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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
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   Playing the elusive single female...  

12/17/2010 17:16
Posted By:  - BRATTLEBORO, VT  
Date Posted: 12/17/2010 17:16
   I’ve never posted anything before but I wrote this in my journal a year ago right after the encounter and have been wondering what it would be like to put it out there. I got into the Lifestyle many years ago as part of a couple and put it aside for several years when we moved abroad. Eventually I got a divorce and decided to see what it was like to be the elusive single female. This is my first couple experience as a single female and so far my only. Perhaps there are more experiences in my future…perhaps not. Time will tell. But I certainly enjoyed this one and I hope you do too. (Names changed to protect the innocent. ;-)

We returned to their apartment and Emily made the first move to invite me into their bedroom. After a moment of nerves, it felt very natural. Emily’s eyes changed in a flash once in the bedroom and her wild and playful side emerged and I was immediately drawn…excited. The look was always there and was just awaiting the proper time to be exposed. Women are beautiful creatures and I savored her curves, her softness, her tongue, her fingers. She pulled my dress over my head and kissed my nipple. I cupped her breasts and darted my tongue around with hers. She drew me over to the bed and her tongue slowly found its way down my chest, my abdomen, and to my clit. John entered the room, undressed and laid behind me, holding me gently as my breath quickened and Emily explored me outside and in. They had their way with me for quite awhile, requiring very little of me except to enjoy. For me, there always seems to be one moment that sticks in my mind above and beyond all others in any encounter. This night it was when John held me from behind while I was on my knees. He held my body upright and with power so that I had very little potential movement. Such displays of strength always catch my breath and I felt some additional moisture between my legs. Emily was in front licking me, fingering me and the intensity increased. John said “Cum for Emily…you must cum for Emily.” And I came…hard…intense…long. And then I collapsed and they gave me a few breaths before continuing.

Eventually Emily said that she wanted to see John fuck me. And together we worked a condom onto John. I was already getting a bit tired but he made me cum a couple more times. Or I should say, I made myself cum, riding him while he told me to “go ahead and use him”. Then I pulled out and we rested, caressing each other and talking. John and Emily admitted that John does not usually penetrate the girls they play with; that he’s content just for Emily to play and oral sex. He said he was pleasantly surprised, after his earlier impression concerning the tension inside still in my efforts to catch up with myself and my changes of the past couple years, at how smooth and natural I was in bed. He took it as even more evidence that I was going in the right direction and that he enjoyed me immensely. After a bit of a break, Emily aroused John once more with her tongue and mouth, put another condom on him and announced she wanted to watch him fuck me more. So he obliged and I enjoyed. Then he removed the condom and penetrated Emily, till he came inside her. Finally we all collapsed, exhausted and satisfied.

After a bit, Emily went to shower and John and I chatted a bit longer, laying naked on the bed.
After Emily was done, I said goodnight, and took a nice long shower before retiring to their extra bedroom. The next day I caught the train and continued my travels.

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