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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
 Originator Date Posted 
   The gift that only she can create, erotic but true.  

12/4/2010 13:18
Posted By:  - SAN JOSE, CA  
Date Posted: 12/4/2010 13:18
Still stranded on the cloud she left me on.
My big brown eyes were treated to the naked pleasure of this gifted being. My hands could not stay still, moving gently around her large voluptuous breasts then along her thin waist and finally down the long smooth legs to her perfectly manicured toenails. Rubbing my now oily skin back up along her curves I would check in with a slow soft kiss, her warm breath in my ear confirmed her approval. I continued my assault happily. The visions are painted vividly in my mind and the sound of her moans continue to run chills up my spine. Memories of the smell of tantalizing perfume accenting the flavors of her aroused swollen Labia, Clit and G Spot. This was more than I could take and had to plunge my now swollen throbbing manhood deep into the smooth wet vagina. Eyes closed we both went somewhere and returned sometime later to regroup. I pulled out before I would pop. All my senses were overloaded as I slipped two fingers deep inside her to massage her G Spot then followed with a gradual tapping and more intensity until she slowly began to quiver, squeezing her strong tight Kegel muscles as she drenched the bed with the built up release of sweet pleasure. Her back and neck arched in a final cry of pleasure followed by that refreshing little girl giggle. Satisfied, I moved to my lovely wife and finished the evening in more wet pleasure as I screamed in final release and salute to what now leaves me on that "Damn Cloud".

My real appreciation for this wonderful experience (along with an all round great relationship) goes to my giving wife who creates these opportunities along with the "mental fertilizer" it takes to nourish our souls as we journey through and create "life" as we know it.

Thank you my love,

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