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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
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   The Lone Wolf  

2/14/2011 15:10
Posted By:  - MADISON, WI  
Date Posted: 2/14/2011 15:10
   From the first exchange of emails, until this emotional day we both knew what the ramifications of fire was. She was fire, as was I. She from the beginning kept reminding me how lone wolves can be. A long wolf isn't invincible as we are all mortal. Looking into her eyes, I could see the pain even though she did her best to not let it show. Today being Valentine's Day, I wanted to give her what she truly deserved.

Waiting for her at the nail salon, I closed my eyes for a moment to think back at how we came to this point in time. Fighting back tears, I knew what she would say if she saw them. Checking my watch I began to become nervous as time was of the essence. Finally, she began to appear before me looking as lovely as ever. Reaching for her hand, I grasped hers into mine and lead her toward the door and on to the final destination.

A couple minutes later we found ourselves on the highway heading to a place I wouldn't divulge to her. This was her surprise as difficult it was to keep from her. Surprises weren't normally her thing but she allowed me to do this just once. She knew how important it had to be. "I hope you didn't spend too much money on me," she spoke up finally. I could tell she was trying not to hide her nervousness. Calm, cool and collected was her trademark and it was rare for anyone to make her flinch.

About ten more minutes into our ride, I found the address I was looking for. Pulling into the driveway, It was exactly as I had remembered this a few years before. The row of trees framing both sides of the drive made me think about a future photo shoot idea. Pulling the car into park. I turned to her and paused before speaking. "Happy Valentine's, My lovely wolf. Enjoy yourself and I know you will love your surprise." As she opened her door, she turned back towards me as I was exiting my side and uttered "you know I hate surprises."

Moving around the car to her, I once again took her hand. Escorting her to the large front door, I could feel how sweaty her palms had become. No doubt she was nervous and I guess I couldn't blame her. Reaching out to ring the door bell, we both heard the chime. Footsteps approached the door and as the door creaked, I turned to watch her reactions. As the tall athletic figure presented himself before us immediately she cried out "How did youuuuuuuuuu?" As I looked into her eyes I said "I have my ways."

She then turned toward him and he moved closer to her. Pausing a moment as if to find the right words, "I've missed you Sue." Dipping his head down, I watched as the long lost lovers kissed. A minute later we found ourselves following him inside. The house was filled with the smell of a crackling fire. My expert nose caught a whiff of cedar. As we moved into the living room, he immediately asked us if we wanted a drink. " A vodka martini the way you like, Sue? he asked. Nodding her head, I asked for some whiskey. As we watched him walk away, she stared into my eyes a bit before finding the words. "Did you think this was a good idea?" Looking down at her I replied "no, I believe it is a great idea."

As we waited for our drinks I told her how I found him. I also told her that selfishly I wanted to see her with someone else as we never had the opportunity. "Who better?" I uttered. "I know but....she replied but I cut her off as our host was rejoining us. Handing us our drinks, He was the first to speak. "Sue, It has been a while. Tonight let us all celebrate the past and one of the most beautiful woman in this world." Clinking glasses we all looked at each other for the tense moment before savoring the drinks.

After a few moments of reminiscing, I knew that there was no better time than the present. "I have one more errand to run and i'll be back in a little while. You two kids catch up, ok?" As I made my hasty retreat from there, I knew he would take good care of her as i was "GONE." Closing the front door, I moved rapidly to my car. Pulling down the driveway I found a spot to move between a couple trees. Putting it into park, I soon found myself circling around to the back of the house. Slowly letting myself in the back door, I removed my shoes to help cover my sounds. Creeping through the pantry and through the kitchen I could hear their voices clearly. A moment later the talk seemed to stop. I had a pretty good idea why or at least that's what I hoped. Finding another drink waiting for me on the counter. I appreciated the gesture. Seating myself on a stool, I checked my watch once again for the time. I had told myself to wait 20 minutes. I knew it would be hard.

"I still can't believe i'm here, i heard her speak once again."Shhhh, he silenced her. Again silence. I could hear what sounded like them shifting positions on the couch. Startled by a gasp, I was surprised by the speed. Looking once more at my watch, time seemed to stand still. "Oh yes, yes, yes" soon filled the air. I had a pretty good idea where they now were at. Taking one last sip of my whiskey, I moved off the stool and toward the door. Pushing it open slightly, I had a good view. He had her positioned exactly as I hoped. Creeping towards them, the carpeting silenced my approach. Looking down at them, was surprised that her bra was still on. His finger was sliding slowly into her tight pussy with perfect unison with his tongue along her clit. She gasped once more as no doubt he remembered exactly how she liked it.

Just as I was about to turn the corner, the floors creaked. She looked at me upon that, startled and no doubt surprised. "You didn't think i'd miss this, did you?" I asked her. Moving the rest of the way, I soon found her lips. Kissing my lover, She seemed plenty distracted. Looking into my eyes with no words being spoken, I saw the thank you in them. A slight tear began to form and I fought one myself. Kissing her as passionate as ever, she finally began to cry out. Pushing myself away from her, she reached down and grabbed his shoulders. Holding onto him tight, the intensity of the moment was no doubt. It soon became too sensitive for her and she forced him away. As she turned back to me once more she spoke "fuck me, fuck me you both."

As I looked from her to him I spoke "you heard the wolf, let's fuck." Slowly removing my clothes as frantically as I had in ages, I had a pretty good idea this would be first for me. I knew this was to be a last for her and I was just happy to have made this possible.

To the lone wolf. On this Valentine's day even though you are now only here in spirit, I still feel you. I miss you.

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