hands along your inner thighs, your legs involuntarily part for your sir. Reaching the panty, I pressed my palm against the gusset and gently rub. You feel very heated and you're very damp. I love that you're so turned on already. Moving the panty slightly to the side, I move my right middle finger to your slot and gently slide it in slowly. You moan with the sensation. I thrust into you five times and then pulling my finger back out of you completely. I move the finger to my mouth. Tasting you, as I look into your eyes, I whisper to you, "You're delicious." Then once again, I move your panty aside and slide my large middle finger back into you for a few thrusts until again I pull back out. This time I move my finger to your lips and offer you a taste of your own sweetness. I watch as you pause for a moment before taking it into your mouth. Moving your legs back into the seated position. I shut the door to begin our journey.

Pulling down the driveway, I turn to gaze in your direction. I can see you're a tad nervous and the wheels must be turning for you. You start to ask "What are..." but then realize that you're not suppose to speak unless spoken to. You blush as I just wink at you in response. As we pull onto the highway, I reach over and push up your skirt just a tad.

"I love the look, precious. You have been a good girl and for that your going to get a reward." With that I turn to concentrate on the road. Silence fills the air for a few moments until you realize where we were going. Pulling into the parking lot of the adult store, your question is answered. Putting the truck into park, I move once again to your side to help you out. This time as I grasp your arms, I literally pick you up and lift you out of the truck. Allowing your feet to lower to the ground, I take your hand in mine and walk you to the door.

Entering the place, all employees and patrons instantly look at the door and take you in. I know you're a bit nervous with the situation. I feel you griping harder onto my hand. I ease us towards the toy area. I feel pretty sure that eyes are occasionally staring our direction. I smile knowing that your back is facing many of the others and they, no doubt, will get a nice view. I pause a moment right in front of the Chinese nipple clamps. I turn to meet your eyes. I can see the look, a mix of fear and curiosity. I reach out and inspect the package. I hand them to you and say "hold these a minute." At that I move a bit further along the display area until I come to "king dong." Reaching out to the wall, I remove the package from the hook. Feeling the weight of the toy, I once again turn to you and hand you the package. The look on your face is priceless. I know from how you hold the toy, you are also surprised how heavy it is. I turn away from you again and move further down the display, pausing every so often to inspect some very interesting toys and aids. Continuing along, I pause once again at a section that contains numerous anal toys. I turn to you and wink right before I reach out and grasp the large handled butt-plug. As I hand it towards you, I pause and say "just kidding, precious" and I put it back on the hook. I do finally make a decision and pick out the small anal bead stick. After hanging onto it a while, and browsing some more, I hand that over to you to join the "collection." We spend the next few minutes checking out the stores novelties and gags until I decide it's time to get you out of there.

Moving to the counter, there are two female employees there. One semi-attractive middle aged blonde woman asks us if we found everything we needed. I release your hand and indicate for you to put the items on the counter for purchase. All the while I am observing the looks on the employees' faces. My eyes wander back and forth from them to you. I catch a blush on the face of the slightly younger employee. "Have you guys gotten good feedback on these?" I ask while holding up the Chinese clamps.

Both employees look at each other and pause for a moment before the middle age blonde chimed in, "Um, I've heard they work nicely." No doubt she had tried them herself, I make a mental note.

After a couple minutes, the bill is totaled and paid and we proceed to the exit. Once outside I turn to you and say, "Do you look forward to trying out our purchases?"

You pause for a moment before finding the right words, "Yes, sir, I look forward to my training." I bend down enough to find your lipstick covered lips and our lips lock for a slow, sensual kiss. Seeing your eyes closed, I smile as I know what fun lays ahead. Helping you into the truck a moment later, we hit the highway once again. Heading back to the cottage, you seem a bit nervous. I do note your bra-less breasts are slightly perky. I have a feeling you have nervous anticipation for at least one of the toys. I know you very well.

Minutes later we pull back into the driveway and find ourselves at our weekend "home." Shutting the door behind me, I move, once again, to your side. Helping you out, we turn away from the cottage and move down a path that leads behind the cottage. The small isolated lake is below us. I instantly hear the birds chirping and the sound of the water splashing against the banks. I lead you the few more yards until we are there. You instantly recognize what's in store for you.

