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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
 Originator Date Posted 
   A naughty house showing  

1/13/2011 09:51
Posted By:  - MADISON, WI  
Date Posted: 1/13/2011 09:51
   This story is written by a close friend who is not on LL at the present and thusly unable to post it herself. She hopes everyone enjoys it. I know I enjoyed it.

I waited in the car as He was sorting out with the realtor inside where we’d be going. After a few more minutes of my pondering thoughts, He and a beautiful woman came out together. I couldn’t help but check her out and wonder for a moment. She was dressed in a pencil skirt with stockings and boots, and had nice curves. My initial thoughts were, “of course he’s going to get a beautiful woman as his realtor.” A part of me wondered if He knew her in another way other than business, but as He approached the car and hopped in, I let the thought escape me. We followed her to the first house we were going to look at. He was looking at buying a new place that would be closer to work. As the realtor, K, led us in, I noticed how friendly she was. She was very professional, but very warm and welcoming. The inside was very impressive, of which He seemed to enjoy the basement the most. When K walked away for a moment, He whispered to me, “I could see this place as a dungeon, what about you?” I smirked. We shared similar minds. He observed it more thoroughly, no doubt wondering what kinds of things He would put down there. While going up and down looking around some more, He occasionally grabbed my ass, and we snuck in a couple of kisses.

Heading to the next house in the frigid cold, our luck wasn’t so hot due to technological difficulties of opening the door. She decided to show us the next house, though soon to be off the market. On the way there, He thought it’d be fun to start getting a little daring. He pulled the infamous nipple clamps from his jacket pocket and said, “Put these on before we get to the next house.” I was slightly surprised He wanted me to do this in the car, and I was nervous at the amount of people that might see me, even though none would recognize me. By the time we arrived, I was properly situated.

It was an older house, empty, and a little messy. Once again we walked around, made small chat, and the realtor became no less friendly. She was very bubbly and winked at me a lot, which later I realized I looked into a little too much. Just from those actions though, a small part of me suspected that she knew Him more than just through business. Once again while in the basement, He whispered to me that He thought this room would make a great dungeon as well… The work room had pipes running through that would be something solid to cuff or tie someone to, it was windowless and seemed to block sound. He expressed these ideas to me while K took a call from work and between giving such ideas, He groped me, pulling on the clamps a little bit, kissed me softly and roughly while shoving his hands in my pants to check my arousal. I was already soaked, which I’m sure He expected no less from me. K finally came down, and I started blushing a little, aware that the smell of sex from His fingers and myself was now lingering. He snuck away into the workroom He was admiring before and then returned.

“You know what I was telling her about this basement just before you came down?” He asked K. “A dungeon.” My eyes couldn’t help but jolt to his, getting worried, and slightly embarrassed. I laughed nervously and He asked why I found that funny. I shook my head, knowing I was blushing now.

“Oh really?” she asked. “Yea, you ever seen something like that before?” She seemed weary, yet intrigued by this new line of conversation. She looked at me and back at Him. I simply stood and watched them both. “I’ve seen something similar I guess. Maybe not as extreme as a dungeon, but…some people have left things out while I was showing a house before.” “Really? What kind of stuff?” “Oh…umm…you know, things that you would normally keep private and to yourself.”

He kept pushing it, testing the waters to see what she’d say and she finally said nervously, “I don’t really know what to say. I mean, I just met you.” All I could think was What are you doing!?!? Soon the conversation led to how He and I had met. He looked at me and said, “Why don’t you answer that one?” I was still trying to go with the vanilla streak, even as He was testing the waters with K. "Online,” was all I said, trying to hide the embarrassed tone. Thankfully in this day and age, that was not uncommon at all. “On what kind of site?” She asked.

“Umm… a very open one…” was all that could come to mind without busting out the true url to our beginnings.He jumped in and started asking her if she’s been on certain sites, some things she’s into, etc. Again, all I could think was what are you doing!??! Finally He said, “What would you say if I told you that she’s my submissive?”

