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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
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11/20/2010 22:03
Posted By:  - NORCROSS, GA  
Date Posted: 11/20/2010 22:03
   It was getting close to summer and I wanted to work on my tan before the nice weather began so I started going to a tanning salon. I had frequented the place enough to know the guys that ran the salon and felt comfortable when I walked in. One afternoon however, I walked in to find someone new behind the counter. “Hi! Who are you?” I asked a little too zealous but he was a very sexy man! You know, one of those people who take your breath away with one glance. He had dark skin (you could tell he’d been tanning) and blue eyes and wavy brown hair that barely touched his shoulders. When he stood up I noticed that he was wearing tight jeans that showed off the huge bulge he carried. I felt my jaw drop open and I know he noticed as he smiled and turned toward the computer. I got a good look at his ass when he turned around and felt myself getting hotter. I glanced around quickly looking for the regular guy who was always there. “He’s not here today, and my name is Don” he said in a deep voice. “I’m new. I’ll be here for the remainder of the summer helping them out through the busy season.” he explained.
“Oh.” I replied breathlessly. I told him my name and he pulled my account up on the computer and asked me what I wanted. I thought to myself ‘now that’s a loaded question’ but I asked him what was available. Looking me over, he asked me if I wanted the “ultimate tanning experience” and I said, “Sure.”
“That will be $15.00 for the use of this particular bed,” he said. I nodded and handed him the money. He placed it in the drawer and moved to the front door and said “I’m gonna lock this while I take you back there and get you set up.”
“Ok.” I said, not thinking anything of it- often the attendees gave you a tour of the features of new tanning beds.

He motioned for me to walk ahead of him and I felt his hand gently touch my lower back as he guided me to a part of the salon I never knew existed. I felt his eyes on me while we walked down the hall. His hand moved down my back to the curve of my waist as we came to a stop in front of a room called “Paradise.” I looked at him and he smiled. “Do you like tropical islands?” he asked.
“Doesn’t everyone?” I asked.
“Well, you’ll love this then,” he replied. “I’ve been working on this room for three days and I think I’ve got it together. If you can think of anything that it needs, please let me know.”
“Ok,” I said a little puzzled.

He opened the door and he was right! There were tropical plants everywhere, a heat lamp that imitated the sun and a wet bar in the corner. There was a tanning booth in the opposite corner and a soft swing hammock hanging in the far edge of the room. Close to the door stood a small wicker table and a cushioned chair that matched. I was swept away by the atmosphere. All this in a tanning booth? There was even a warm breeze blowing that tousled his hair when he walked. “Would you like a drink?” he asked.
“Yes,” I replied a little nervous but still in awe over the space surrounding me. He brought my drink and asked if I would like him to rub tanning oil on my back for me. I felt a flutter in my stomach at the sound of his request and decided a little bit fervent to play along. “Sure,” I said.

I lifted my shirt and he got a bottle of gold glittery tanning oil and began rubbing it on my back. His hands felt hot against my skin. I noticed how strong his fingers were and he sighed as he rubbed the oil down my back. He placed the bottle on the table and turned me around and asked me if I was going to finish my drink. I drank the last of it and he slowly removed the glass from my fingers and placed it on the bar.

He turned me back around and eased my shirt up over my head. I gasped at the feeling of the warm breeze that enveloped my body. He asked me if I tan nude and I nodded. Without missing a beat he removed my bra. My nipples became instantly hard as the warm breeze encircled each one. He reached around my waist and unbuckled my belt and proceeded to the button on my shorts and then to my zipper. My stomach jumped at the feel of his strong arms around my waist. I was becoming aroused very quickly. I had never been undressed from behind before, much less in the middle of what was supposed to be a tanning session. His hands spread apart the zipper on my shorts and slipped them down to my ankles, I slowly stepped out of them and then his hands gently glided up my legs to my hips. His touch sent shivers up my spine as he began to remove my panties. He slid them down my legs and as they slipped over my thighs he went down to his knees behind me. The thought of him being “there” took my breath. He put his face close to my legs and moved down along with my panties and I heard him take in a deep breath through his nose as if he were taking in the scent of my body while he was removing my clothes. “Mmmm….” He mumbled, as if he was pleased with the sensation. He picked up the bottle on the table and poured the oil into his hand and began rubbing it down my back once more. He slowly moved down the curve of my back to my waist and then placed his hands on either side of my hips.