As I turn to you I speak, "Yes, I've been busy creating this just for you." I allow you to take it all in. Before us is a large wooden wheel with ropes and straps attached to it. I turn to you and look into your eyes. "Do you trust me, precious?" I ask, as I look slightly down at you. You nod as the flush comes to your neck and face. "Remove your clothes for sir", I ask in a semi firm tone. "Place each garment in this bag when removed." I stand back a few feet to enjoy what is about to unfold. I chuckle a minute later as you seem to be hurrying the situation. "Slow down, precious" I instruct. Watching you take each item off, I am extremely excited to see you in all your glory once again. I truly enjoy your body and love seeing that you groomed exactly the way I wanted.

Once finished, you shift your body nervously from left to right. I give you some more time to build up the anticipation. "I'll be right back, stay here" I instruct. I slowly walk up the path and disappear around the corner. Once out of your site, I stop to smile and go through the plan in my head. I wait just long enough that I feel you will be ready. I know the slight breeze blowing across your body is giving you some chills and excitement.

Our eyes meet as I begin walking towards you. I decide not to speak. As I reach you, I reach for your wrists. Moving you closer to the wheel, I don't even need to ask you what to do. You make it easy for me with my adjustments. Soon the straps are around your wrists and secured to the wheel. Your legs are next as i help slide you all the way onto the wheel top. Helping spread your legs apart so that they can be bound, I see that my calculations are perfect. You fit this table exactly the way I wanted. With that, I remember the one thing I forgot, a blindfold. Hurrying back up the path I find the goody bag I had left on the porch. Walking briskly back to you, I help position the blindfold perfectly.

"Can you see?" I ask. You shake your head no. I wonder whats going through your head. No doubt the sensation of being out here in nature heightens many of your senses. I have looked forward to this day for a long time.

Reaching down to each strap, I tug gently at each. Slightly adjusting them to make sure they are secure enough. Bending down, I whisper in your ear, "Your pussy looks so delicious spread like that." With that, I dip down and flick my tongue slowly along your ever moistening slot. Three slow passes back and forth over your nether-lips and I stop once I hear you moan. Moving slightly higher, I grasp each cheek with my large hands and separate them slightly. Seeing your ass like that, I only pause a moment before dipping down. I flick your bud and circle it for a moment to gauge your reaction. You once again gasp softly. With that, I slowly trail a path up your lower back along your spine. Slowly working its way to your neck, at times I stop and make a small circle with my tip of my tongue. Finally, I reach the area between your shoulder blade and kiss and lick there. I know your spot and want you to enjoy the sensation. Reaching down with a free hand, I find your slot and pet you ever so gently. A couple minutes, I allow you the pleasure, until it's time to stop.

Standing back for a moment, I slowly take off my belt. I know you hear the jingles of the buckle. You turn toward me as much as you can. Even though blindfolded, I know you are identifying the sounds and putting two and two together. A minute later, I'm moving closer. I look you over and decide where to start. I slowly tap the outside of your pussy with the leather. The belt, I allow to sway a foot or so away from you before moving back towards you. Each pass, your pussy gets tapped with the belt. You, no doubt, aren't feeling any pain but you're questioning what about to happen. I change the grasp of the belt and this time slide the end along your inner thighs, slowly snaking it higher towards your pussy. Passing over your quim, I move it towards your rosebud. Passing over your bud, I move the belt tip along your lower back until I stop. With my free hand, I surprise you with three firm but not painful spanks upon your ass.

I pause before moving to your ear to whisper, "You have seven more coming. Belt or hand?" You manage to croak out "hand." With that, in rapid motion you receive your seven. Moving once more to your ear, I whisper "forget anything?"

"Damn!" you speak up in chagrin. You remember exactly what was forgotten. Moving back to your lovely ass, you get ten more. Each semi-firm spanking ends with the corresponding number being counted out until we were done. I softly rub your butt, taking in the sight of the reddening. I can see the slight imprint of my hand and I know you got just the right amount for you and nothing more.

Surprising you once more, I dip to your slot and slide my large middle finger slowly into your tightness. I hear you moan as I begin to finger you. Feeling you loosen up as you become damp, I decide to add one more finger to add to the occasion. I curl up and back my fingers seeking your soft pad of pleasure. "Nothing beats a good old fashioned fingering , my pet."I tell you.

You find yourself responding between thrusts, "no sir." I have you on a fast path to orgasm and I tenderly and yet mercilessly speed you along the path. I sense you're nearing orgasm and are close, so I stop, frustrating you no doubt. Reaching behind the wheel, I find the toy. Replacing my fingers in your pussy with the vibrator, you gasp in surprise.The six inch rubbery toy I turn to medium speed. Working it into you until your able to get it all the way in, I instruct you to "clamp tight and don't let this come out of you. Understand, precious?" I ask. "Yes sir," you reply. With that, I leave you there for a few moments as I go retrieve our previous purchases.

