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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
 Originator Date Posted 
   Desire to please... dedicated to you!  

2/16/2011 23:37
Posted By:  - MISSION VIEJO, CA  
Date Posted: 2/16/2011 23:37
   He brought me into the room, told me to slowly undress myself while he sat back. I know better and always wear sexy underclothing. He was impressed. That made me smile. He then grabbed for a cushion he already had prepared waiting close by. Dropping the cushion to the floor he requested me to kneel in front of him. I complied and bent down in front of him looking up to show he is in command and I will follow his desire. He slowly unbuttoned his pants as i reached forward he commanded me to stop and watch. I followed my orders and licked my lips in anticipation. He took just the tip of his hard beautiful cock out to show me what could be mine.

He then requested me to kiss just the tip, and not to let my mouth engulf him as of yet. He then told me to lick him as he slowly let the rest of his pants fall to the floor. As of now I had his thick hard cock right in front of me and I wanting so bad to just wrap my lips around it so bad. He warned me to NOT take him into my mouth but only lick and kiss him. My moans were getting deeper as i begged him to let me completely taste him, he ordered me to restrain myself and to keep my mouth from taking him in.

He reached down between my legs and felt the heat of my throbbing clit and the wetness gathering so yummy and thick about to drip. He laughed and stated he was impressed with my desire for him. I had to restrain myself with all I had from taking him all into my mouth. My tongue and lips moist in knowing what awaits my mouth.

He then told me to take just the head into my mouth and enjoy just that. He could feel my jaw unclench wanting to take every inch of him in. He grabbed the back of my hair pulling my head back warning to not give into my needs but only to his. I kissed and licked every inch of his now throbbing cock. I grasped his warm soft balls in my hand and slowly opened my mouth wider then my kisses in hoping he would let me get more of his delicious taste of him in.

His deep voice ascending into my ears penetrating every part of me as he spoke, mocking my hip movements of wanting to take all of him into my throat. He chuckled between words of how he knows his slut wants to please her MASTER, but at the same time knowing the pleasure I myself am desiring of that fulfillment of that hard cock deep in my throat. I whisper pleases, he grins and tells me to enjoy what her MASTER has prepared for her, his hard black throbbing cock.

My head is spinning at this point I want to gather every inch of this beautiful piece into my mouth. I move my lips from the head and work my way down. I let my jaw relax I open my throat and feel all of his hardness slowly sliding into and down deeper. It hits the back of my open mouth and I moan. I move my head back and forth gathering the wetness in my mouth from it hitting the back of my throat. "Yes! he exclaims, "keep Daddy's cock nice and wet baby." I feel the moisture gathering more and more between my legs. I can tell that with one stroke of my clit and I would be gone! Every time that beautiful cock hits my throat I myself moan out in pleasure. "My Gosh!" he moans, he too can tell im going to explode. "Your about to cum yourself my slut!"

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