He could see my concerned and yet that’s private!! look I was giving Him as He told her I was his submissive. He only smiled cunningly and looked back at her. My eyes kept bouncing back and forth between her and Him again as they conversed, checking for her reactions to his words..“She is?” –her innocent, curious pose changed slightly to a more devious pose. “Yep. She’ll do anything I tell her to, and take anything I give to her, won’t you?” He asked towards me. I whispered, “Yes, Sir,” looking at Him nervously and shyly now. I didn’t know how to be open in this way in front of a stranger…someone who may not know or understand the type of relationship we shared. He returned to her… “Has anyone ever told you that before? Or rather…has anyone ever done this in front of you before?” He turned to me quickly, pinning me slightly against the wall with his body as He kissed me deeply and shoved his hand roughly into my pants, fingering at my soaking wet pussy. When He stopped, my mind was completely jumbled, especially because now her stature was more devious, interested, and voyeuristic. She seemed hot and bothered in the best of ways. My mind raced: was this a set up? Was He doing this in front of a complete stranger? She must know Him…she must know of Him. Was this really the first time they’ve met? What was she thinking about this brief exchange?

"MMmm, no one's done that in front of me on a showing before..." “So what about you? What side would you consider yourself to be? More dominant or submissive?" She played along. “Hmm…I’m definitely the more dominant type.” He continued to display me as his submissive, a new experience for me since the last time He involved another person in an encounter was the first day we met. “Yea? Well, want to see what else she’s got here?” He pulled my top up, loosening my bra, and showed her the nipple clamps clenching my pink nipples. My breathing got deeper, feeling vulnerable to whatever He wanted, and now to her as well.“Oh my, those must hurt!” she said, getting a closer peak. “Do they hurt?” A bit of silence. “She asked you a question, pet,” He reminded me. “Yes Sir.. I mean, yes, yes Ma’m, they do.”

He snickered, almost proudly, “yea, but she must like it. I bet she’s soaking wet right now. Watch this.” He slides my jeans and underwear down and pushes his hand between my legs, his fingers feeling up my creamy pussy. “Yep, look at this. She’s soaked!” I blushed, my mind still racing. I couldn’t move, my hands pinned to the wall behind me by the submissive tone my body overtook. I wondered what she thought. I figured it was a set up, but I allowed my mind to play the game of pretend as it was a bigger turn on. What did this stranger think of me? Did she think I was a little pain slut? Did she think it was hot?

He continued to display me by keeping me there, fingering me roughly with my wet juices, no need for prepping. I moaned slightly, but was still stiff due to the foreign presence. After playing with me some, He turned the tables a bit. He started coming onto her, leading us both into a more open space of the basement. “Right, I want you, pet, to slowly strip, while I take care of our new friend.”

Immediately I fumbled, regaining my thought, to remove my clothes while watching Him grab her up and start kissing on her and removing her clothes as well. He worked off her top and pulled out her large breasts to start sucking on and playing. Once again, in my head I thought, definitely a set up. Along with many other thoughts of, is this really their first time meeting though? Is she really a dominant, or also just playing the part for this whole thing to work? My mind wouldn’t stop circling with questions until I stood before the fondling couple naked. Once naked, He asked her if she wanted to touch me and how much experience she had with women.

“I’ve dabbled,” she replied keenly, and with a playful look on her face. She came ready to play. “Do you want to touch her? Let’s see if she’s still as wet.” She put a finger somewhat shyly between my pussy lips and felt how wet I was. “Oh wow, she is wet!” He looked to me, “would you like to touch her, pet?” “Yes, Sir.”

“Well go ahead and ask her then.” I looked at her shyly. “May I please touch you?”
She smiled and said yes. I felt down between her legs for her pussy, a move on a woman that wasn’t my first. She was very wet and turned on. I rubbed over her pussy for a bit while kissing between her moans from Sir playing with her nipples. When I finally removed my fingers, He had me taste her, licking my fingers clean. It was a new taste I wasn’t sure what to make of yet. He asked if I enjoyed her taste, and of course I said yes.

He wooed her to the couch, as she was clearly ready to be fucked, with how wet and horny she was now. I kneeled at his feet, sucking his cock to get Him nice and hard for her pussy. She observed my sucking for a bit, commenting on it, making me feel good that I knew how to please Him and get Him going. When He was ready He mounted her and began fucking her pussy nice and hard. I moved to her breasts and was instructed to suck on her nipples. I sucked on one nipple hard while fondling the other. He fucked her hard and deep and she was quite the moaner. She was getting close to cumming.

"You know, it's a good thing you aren't her," he said between thrusts to K. "If you were her you'd have to ask permission before cumming. Wouldn't she?" I nodded and mmhmmed as I continued sucking and biting hard on her nipples. It wasn’t long before she came, and I was astonished. I wasn’t used to being around women cumming, especially that quick. “Did she suck your nipples well?” He asked her. Oh yes, she did a great job.” “Do you think that she deserves a reward, or a punishment?”