I took a deep breath as his hands moved down to my ass. His fingers traced the outline of my ass and then he rubbed oil all over both cheeks. I could feel that he was still on his knees and the thought of his touch against my bare skin excited me. He continued to my legs then all the way down to my heels. On his way back up he paused again at my ass to make sure every curve was drenched in oil, sliding his hand between my cheeks to complete the job. I jumped when his fingers touched my asshole. I felt him stand up and then he turned me around. He looked at my body and a huge smile came to his face and I felt myself blush. I felt my nipples harden as his eyes rested upon me.

He removed his shirt and I felt my jaw drop again, slightly this time, at the sight of his chest. It was muscular and covered with thick dark hair. I reached out to touch him and his stomach jumped at my touch. I ran my fingers through his thick pleasure trail and then dug my nails into his chest taking in every muscle. He poured oil directly onto my hard nipples beginning on one side and pouring the bottle all the way to the other side. A drop of oil dripped off the tip of my nipple onto the floor and he quickly caught the next. He proceeded to rub the oil from his hands all over my breasts and I closed my eyes and threw my head back allowing my body to enjoy all the sensations engulfing me. The smell of the oil, the feel of his hands on my slick body, sensations of the warm breeze that enveloped us both, and the warmth of the heat lamp…mmmmm! I felt his hands work their way around each breast drenching each one slowly in oil. He gently moved to each side of my body and he began a trail up each to my arms gently lifting them above my head. He spread the oil all over my arms and into the palms of my hands then took a step back to view my body with my arms out-stretched. He seemed to like what he saw as he let out a slow “mmmmmm.”

He slid his hands back down my arms to my waist and then to my stomach taking care to cover every curve he wandered over and into. He proceeded to move down my body and as he did he dropped to his knees once more. My eyes flew open to see his face right in front of my neatly shaved strip. I gasped at the thought of him being there. He looked up at me and smiled. I watched him to see what he would do next. His hands made their way to my hips and then to each thigh covering each one with oil as he slid his fingers down each leg. He took in another deep breath as he moved in close to my body and let out a low “mmmmm,” that told me he was becoming more aroused with every inch he covered. His hands moved down my thighs toward my ankles and then to my feet. On his way back up he stopped at my thighs and slowly spread my legs apart and continued to rub oil all over my inner thighs. His hands sent spine tingling shock waves piercing through every nerve in my body. I felt him come dangerously close to my hottest spot and then he reached for the oil once more.

He poured the oil into his hands and covering both his hands and made his way back toward my red hot spot again. Instinctively I spread my legs a little farther to allow him access to his destination and he moved his face closer to my flame. “Do you like to be eaten?” he asked. “Oh yes!” I muttered under muffled breath. He continued on his journey and his fingers slid up to the entrance of my pussy. I felt his fingers touch my clit and my body became wildly excited. He placed my foot on the chair beside the table and slid his body up to reach my hot wet pussy. He gently blew my flame setting it ablaze as he touched my lips with his tongue and I felt a wave of moisture flood me. I wanted his tongue inside me bad! He continued exploring my hot wetness with his tongue until my body shook with excitement. He worked my pussy with both his fingers and tongue until I was moaning and squirming with delight. His fingers were deep inside me as his tongue flicked across my clit.

The sensation of him working my pussy and the atmosphere he had created were more than my body could handle. My legs began trembling and he knew I was going to lose it. He began eating me out furiously and fucking me with his fingers as my body gave in to his demands. I let out a moan as my quivering pussy creamed him full of my hot juicy wetness. He ate ravenously and all the while suspending me in the waves of one of the best orgasms I’ve ever had. It was all I could do to stay on my feet. My trembling slowed and he stood up and sat me down in the chair facing the bulge that had doubled in his jeans. He unbuckled his belt and made quick work of his button and zipper. His cock seemed to jump out of his pants and I reached up to remove it completely. He slipped his jeans down to his ankles and stepped out of them and stood before me completely naked looking hot as hell! I wanted to suck him dry “NOW!” but took my time to prolong his pleasure as he had mine.