Moving once again back around the house, I find myself trying to not deviate from the plan. I have mixed emotions. I am extremely turned on but your training yet am nervous because this is a new experience for me. I quickly find the bag with our purchases and walk the path back to you. Once I am back at the wheel and standing near you, i inspect the package of the chinese clamps. I check briefly to make sure the toy is still abuzz inside you. Like a good girl, you somehow have it still embedded.

Slowly opening it the package, I make note of the weight, they seem a bit heavier than I figured they would be. Carefully eyeing them up, It isn't hard to figure out how they work. Moving to your head, I bend down and whisper once again into your ear. "Remember those chinese clamps?" Your body stiffens with the mear mention of them. I reach under you and gently tweak your nipples, making them more erect in preparation. Grasping your left nipple, I start there adding the first clamp. Your groan soon follows. It is only a few seconds later and the right one is soon clamped. Not surprising, you finally lose control and the toy slips out of you. It lands on the wheel at your feet, the vibrating toy percussioning off the wooden wheel. "Since you can't keep this inside your pussy, I guess you might as well keep it someplace your perhaps more talented with." With that I turn the toy off and move to the area of the wheel where your head is placed. Raising your head off the wheel enough to move the rubber vibe to your mouth. I instruct you to open wide. Soon your mouth finds itself clamped down upon the toy.

As your laying there face down, I cant view how they are making your nipples or face respond but I know in due time i'll be inspecting their effects. Next, I grab the anal beadstick. I know you have had this done to you once before but none the less it should be another interesting experience for you. Moving to your ass, i like how you being tied wide on the wheel has exposed your bud. Moving my long middle finger to it, i tease you by circling it in counter clockwise fashion. A few passes of my finger, and i bend my head down and flick you a few strokes of the tounge along it. Initially you clench but a few seconds is all it takes before its apparent that you are enjoying the minstrations of the tip of my snakelike tounge. A couple minutes of this tease and i know your ready. I reach into my pants pocket to find the small bottle of ky gel. A couple squirts upon the stick and I know its sufficent for the task at hand. Pushing one bead at a time into your tight hole, I give you a few seconds getting use to each. As each bead enters you, they get bigger and more of a challenge for you to accomidate them. With the last one finally sliding into you, I ask you if you knew how many were inside you. "If your right, you will get a reward, if you are wrong you know the routine" I chuckle. You take a little bit to try to come up with the right answer. Finally , you ask questioning, "8?" "There are 7 my precious, so you will get 7", I respond. With the first lash of my hand upon your curvy ass, i hear you counting. I am surprised you remembered. With each swat of your ass, you seem to count louder. When your penalty is done, I gaze upon the slight reddening of your cheeks. I wonder if I am adding just the right amount of sting.

It's not long before I grasp the heavy toy. I know this wont be an easy task for either of us. I grab the bottle of ky again and this time double my efforts. A minute of thorough coating of this large heavy toy and i move it to you. I surprise you by lightly spanking the entrace to your pussy with the tip of this girthy phallis. Your body responds exactly the way I thought it would. Your low guttural groan speaks volumes. I carefully eye up your pussy and make sure that just the tip enters you. I watch in amazement as your lips soon wrap themselves around the invader. I soon add two more inches of this powerful beast and your body heaves. You seem to be trying your best to help this intrusion. I know this must be filling you up unlike anything you've had to this point so far, yet I know its the exact thing that you have been nervously excited to experience for once. Inch by inch I work more into you. Slowly I seesaw it back and forth using slow deliberate thrusts. It takes about 5 minutes before your ready to take it past the 6 inch mark. I decide to leave it stay embedded in you for a minute, halting the thrusts. You seem to loosen up and relax. It becomes evident that your juices are helping the cause as well. Dipping my head down to you I kiss your right cheek. Grasping the ring of the beadstick, i gently begin to pull on it, this causes the largest bead to pop back out of you. This makes you gasp, hearing you sends a jolt right to my cock.

Moving my hands upon the heavy tool, I see if you can handle more. I gently push against it and you seem to only be able to handle a tiny but more. None the less, you are filled completely. I wonder how you are feeling, each of your three holes filled with a toy. I gentle, tender kiss upon your right shoulder blade and I snicker at how responsive your body has become. I know your now ready for the next step.

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