“Mmm… I think she deserves a reward…” “Yeah? I think she deserves to eat your pussy. Hmm…would that be considered a reward or punishment do you think?” As they kept talking, I thought He was still referring to her. “I asked you a question, pet. Would eating her pussy be punishment or reward?

I wasn’t quite prepared; I’d never gone down on a woman before. My mental answer: punishment. Given answer: “reward, Sir.” “Good girl. Go ahead and go between her legs."

I didn’t know how to start. Clearly, she and I preferred different means of pleasure to reach orgasm…hers being more penetration and mine external stimulation. I eyed up her clit and dove in without thinking and started licking and sucking, my tongue searching for the spots that made her moan. It wasn’t long before I found her sweet spot and she began moaning. Sir took my previous place, sucking and biting on her nipples while I licked her clit, occasionally sticking my tongue in her pussy hole and twirling it around. Her taste overwhelmed my mouth, and I soon discovered that I liked it more than the initial taste test. “Oh yes, ohh!” she moaned, “Oh finger me!”

I immediately inserted a finger and started pushing it in and out. Her pussy squeezed around my finger and it moved in and out easily due to her orgasm only moments before. I refound that sweet spot on her clit and licked at it vigorously and fingered her deep with means to please. I wanted to please her and make her cum, even though I had never been in this position before. Sir bit harder and pulled more on her nipples as she moaned louder, and I fucked her faster with my finger. As she was getting closer, she began reaching for that orgasm. Her hand entangled itself in my hair and pushed my face into her pussy harder. I thought that might’ve turned me off, being forced to do this new act, but somehow her hand pushing me into her pussy deeper turned me on more. I felt my own wetness drip down my leg. I was so turned on and so focused on pleasing her, I didn’t notice the pain of my nipples as the chain from the clamps kept brushing back and forth against the couch with my motions. She pushed my face harder into her body and let out louder moans, “oh! Oh yea, oh yea, oh yea, don’t stop. Harder. Harder!”

She was so wet, if it weren’t for her moans, I’d have never known she came. I was quite impressed. “Did you make her cum?” He asked me and then asked her if I had. “Yes, she did.” “Wow. I’ve never seen her lick like that before. She must’ve really enjoyed it.”

I said nothing in hopes of denying without lying. I didn’t want to admit to myself, much less anyone else, that I enjoyed going down on a woman. It's not something I would choose to do every time, but this time I did enjoy it... especially with woman who had a more dominant edge.

“She’s been such a good girl. I think she really deserves a reward now,” K encouraged Him. “Yeah, I think you’re right,” He motioned for me to lay down in her place. “Why don’t you return the favor and go down on her. Get her nice and ready for me.” While she positioned herself between my legs, He had me suck his cock and play with his nipples to get Him going. Her tongue was very shy as it flicked at my clit a bit, now and then hitting the right spot making my legs twitch, while she fingered me inside. “How does she taste?”


“That’s right. You see now why she’s my submissive….nice sweet pussy, nice tight pussy. She needs to be sweet and tight for me, otherwise what good is she?” She fingered me more, my pussy swallowing her finger while He fucked my mouth. When He declared Himself hard enough, He put on a fresh condom and mounted me up next. He fucked me hard, his cock going in easier than usual. I moaned out how much I loved his cock inside of me as He fucked me nice and hard for a while, though He wasn’t quite ready to cum. When He paused to take a break, his devilish mind kicked back in. “I have an idea….”

He stood me up and led me over to the stairway that had poles along the rails. I was positioned to face the stairs as He roped my hands together around a pole. “You’re going to listen to me give her a nice fucking. Don’t turn around unless I say.” Even at this point I was still nervous, as He returned to really treating me as a sub again. I nodded and replied appropriately.

Behind me, I could hear Him working her up again. “Oh, you have such a great pussy. A nice tight pussy good for my cock, don’t you?” “Oh yes, that’s right, fuck me nice and hard. Ohh! Ohh yes, oh yes, oh yea…” On top of her moans and his pleasured grunts, I could hear their bodies smacking together hard from the force. “Oh, I love that sound!” she moaned out.

