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2/17/2011 21:34
Posted By:  - DULUTH, MN  
Date Posted: 2/17/2011 21:34
   Katharine and I were riding our Ducati along the North shore of Lake Superior, It was a wonderful fall day, the leaves were all shades of red, rust and brown against the back drop of the evergreens, the sun was shining and the morning rays were reflecting off the waves of the lake. This was not our first trip up the shore to view the fall colors and get some quality time away from work and kids. As we rode along Katharine’s hands would at times wander from holding on to my waist to rub my dick through my jeans. Riding always turns her on, it’s the thrill of the speed and the vibrations. We were now just north of Two Harbors and we made our customary stop at Betty’s Pies for breakfast, Betty’s is one of the true jewels of the North shore, the pie just melts in your mouth. As this was our first trip north on the Ducati we hadn’t planned on how to carry our usual pie with us so we took the pie and sat on the rocks of the lake and ate it right there, feeding each other small bites with our fingers, interspersed with light kisses to get the crumbs from each other mouths. We were so involved in this sensual act that we didn’t notice the couple watching us until the woman made a low primal growling sound in the back of her throat. We both jumped slightly at this and turned a slight shade of red matching the leaves swirling around us. The male half of the couple spoke up saying “sorry, but we couldn’t help being mesmerized by you two, you look so in love and sexy”. They proceeded to introduce themselves as Tom and Jackie, our embarrassment passed, and we struck up a conversation about the views and our love of the fall colors. Tom and Jackie were also from south of the twin cities, about thirty miles from our home in Northfield. As we were finished with our pie the four of us moved back to the parking lot and said our good byes. Back on the bike we headed north once again. We didn’t have much farther to go to our planned stop in Little Maris, a place we had stayed in the past, what you would call quaint, but in reality was just a run-down cabin belonging to a friends widowed father. We stopped at the local grocers and picked up smoked white fish, crackers and two bottles of wine. When we arrived at the cabin our trip took a turn for the worse, the roof had collapsed and the place was uninhabitable, our spirits were let down, the look on Katharine’s face almost crushed me as a tear rolled down her cheek. Knowing that most of the hotels and lodges were already rented out this time of year, we were at a loss as to what to do. We hopped back on the bike and headed back to town to see if we could find a place to stay. As we pulled up to the gas station we saw our new friends Tom and Jackie walking out the door. Tom, with a big smile said hello again, it must have been the look on our faces but they both picked up right away that something was wrong. Jackie asked what had happened and we told our sad tale. Tom whispered into Jackie’s ear and with a big smile she invited us to come spend a few days with them. Tom quickly added that they had rented a large waterfront cabin, much too big for just the two of them, and it was only fifteen more miles up the shore. After a quick discussion Katharine and I agreed to stay with them over night as our options were limited. We followed them to the cabin and carried our bags inside, the view from the great room was amazing large glass doors covered the whole front looking out over a large deck and the lake. Tom and Jackie quickly looked the place over and chose the master bedroom indicating we should put our things in a slightly smaller room with its own deck and a view of the woods that completely surrounded the cabin. As thanks for letting us stay with them we offered to provide dinner, Katharine is a excellent chef and had worked in some of the best restaurants in the Mpls/St.Paul area before she starting teaching culinary skills at the UofM . Katharine suggested that we run back to the store to pick up a few things for dinner, so back on the bike we went. On our way back I stopped on the private road to the cabin, I could tell that something was making Katharine uncomfortable and I wanted to find out what it was in private. We got off the bike and stretched and before I knew what was happening she was on her knees tearing at my zipper, freeing my manhood and engulfing it. I quickly rose to the occasion, outdoor sex is one of the few fetishes that we do not share, Katharine is always worried that we will be seen, which is what I find so exciting about it. After a few minutes of her attentions I pulled her up and unfastened her jeans to find her womanhood soaked, I stroked her with the tips of my fingers, surprised that she had somehow removed all the hair from her nether region, I sat her on the bike and slowly kissed and licked her inner thighs, working my way up, as soon as my tongue caressed her clit she exploded in ecstasy, drenching my face, I stood and slipped my tool into her, slowly stroking in and out not wanting to cum to fast myself, but being outside, the attentions of her talented mouth and the feel of her hairlessness drove me over the edge much too fast for my tastes. Once we had calmed down a bit and gotten our clothing back in order, I asked her “what brought this on?” she said that between the riding on the bike, the disappointment of the cabin, and the generosity of Tom and Jackie, she was just overwhelmed and needed release.

