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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
 Originator Date Posted 

11/27/2010 08:32
Posted By:  - LOS ANGELES, CA  
Date Posted: 11/27/2010 08:32
   We arrived at your cousin's house a little late due to traffic and that stop on the side of the road for a quick fuck in the corn field. I knew my cum was still dripping out of your pussy and the thought had kept me hard the rest of the ride. You introduced me to everyone as this was the first thanksgiving we spent with your family since we began dating 3 years ago. We had just gotten engaged and this was the first of our "meet the family tour". I felt a little out of sorts as I was from NY, a big city and here we were in a very small town in the midwest. The last person you introduced me too was Kate. Kate was a stunning brunnete who had grown up 2 houses down and had become family friends. She had stayed on and off with your cousin for a year when her mom took ill and was close enough to be part of the family. Both her parents had now passed away and your aunt invited her to all the family functions. She was in town on break from college, having gone to the same school you graduated from 2 years ago. Kate was quite a contrast to your beauty. Where you were a blonde bombshell with legs that won't quit , a perfect heart shaped ass and large 36d breasts, she was an elfin (5'2) brunette with perky breasts that were no larger than 34C but fit her body as she was slender waisted. I surmised that she was either a cheerleader or a gymnast because her thighs which were accented by the short dress she wore, were firm and toned. She came up and gave you a big hug and a kiss on the lips that, at least in my mind, lingered a bit too long and was just a bit more friendly than just a family friendship would have inspired.
When you introduced her to me, I reached out to shake her hand but she instead snuck inside my arm and pressed her body up against mine, stepping on her tippy toes to give me a kiss. I could feel her perky breasts pressing against my chest as my erection pressed against my thigh. She said, Michelle has told me so much about you I feel like I've known you forever." I replied "thats funny, she never mentioned you" and we both laughed.
You wanted to sit next to your Aunt so you could tell her how the new job at the hospital was going and by luck of the draw, I was sandwiched between you and Kate. Your aunt brought out the Turkey and everyone began to dig in. I am sure it was just in my mind but instead of asking the potatos to be passed to her, Kate stood up and leaned over me to get them pressing her thighs against my leg for balance and grazing my arm with her erect nipples. At that point I noticed two things. One that her nipples were hard as rocks and two that she had on no bra. My cock quickly sprang back to life but I tried to focus on the meal. Michelle didn't help the matter when a few moments later she placed her hand on my thigh and began rubbing closer to my growing member. There were several more seemingly innocent contacts between myself and Kate and I kept telling myself that it was all in my mind. Your hand finally, teasingly, touched my cock and you stopped your conversation in mid sentence before looking at me with a questioning look in your eye. You recovered your conversation but I knew you were wondering what got me so hard. You moved your hand away from my hardness but my disappointment didn't last long as your hand was replaced by a softer smaller touch. I glanced up at Kate with surprise in my eyes and she put a finger to her lips as her hand began rubbing my member through the cloth of my dockers. No one noticed as her movements were achingly slow and under the tablecloth. It took all my willpower not to make any visible or audible signs as I approached orgasm. Luckily, or unluckily as the case may be, the meal was done and everyone stood up to start cleaing. I remained seated so my raging hard on wouldn't show. Kate stood up and cleared my place and hers, making sure her butt bumped my face as she turned to step around her chair. Michelle ran her hand over my aching cock and whispered in my ear "so its kate that has you all riled up eh? we may have to use that fantasy in a bit. Why don't you go to the bathroom upstairs and I will help you with your problem in a few minutes." A final squeeze sent me on my way as Michelle made sure to walk in front of me until we got to the stairs. I made my way upstairs and into the bathroom where I immediately took off my pants. My cock was raging hard and there was a large spot of precum on my boxer briefs. I was about to start taking care of it myself when a light knock came on the door. "Open up sexy" was the whisper and, thinking it was you, I opened the door. Surprisingly, it wasn't you but Kate who quickly pushed her way into the bathroom and closed and locked the door. "Michelle says you have a little problem and since I was the cause, I had to come take care of it. But I see it is a big problem." Her eyes were glued to my crotch and she was practically salivating. She licked her lips and moved in close, pressing her body against my manhood. I wanted her so bad but was very faithful to Michelle so I stepped back. "It's ok Michelle did send me. She thought you might resist so she told me to give you these. " She handed me the panties my wife had put on that morning. I had picked them out because they were lacy thong panties that I had bought her our first valentines day. They were soaked and Kate whispered, I just left her in the downstairs bathroom. I took these off with my teeth. Then her tongue slid into my ear and I knew I was not going to last long. She kissed her way down my chest and freed my cock from it's thinly clad prison. She caressed it lovingly with one hand while her other cradled my balls. She expertly licked the tip, teasing me while she began massaging my balls slowly. Every time I thought I would lose it, her hand would tighten around my balls or base of my cock and stop my cum. Soon she was pumping her lips around my cock and I couldn't stand it. "Im going to cum in your mouth" I whispered, barely getting the words out. With that, she gripped my balls, deepthroated my cock and slid a finger into my asshole causing me to shoot a steady stream of cum into her mouth. She stood up, pulling up my underwear as she rose. I thought we were finished but she pushed me down onto the toilet seat and lifted her skirt, putting her pussy in my face. "Not so fast stud, both you and Michelle came and now its my turn. Here is your desert" I was presented with a hairless slit dripping with pussy juice and a clit poking out from between the lips. I wanted to tease her and tried to gently trace her clit with my tongue but she shoved her pussy hard against me and begged me to be quick and fast. My fingers slid easily into her while I licked her clit in earnest. It didn't take long before she was bucking her orgasm into my face, clenching my fingers with her tight pussy. She came for along time before finally subsiding. She collapsed in my arms, panting and by doing so put her pussy right next to my reborn cock. I deftly slid into her and it wasn't long till she was riding my cock while I suckled her breasts. As I neared orgasm, I had her stand up, brace herself on the vanity and I fucked her from behind until I pulled out and came over her tight ass. She quivered as her second orgasm struck her. We cleaned up and she kissed me and said, I can't wait until tonight when I join both of you in your hotel :).

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