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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
 Originator Date Posted 
   pet on loan for exhibition and voyeurism  

12/11/2010 15:39
Posted By:  - CHICAGO, IL  
Date Posted: 12/11/2010 15:39
   your master has loaned you to us for the night. we will first go for drinks and then dinner. we would have you dress in a short skirt, garters, thigh highs (skin tone) lace panties (white) and a sheer white lacy bra so the dark outlines of your nipples can be seen. we want you in a sheer shirt so your lacy bra is visible and the dark outlines of your nipples just barely so. the shirt is to be unbuttoned one more button than would normally be acceptable in public...so the lace of your bra peeks out. heels of course, high and black. and smell lovely please, something soft and sweet or spicy. be very horny and have not had sex for many days, we want you able to get wet quickly and in fact show up with some wetness in anticipation of being an exhibitionist for a voyeur.

we will meet first for drinks. arrive 30 minutes before us, the club is dark and sexy and busy. sit at the bar and remove your jacket. cross your legs such that the tops of your thigh highs show from under your short tight skirt. feel free to flirt with anyone at the bar, in fact we encourage it, use the sexual energy to get wet.

when we come in, stand and greet us, kiss us each softly on the mouth, then, a warm embrace, you press your pussy into us as you do so. we will then stand at either side of you at the bar, back up just a little and press your ass into me, my wife loves to watch and a primary purpose for this evening is for her enjoyment, watching you flirt with and seduce me. every now and then, while talking to my wife, reach behind and run your fingers gently across the front of the thighs of my leather pants. from time to time lean your head back and to the side, rubbing your cheek against my shoulder like a cat. tell my wife you feel my cock getting harder as you gently and subtly rub your ass against it...tell her how wet it is making you and remind her to look closely to see your nipples pushing against your lacy bra and sheer blouse. ask her what else she would have you do.

she will tell you that she wants to now sit across the bar, many seats away from us but still within her line of sight...watching, getting turned on and wanting to touch herself but needing to settle for feeling the wetness between her legs from watching....she so loves to watch. she will now have you face me, talking, drinking and flirting. touch me often, my face, put your hand on my hip, lean in and whisper in my ear...know that as our pet, you are making her happy. also, subtly touch yourself, run your finger just to the edge of your bra as you talk, gently suck the end of your fingertip every now and then. slowly as we're talking, move in more closely, take your time, every few minutes lean in a bit more, keep the tease going until you are pressed up against me, open your legs and then wrap them around my thigh, i want to feel the warmth of your pussy. i will lean in, kiss your neck, run my hand down your hip and feel where your skirt, thigh highs and small space of skin all meet. my wife, your current master has asked you to speak dirty to me, when she see's you talking to me, she wants to know that you're telling my what you would do to me, what you would have me do to you. we would be close enough now, and the bar just dark and busy enough that i can subtly brush my hand against your nipple thru your shirt, you have been aching to be touched and this small touch has you arch forward and gasp a little. i then kiss you deep on the mouth and sneak my hand up between us and slide my fingers under your bra to squeeze your nipple. your pussy is now soaking wet, as is my wife's.

we leave the bar to head for dinner...you sit in between us in the taxi, leave your coat open and spread your legs a bit, each of us has a hand on one of your thighs, gently caressing, you spread your legs wider and lay back. you are to put on a show for the driver, we are talking with him as he looks in the rear view mirror, we watch his eyes as he tries to quickly glance to where our hands roam your thighs enjoying the silky feel of your stockings and playing near the edge where skin starts. the taxi feels and smells like sex. you moan very gently, almost a purr, while we talk casually with the driver, we can tell by his responses he is nervous, uncomfortable and excited. when we arrive at the restaurant, we will step out first and give you money to pay the driver, you will leave your skirt pushed up high and your legs open wide enough for him to have trouble focusing as he turns to face you and take the cash, looking over the seat, between your beautiful thighs. when you exit the taxi, the doorman will hold the door for you, your long leg exists slowly, heel to the ground, the patrons exiting the restaurant and the door men are treated to a lovely view of your long legs, thigh highs and panties.

when we get inside the dark restaurant, it is asian inspired and zen themed, cozy dark wood with lots of candles and chanting style music. you will leave your coat with the coat check and go straight to the ladies room to removed your panties and bra. while in the bathroom, you are nervous as you're going to have to walk across the dining room with your nipples now exposed thru your sheer blouse...it makes you excited to feel the eyes upon you as you walk to our booth, your nipples harden as your breasts move slowly against the sheer material. when you get to the booth, i stand, compliment you and kiss you gently, you are a lovely pet and we treat you well. you slide in the booth between us.......you will hand me your bra and panties....

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