We arrived back at the cabin and found a note on the door that read “went for a walk on the shore with a couple of bottles of wine, come find us, we went south.

So after putting the food away we grabbed the smoked fish and crackers and walked south on the shore, Katharine took my hand in hers, we didn’t speak, the memories of our recent encounter floating through our heads. As we came around a large rock we were shocked. In this small cove we found Tom and Jackie, they were both naked, Tom Laying in the sun, and Jackie in the water. I stepped back, hand going to my eyes “Oh I’m so sorry” Tom sitting up, whoa whoa it’s ok we don’t mind, we invited you to come find us, the day is so nice and warm and we didn’t bring summer clothes with us. Come sit down and have some wine. To my surprise Katharine casually walked over and sat on a rock near Tom and took the glass of wine from his out stretched hand. Jackie walked up from the water and sat next to Tom, picking up her own glass. In shock I decided that as long as Katharine was ok with it, I could be too, so taking a breath I walked over and took a glass of wine as well. We sat and chatted for a bit, I couldn’t keep my eyes off Jackie’s body, in my mind comparing it to Katharine’s, they were very similar in build, Jackie a few inches taller, with her dark red hair and flashing green eyes, and Katharine, hair black as midnight and eyes as blue as the lake. They both had 34 C breasts and shapely hips. I noticed as well that Jackie was hairless. The sun was very warm and the combination of the wine and the women had me perspiring, I noticed that Katharine had a sheen on her brow as well. Jackie picking up on this invited us to disrobe as well and once again to my surprise Katharine stood and started shedding her clothes. Not wanting to be a stick in the mud I removed everything but my shorts, trying to hide my semi-erection. Jackie stood and took the wine from Katharine’s hand and pulled her towards the lake, I couldn’t believe it as Katharine meekly followed her. The two of them went in to their knees and stood and talked, I couldn’t hear what they were saying but every once in a while a giggle would float to where Tom and I were sitting. Tom refilled my glass and nodded towards the women, Good looking pair we have. I agreed and noticed that Tom had a full erection. After a bit the girls came back to us and sat down, we ate the fish and drank two bottles of wine. It might have been the wine but after a bit I removed my shorts, no longer embarrassed by my erection which was now standing at full staff. As we continued to get to know our new friends, Katharine would occasionally reach over and stroke me, the same as Jackie was doing to Tom. As the afternoon wore on the temperature dropped and it became a little chilly. Tom stood and suggested that we go back to the cabin get a fire going and make dinner. I reached for my clothes to get dressed and then noticed that no one else was, At this point I realized that Tom and Jackie didn’t have any with them, just a blanket and the tote for the wine and glasses. We all walked back to the cabin in the nude. Once back at the cabin no one seemed in a hurry to get dressed, Katharine went to the kitchen and started to get dinner ready, Tom started a fire in the large stone fireplace. Jackie asked me to make her a drink and pointed to the bar, I asked Tom what he wanted and quickly became the official bar tender, mixing drinks for everyone, Jackie went to the closet and took out several blankets and spread them on the floor, pushing the coffee table and couch back out of the way, she piled several pillows on the blankets as well, and patted the floor next to her. I sat a few feet away from her, and looked at Tom who just smiled and tossed me a bottle of lotion. Jackie lay on her stomach indicating that I should rub the lotion into her back, I willingly agreed and gave her back a good going over. She mumbled for me to keep going and get her legs, nervously I moved my hands to her legs and applied the lotion to her calves working my way up, as I got passed her knees, she slightly spread her legs, now I could see her cunny open and glistening. Katharine walked into the room and said “Wow that looks like fun, Tom can you hit me with the lotion?” Tom told her to lay down on the blankets and picked up the lotion and started on her back. I felt something, and amazingly it wasn’t jealously. Watching this man I had just met run his hands over my wife of eleven years was turning me on, my erection was back. Jackie looking over her shoulder, said “Hey don’t stop, you haven’t gotten everything yet” The only part of her back I hadn’t had my hands on yet was her butt, I looked at Katharine who was cooing, she looked in my eyes and nodded her head. I took this as her okay and proceeded to rub the lotion into Jackie’s firm backside. I was hard as I have ever been, Jackie wrapped her small hand around my member and started to stroke me as my hand slipped between her legs and rubbed her wetness, we continued this for a bit, noticing that Katharine and Tom were doing the same. Jackie rolled over and took my cock in her mouth, lightly biting it as she fondled my sack. She pulled away, kissed me and stood up, be right back she smiled at me and headed to the bedroom. I was mesmerized by Katharine as she sucked Tom, she is really good at giving head, and she gets so into it. Jackie came back into the room, she was carrying a wash basin and a razor, she pushed me back and lathered up my cock and balls, I was so worked up I think that if she had pulled a gun I would have just sat there. She shaved my equipment, washed away the last of the lather and inspected her work. She then took away the basin, razor and the can of shaving cream. When she came back into the room she resumed where she had left off, quickly bringing me back to full attention. Katharine and Tom had switched positions and he had his head buried between her thighs, he must have known what he was doing because Katharine was shaking in orgasm, her breath coming in short bursts, a keening sound coming from deep in her throat. The stimulation was too much for me and I touched Jackie on the head to warn her that I was about to cum, she looked in to my eyes and clamped her lips around my cock and took my load in her mouth, swallowing it. After a few minutes I returned the favor laying her on her back and working my tongue and fingers, licking, stroking bring her to her own O. Tom had found a condom somewhere and was deep inside my wife, Jackie and I sat back and sipped our drinks as Katharine flipped Tom over and remounted him, taking him deep inside and riding him, she would rise until the tip of his cock was just inside her lips and then slide back down, when she reached bottom she would rock back and forth, clamping down with her vaginal muscles, then repeating. Tom, hips bucking came with a yell. We sat and looked into the fire, every so often running a hand or foot along each other, no one said anything for a while. Suddenly Katharine jumped up and ran for the kitchen, yelling that dinner was done and we should eat, so we could have the energy to continue.

