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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
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   A Call of the Wild  

1/20/2011 13:28
Posted By:  - MADISON, WI  
Date Posted: 1/20/2011 13:28
   "Slow down, turn right here." I voiced to her. "This spot looks like it has potential." As she began to pull down the logging road, I began to swivel my head to find the source of the creek. This isolated work of nature came to be as I was searching for a place for the ultimate photo shoot. She was a artist and I was her subject or at least that was what she assumed. Little did she know that before the day was over there would be some art created by both of us behind that camera.

The sandy roadway continued through the pine forest in that national forest. Driving along we both were on the lookout for a dam, a pond or something more than that meandering creek we saw from the roadway. We must have been about a mile back onto that logging road when it came to a T in the road. "This will work just fine, I uttered. I could tell she thought I was crazy. As she put her suv into park, I turned and looked at her. From the look in her eyes I knew the time was right for our first kiss. Leaning closer to her, it wasn't long before our lips met. With a hand on her shoulder, I soon began to caress her. A couple minutes of exploring and I knew it was time to pull away. "Follow me", I said. Reaching for the door handle, I turned back towards her for a moment. I saw she was disappointed in me for leaving her like that.

As i moved around the vehicle, I reached for her door handle and extended my hand to help her out. "Brrrr", she moaned. "It's freezing out here," she uttered. As I looked around at the scenery behind us an idea popped in for some pictures. "Grab your camera," I indicated. As she opened her trunk to grab her camera, my eyes scanned to find the perfect backdrops for what I had in mind. Thinking to myself, god I love pictures taken in nature.

As she closed the trunk and moved around towards me, I couldn't help but take in her beauty. The way the cold crisp fall air was blowing her hair had my mind working in overdrive. As she closed the distance, I knew things would have to wait for a bit as far as me modeling for her. Reaching down to grab the camera, she asked "what are you doing?" "Just stand right there," I answered. As she nervously shuffled her feet, I waited for the right moment to snap our first shot. "What do you want me to do," she asked. "Nothing, I'll know what I want when i see it" i responded. A moment later I was snapping off a few shots. Moving towards her, I pressed her gently back against her vehicle. Kissing her once more, I left her panting for more. That was the look I wanted. Click, once more the camera made that sound of the shot being taken. Moving in front of her again, I reached down and began to gently caress her erect nipples through the outside of her black blouse. As cold as she looked, I knew part of her was heating up. Sliding my hand along her sides, I teased my fingers closer and closer to the button of her faded blues.

Hearing her moan, brought an evil grin to my face. Looking up I saw her eyes closed and another idea came into my head. Pushing the button out of its position, soon her zipper was slid down a couple inches. As her eyes flew back open, I said "I know what I want." With that I slid my hand inside, teasing its way lower until I found my mark. "Wow, you are soaked," I responded immediately. Sliding my large middle finger inside her for a few thrusts, I stopped and removed it. Taking it to my mouth, she watched as i tasted her for the first time.

Grasping her right hand, I move it to position just inside her own panties. "Stay just like that," I command. Moving a few feet back I got ready to take a few quick shots of her. "Tilt your head just a bit and close your eyes," I next countered. A few more clicks of the camera and I got what I needed to see. Moving back to her once again. I opened the door to her right and placed the camera inside. As I stepped back in front of her, our eyes met and I saw the look. Reaching down to grasp the sides of her hips with each of my hands. I soon pressed myself against her. A familiar stirring was there and I knew it wouldn't be long before I was ready. As I continued to caress her right hip, a path began to move along her inner thigh on the other side. Soon it was again inside her jeans and on a path to her sweet heavenly spot. Teasing in circles her pearly button, her mouth became agape. Around and around in counterclockwise motion I went with my large digit. With her chest being thrust out, her legs instinctively spread wider. Soon, she was on her way. A load moan soon emitted from her mouth. A few more complete paths with my finger and she was there. "Oh, yes, yes, yes, she screamed. A few seconds later she pushed me sway.

She surprised me by what she did next. Turning away from me, she placed her hands against the side of the vehicle. I knew what she wanted. Moving behind her, I pushed my pants the rest of the way down. She shivered as she heard the sound of my zipper. Bending down slightly, I tapped the outside of her entrance with my large plumb head. Pausing for the right moment, I waited to thrust inside. With a push, a few inches soon entered. Taking a few moments to let her get use to it, I soon began a steady assault on her tight , wet slot. Reaching inside her bra, I removed her erect nipples from it. Tweaking and circling the erect tips, I once again began to hear her groan. The heat of the moment was too much, as much as I wanted to wait. I knew we'd have hours ahead of us and more comfortable confines. A few more deeper thrusts, and I could feel myself on the edge. "Do you want it", I asked. "Yes, give it to me," she cried. A few last frantic strokes and I was happy to oblige. "Yesssssssssssssssss", I cried out. My voice echoing in this isolated pine forest, not worrying who would hear. A minute later I pulled myself out of her. As we once more turned to look into each others eyes , she spoke first. "So much for waiting."

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