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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
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   The blizzard of 2010  

12/11/2010 19:26
Posted By:  - MADISON, WI  
Date Posted: 12/11/2010 19:26
   Looking out the window, I can only shake my head as the snow continues to pile up. I know it will be a while before I can go outside to rev up the snowblower. Clicking through the channels, today of all day there is nothing on. I reach over and grab my laptop and click on my favorite site. Out of curiosity I check the bootycalls. No way can there be 157 listed. In this weather all over the US? As I start browsing, the first one I see is someone oh so near me. I recognize their profile immediately but we have never met before. As I start reading, I smile at the wording. "Snow bound desperate housewife in need of a massage or ??????" I can't believe my luck, could they have placed that ad on here just for me? No way thats possible, or is it? I feel myself ever eager to drop them a line. A moment later and I send my simple response to their ad. "Have table, can travel. Well, maybe I can travel but for you i'd walk with massage table in tow."

It wasn't more than five minutes later when I saw I had mail. Could it be from them? Clicking on the mailbox, I saw that indeed it was. "Hey, thanks for the email, mr and the kids are heading down the road to grandmas. Mr says I need a couple hours to myself and I believe i'll take you up on that offer if you can find a way to get here." You can find me at 1920 goatsville road. Call me at 608-999-9999 was her response. Smiling wide, I couldn't believe my luck. She was very lovely indeed and I couldn't grab my phone soon enough. Dialing the number I soon heard her voice for the first time.

She began by saying, "you do know I was hoping you would respond. You were in mind as we placed the ad." She continued telling me that we had 2 hours and it might be best if I hurry. Pausing for a moment before I spoke, "Can you have your Mr text me that it's ok, as I need to make sure for my own comfort." She finished the call with directions on how to get there and assured me her Hubby would text me shortly. Looking at the address I wrote down, It wasn't very far at all. Even with these roads the way they were I would be there in perhaps 5 minutes. It would take me more time to warm up the car and shovel a path out of the driveway, as the plows had pushed it shut.

Walking down the hall to grab my portable massage table and carry it to the door. Checking to make sure I have everything in my little bag, I grab my heavy coat and keys. As I push the door open, a blast of arctic air slightly pushes me back. Brrrrrrrr its chilly and I wonder how warm your place is. Turning on the car, I am surprised the windows aren't more iced over. Hearing the snow blowing against my car, I am glad I have the four wheel drive truck to get down the road. Leaving the truck warm a moment, I grab my shovel and enthusiastically begin to push a path to the road. Knowing that time is of the essence, It's not long before my jobs complete. Hoping back into the truck, I begin my short drive to the awaiting beauty.

The roads are drifting and deep with snow but it's a quick drive to my destination. Not many cars are out and it's just me with nature. Before I know it i'm pulling into your driveway. Putting the truck into park, I reach behind the seat and grab the portable table. Strolling to the front door, I look up and see you already pushing the door open for me. "Thanks", I tell you as I move just inside the doorway. I see in front of me a fireplace roaring a brilliant blaze. Putting my table down on the floor, I move to you and give you a welcoming hug. "let me take your coat," you counter. As I hand you it, I watch as you move away from me. Your wearing a sweater and very tight jeans. Your even more lovely than your pictures on your profile I think to myself. As you place my coat on the hook, you turn and ask if I need something warm. Being ever the dork I answer "Just you my dear." As you shake your head, you turn away from me and walk to the kitchen. I follow behind and see what you are up to. Looking at you poor yourself a glass of red wine, I decide to have one myself. As our drinks are poured, I extend my glass towards yours in a toast. "To the blizzard of 2010, throwing us together for the first time." Sipping our wine, the conversation began to flow like we were long lost friends.