As I listened, I had mixed feelings. The inner, only vanilla, part of me started getting a bit jealous. As I kept listening though, and taking in the environment, I was very turned on. I was tied facing away from Master fucking another beautiful woman. It was my position, my place…and I was getting turned on by the inner bit of jealousy. They dirty talked some and moaned louder…I couldn’t tell if they were doing it on purpose to make me really hear it, or if it was really all the animalistic hormonal rage within their loins surfacing. Either way, it made me long for His cock more. They finally allowed me to twist my body and watch as He had her bent over the couch while fucking her. They kept going, almost harder now. He made her cum yet again, and she encouraged Him to cum in her too. Surprisingly, I was not disappointed by this suggestion, but rather eager to hear Him be pleased.

“No, I think she’s been a good girl. I think she needs to take my cum somewhere. Either her mouth, her pussy…or her ass.” The last part I dreaded, especially because I know He told me previously that the next time we met He would take it. “Mmmm, I bet you she would like it in her ass.” Deep down I thought, oh please no.
“I bet it would feel great for you to cum in her ass,” she encouraged.

“Naw, I know how she feels about that. Do you want it in your ass, pet?” He asked. I shook my head quickly and He chuckled. “Where would you like me to cum? Which hole?“My pussy please, Sir.”

“Ok, then get down on your knees and start making me hard.” I quickly got my face up into his lap and started sucking his cock nice and hard, fast and using my tongue. I slurped and sucked his cock hard while playing with his sensitive nipples in my hands. “Oh, that’s it,” He moaned. “Now, here’s what’s going to happen. When I say, you’re going to stop sucking and immediately get up on the couch and spread your legs for me. I’m going to fuck your pussy HARD until I cum. Understand?” I nodded and hummed “Yes Sir” with his cock in my mouth yet. He asked K if she could get Him a condom so He could be ready.

“Don’t you mean please?” she asked smartly, testing her authority. I couldn’t tell if she really meant it, as she didn’t like being given direct orders, or if she was just playing the Dom role to enhance the role she was playing. He laughed, “you really think you’re going to get ME to say please? Yea, nice try.”

I didn’t stop to listen much or make a remark, just kept sucking his cock, playing with his nipples, and making Him nice and hard, ready to play. He gave me the signal and I got on my back on the couch as He mounted me. He pulled me up closer as He pushed his cock into me easy, and fucked me hard. I felt like I was nothing but a body with a hole for Him to fuck. I tried thrusting back at Him, but couldn’t keep up with his pace. I utilized the muscles inside my pussy walls to contract around his cock while He fucked me, in hopes of making it tighter and more enjoyable for Him. While He fucked me, K came over and rubbed over my breasts, careful not to touch my sensitive still tightly bitten nipples. I pulled my body up to suck and bite on his nipples, increasing his overall sensitivity. I finally felt Him cum hard in my pussy, felt his cock tensing up inside me and releasing in the condom. He moaned loudly,deeply and squeezed every last drop out. I smiled, happy I could please Him, even if it meant me laying there and Him fucking my hole til He came. That’s what I was there for. We were just about out of time, and I began to sit up, thinking we were done. “Hold on…” He motioned for me to lay back down. “Let me show you how to take these off…” He noted toward the nipple clamps. I had practically forgotten they were on until He mentioned them. Taking them off was one of the most dreadful parts of them…even worse than them being put on. “The trick is to take them off gently, but quick. Isn’t that right, pet?” I smiled nervously and nodded. He quickly released one and I squirmed and whimpered in pain due to the blood rushing in. In the midst of my groaning, He took off the other. My nipples were puffy and sore, marked with bites from the familiar enemy. Putting clothes on became an effort in order to avoid pain.

As we cleaned up, K left us alone so she could get ready to go back to work, making sure all else was clear of evidence of us being there. He asked my opinion and I quickly told Him I knew this was a set up. He smiled and asked what I was talking about. “Oh come on. Anyone could tell that if not at least halfway through.” He just chuckled.

I kissed her a thank you good bye before departing with this new acquaintance. I wondered if we’d be running into her again any time soon… Even through his denials throughout the rest of the time we had together, the questions remained. Instead of asking if it was a set up, I was curious to find out more about her. How long had He really known her, was she really a more dominant person? –That was out of the ordinary for Sir to find someone that way. Was she originally submissive and just playing the role so Sir could set this up? Was she really submissive and looking to switch? Was she neither and looking to be dominant, or just pretending to be? The unanswered questions circled…and continue to circle today.

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