Katharine had out done herself, we had fresh trout in a honey lemon glaze, warm French bread, garden fresh green beans and for desert a strawberry tort, all accompanied by matching wine. This is the first time I had every sat at table with others naked and had dinner, Tom and Jackie declared that since we had provided dinner they would clean up.

Throwing a shawl over her shoulders Katharine told me to make her a drink and join her on the deck. Being the awesome husband I am, I did as she asked. When I walked onto the deck she rose up on her toes took my head in her hands and kissed me, whispering “You are the best Husband in the world”. We leaned against the railing and discussed what had happened, and how we felt about it. Katharine with a serious look in her eyes said “I have something I need to tell you” she proceeded to tell me that Jackie was the new girl at work that she had mentioned, and that she had wanted to try swapping ever since Jackie had let it slip that she and her husband were swingers. They had planned this whole thing. That she had told Jackie about our annual trip up the shore, and they had decided that it was the perfect time to seduce me. I was shocked albeit pleasantly shocked. I had mentioned to Katharine soon after we were married that swinging was something that I would be willing to try if she ever wanted too.

We finished our drinks and headed back inside, Tom looked at me and asked “Okay?” I smiled and replied “Hell Yeah!!” Tom then asked if we wanted to jump in the hot tub and relax, we agreed and the four of us headed to the tub on the back deck. The warm water soon had Tom and I ready for action again, but we were not going to get that lucky so soon, the women had other plans. Stepping out of the tub Katharine took Jackie’s hand and led her into the house, Tom and I followed, our jaws both dropped as we came through the door to see our wives in a tight embrace locked at the lips, with the reflection of the fire behind them it was one of the most erotic sights I have ever seen, they were both running their hands over each other’s bodies. Katharine stepped back, dropped to her knees and took one of Jackie’s nipples in her mouth, she nibbled and sucked at it until Jackie’s nipple looked like a pencil eraser, she then switched to the other nipple. Both women fell to the floor and let their hands wander stroking each other, kissing and licking. They flipped around into a sixty-nine position and brought each other to orgasm.
Then with a smile a mile wide, they both crooked their fingers and beckoned us to join them on the floor. We switched back and forth between partners, in every possible configuration, we all fulfilled several fantasies, Katharine said she wanted to have one cock in her mouth and one in her pussy, Jackie wanted the do a DP. I requested that Katharine lick Jackie’s cunny as I fucked her and Tom got his wish of having two women sharing his cock and Cuming on their faces. We played long into the night and all the next day, sometimes as a foursome and sometimes as couples, Jackie and I had a wonderful time spending two hours doing nothing but licking each other entire body while Katharine and Tom had sex on the beach.

Sunday night we all crashed, all the fucking, had done us in. We woke Monday morning and cleaned up the house. As the day wore on we all decided that this was going to now be an annual trip for the four of us. We had one last group romp and loaded up and hit the road.

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