After a few minutes, we found our glasses empty. "So, you are pretty talented with those hands I assume," you speak followed by a wink. Smiling wide at you I moved to you for the first time. Gently I rub your shoulders for a minute before dipping my head lower to seek out your lips. As we begin to kiss, I enjoy the heat of the fireplace as well as the sweet smells of your baking. No doubt what you were up to before I arrived. Unlocking our lips, I look into your eyes and ask "where do you want the table set up?" "Follow me," you indicate as you turn and walk down the hall. Taking in your every step, you no doubt must be a biker or runner. As we turn a corner I see the workout room. Entering it, you ask if I need help with the table. "Can you go warm up some towels and sheets in the drier, Just a couple minutes will do the trick" I ask of her. As I begin to set up my table I marvel at how calm you are even though we just met. I am relaxed and admire women like you who know what they want and aren't afraid to try to get it.

As the tables in place, I remove the massage oil from the bag. I check it to make sure it didn't get cold from the ride. Yep, it's still good. With that I hear you walking back down the hall to rejoin me. With a bundle of sheets and towels in your arms, I instantly smirk as I see you are naked behind that. "Opps, was I not suppose to get undressed yet?" you giggle. As I shake my head I simply say "Love it."

As you hand me the sheets and towel, I place it upon my massage table and ready it for the massage. As you move to lay upon it you once again surprise me by announcing "the massage can wait, I must have you now." Turning towards me I take a moment to take all of you in. As you close the distance, I feel almost like I'm the prey and your the lioness. As you move to kiss me once more, I decide to regain some control and I reach under your arms and pick you up. Carrying you a couple steps, I lay you on your back on top of the massage table. Moving swiftly to the foot of the table, I reach for your athletic legs and push them apart wider. As I dip my head lower, I kiss the inside of your left ankle. Extending my tongue, I begin to trail a path higher and higher up your inner thighs. Closing the gap from your ankles to your little bit of heaven, I savor the taste. I savor the smell. I savor the sounds emiting from your mouth. As I get so close, I frustrate you by moving away and back down the other leg. Once I find your right ankle, I move once again higher. This time up that leg. "Please" you ask. As I get to your mons, I kiss you so close to it. Your body shivers in anticipation. Flicking my tongue higher, I slide right over top your little gem. It's so evident that your wet and also engorged. Ever the tease, I circle around and around in counter clockwise fashion. With each pass I miss your gem. You once again scream "do it". But as I push my head away for a moment, I look up at you and say "patience". "fuck the patience," you groan and you reach down and grab my face, pulling me back between your legs. Grinning wide, I wait a moment before extending my tongue to enjoy you. This time I slide with short flicks of the tongue up and back over your ever enlarged gem. Reaching up I seek out your perky nipples. Finding them, I use my left hand to tweak and tease each nip, alternating back and forth. A couple more minutes of this, I decide to add to the fun and reach down to your wet, tight slot and tease it with my right middle finger. Sliding it slowly into your tightness, I go inside a few inches before curling it up and back. Instantly I find THE SPOT. Feeling your chest heave off the table, I decide to increase my efforts to produce your first cum.

With each thrust of the finger, and with each pass of my tongue over your gem, I know I'm closing in on my goal. Oh how tasty you are. Oh how tight you are. I know when I am in for quite a ride with you. "Yes, yes, yes you begin to bellow out. "I'm cumming, you soon scream. I begin to feel your pussy clamping down on my finger. I speed up my thrusts and also my mouth begins to work double time. I begin to feel you producing and wonder if you are a squirter. In a meer matter of seconds I had my answer. My face begins to feel your juices flooding it. I push myself away a bit but leave my large middle finger inside you to push you through this release. You clamp even tighter on my large digit as you scream through your first release of the day. Finally you announce "stop, stop, no more" and i pull my finger out.

As I move away from the foot of the table, I move up to the top. Looking down at you, I wink. Grabbing a hand towel I wipe some of your fluids off my face. Leaning down I kiss your sensual lips for a moment or two. Staring into your eyes I speak "ready for that massage yet?" I don't even have time to react as you punch me on the arm. "Fuck me", you say in an almost hoarse voice. "With pleasure", I answer and with that I slowly begin to remove my clothes as you watch each and every item falling on the floor in front of you.

As I am finally naked, I look down at you and say "how much time do we have yet?"

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