I moved my lightly oiled hands up and down his rod until it became rock hard and then began teasing his now swollen head with my tongue. His body responded as his cock jerked growing harder with each flicker of my tongue against his shaft. He grabbed a handful of my hair and holding his cock in his hand guided it deep into my throat. I sucked and licked until his dick was throbbing and his body began moving to the same rhythm as my mouth. His hands remained planted firmly on my head with his fingers entangled in my hair allowing him to pull me and push me to meet each thrust he shoved down my throat. He moved in and out of my mouth nonstop and I knew he was coming close to eruption. I felt his dick swell and I sucked harder. I wanted to drain his huge cock. My tongue flicked against his throbbing vein as my throat muscles clamped down on his rock hard member sliding ever further into the depths of my mouth. The thought of being in this much control of such a gorgeous man was like an amazingly erotic fantasy come true. Every movement I made against his hot bod decided what he was going to do next and when. The idea of that much power over this massive hunk before me was a major turn on! I felt my own juices flow as he came closer to the danger zone. He began fucking my mouth with an edacity fueled completely by lust and a deeply embedded fire that threatened to blaze out of control at any moment. I sucked him furiously tightening my throat muscles hard against his cock to enhance his pleasure and that was all it took. He let out a deep moan as he exploded with desire deep into my throat. The hot blasts of thick juice were launching into my mouth so fast it was all I could do to swallow the first mouthful before I was filled with another. He thrust his huge cock in deeper with each blast and I sucked every drop from his soaked and throbbing member. I reached down between my legs to feel my own hot wet pussy drenched with wetness from the excitement. I was so hot. I continued to suck him off and when he finished he pulled me off his cock and stood me up and asked if I cared to tan. I told him breathlessly that that was what I’d wanted all along and he turned me toward the tanning booth.

He opened the door to the booth and had me step inside. He followed me into the booth and I noticed that his eyes were taking in every aspect of my slick drenched body as I moved. His rigid cock told me all he was thinking, as it took no time for it to become ready and willing once again. He rubbed his hands all over my hot steamy body and I became even more aroused at his touch. He turned me around to face him and kissed my lips softly at first and then more demanding until I felt him pull my legs up around his body allowing him access to my still quivering wetness once more. I wrapped my arms tightly around his neck and propped my body up against him as he moved into position. All of a sudden I felt a rush of excitement as this large burning cock made its way into the hot steamy depths of my sexy little walls. It took my breath as he bottomed out deep inside me. I had never been so completely filled up by a man before in my life. I could hardly breathe. The booth was hot from the lamps and it intensified the smell of sex oozing from our bodies. A layer of steam had completely covered the walls so that we were in our own sexually explicit world. I was blown away by all the new erotic sensations I was being introduced to. He held my hips and moved me up and down on his body pulling out of me and then thrusting back in. I tightened my legs around his waist and my pussy squeezed his cock as if it were sucking him dry. I became wildly aroused as his dick swelled inside my pussy making us both strain a little harder to push him in and out of me. It was outstanding! I thought I was going to lose it right then and there, it was all I could do to control the orgasm threatening to blow at any moment. I rode him harder and harder and he thrust his cock deeper into me with each decent my body made onto his shaft. We were both coming very close to eruption when he asked me where I wanted it and I told him I wanted him to fuck me doggy style. He thrust himself into my wetness a few more times and then slowly pulled out of me and turned me around and told me to hold on. I did as I was told and he launched himself like a cannon into me and I let out a moan. He fucked me deep and hard and I met his every move with one of my own. He placed his hands on my hips and pulled me towards him as he shoved his huge cock inside me and I was going crazy with every collision. He slapped my ass as he fucked me and that was all it took for me to lose it. My body began to shake, legs trembling, thighs quaking so hard and he thrust his cock deeper into my hot throbbing walls until he too felt the coming explosion. I felt his dick swell to the boiling point and that sent me over the edge- again. I let out a scream as he drove his rock hard cock deep inside me. The flame was ignited as we both waited for the inescapable explosion that would quickly follow. I lost it and escorted him into the realms of passion that I was entering. He held me tightly against him not allowing me to lose even an inch of his cock as I creamed him and he blasted shot after shot of juicy cum as far as it would go deep inside my burning walls. The waves of body quakes that followed were extensive and powerful. I thought we were going to remain in the grips of this spine tingling orgasm forever! As our bodies finished he moved slowly in and out of me. Every inch of my body was tingling from the pleasures I had just experienced and the way he felt inside me was enhanced by how sensitive my body was. I caught my breath and collapsed in his grips. He slowed inside me and pulled out with a slow drawn out retreat. I let out a moan as he exited. I’ve always hated the feeling when a man withdrew his cock during the aftermath of the storm.

We stepped out of the booth and he spread a towel over the hammock. He sat down in the hammock and took another towel and began drying the dripping perspiration from my body. As his hands moved over my body his cock grew hard once more. I couldn’t believe how many times he had attained an erection. He pulled my leg up on the hammock with him and placed his fingers inside my hot velvety soft pussy. I was so steamy and so very wet that he let out a sigh at the moisture he felt. He pulled me into the hammock with him, placing my leg over his thigh and through the side of the hammock. He then helped me with the other leg until my body was locked tightly in the hammock straddling his. His cock was rock hard and when my body went down onto his lap it slid deep into me sending shock waves through-out my already overly sensitive body. His hands were busy caressing my breasts and my nipples quickly responded as they hardened. He kissed my neck and then worked his way down to my breasts. He gently kissed one nipple and then opened his lips flicking his tongue all over the hardening little pebble beneath and I moved closer to him shoving my breast deeper into his mouth. He abruptly began sucking and the combination of his dick buried deep inside me and my rock hard little nipple in his mouth sent me once again into a frenzy of pleasure. My body began grinding against his pelvis as I rode him relentlessly reaching up to gain support from the ropes that suspended the hammock into the ceiling. I lifted my body using the ropes and then pushed myself down on his stiffness. He went wild on my nipple and then I offered him the other one. He went crazy on my tiny little button and the harder I fucked him the harder he sucked. He began moaning and I felt him swell deep inside me. My pussy muscles were squeezing his rock hard member so tight and I knew he was close. I rode him, shoving his huge rod farther into my body and his body matched every thrust I sent his way. He sucked and fucked me till he was pouring sweat. I extended the length of my movements pulling him out of me as far as I could using the ropes to pull my body up, pussy muscles sucking his cock the entire time, then crashing down on him allowing him to bottom out deep inside me. He went crazy! It was all he could do to handle the waves of pleasure he was experiencing. I went down on him driving him into me as my thighs began to tremble. He wrapped his arms around my waist making it harder for me to move up and down on him and that was all it took for me! My body began quaking and I let out a scream and then he uncontrollably erupted inside me. I felt his body shoot a powerful stream of hot cum deep into me as I creamed his huge cock. He held me close to him and that prolonged my orgasm until I was pouring wet myself. The breeze felt good as it enveloped our steaming bodies. We stayed locked together until we were completely spent, the rocking slowly subsided and then collapsed in the hammock together.

I remained on top of him and we enjoyed the atmosphere for a moment. “Well,” he asked. “Can you think of anything this room needs?”
“Yes!” I said, “It needs to be at my house, present company included!” He laughed as I slowly slipped myself off of his throbbing cock. He fixed us another drink and we sat and talked for a moment. He got dressed and told me I still had time to tan if I wished. I spent the next twenty minutes completely relaxed and almost fell asleep. After my tanning session, I got my things together and he walked me out. “Thank you for a wonderful time!” I said.
“The pleasure was all mine!” he replied.

I drove home and called my best friend and told her about the salon. The next day she went down and got a membership and the paradise continues……

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