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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
 Originator Date Posted 
   17 seconds  

3/15/2011 10:43
Posted By:  - MADISON, WI  
Date Posted: 3/15/2011 10:43
   As I walked to my car in the parking ramp I knew I was smiling from head to toe. It was one of the best first meeting experiences with a couple I had ever had. I was so glad to have gotten their text message saying "want to meet for drinks, we are in town checking out the protests." As I continued to my car, I was cursing myself for being on the clock. The time flew by way too fast. Why did I have some place to be in 30 minutes? As I found myself unlocking my door, I paused a moment and decided to do something out of character. Finding the number on speed dial, the phone soon was ringing. As she answered the phone, I found myself asking if I could push plans back another hour. A short while later I found myself hanging up the phone and then typing out a quick text. "Do you want those 17 seconds?" Hitting send, I had a pretty good idea what i'd get in reply.

It was a matter of seconds before the reply came. "Yes, too bad you had to leave." Typing fast I replied "i'll be parked on the top level of the ramp. Meet you guys up there in 5 minutes." As I started my car up and began my journey up a couple levels, I wondered what conversation was being had at that moment. Grinning from ear to ear I had a pretty good idea it wouldn't be long before I found a vehicle pulling next to mine. Upon entering the top level, there wasn't too many cars. I proceeded to the farthest corner of the level and put my car into park. Taking a moment to relax, I began to think back at the great chat we just had. A few minutes earlier as I had told her I'd love to kiss her for 16 seconds. Her reply of can we have 17 seconds came with laughs from all. The crowded bar wasn't the time nor place for a first kiss but soon I believed it was going to happen.

Looking up, I saw their vehicle coming around the corner and on it's way closer. Soon they pulled up next to me. The first thing I noticed was their tinted windows. Perfect, I thought to myself. As I rolled down my window I asked "may I?" Immediately I got my answer when he motioned for me to join them. Opening the back door to their SUV, I slide into the backseat. No sooner did I close my door than the lovely Kris slide in on the opposite side and moved in right next to me. "17 seconds?" she asked. "Let's!!, I exclaimed. I turned toward Jim and asked "Is this fine?" His reply was a enthusiastic "Hell yeah, and don't mind me here."

Moving even closer to her, I stared into her eyes for a moment before removing her glasses. Handing them to Jim. I soon reached for her shoulders to caress them. As our lips joined each others , I could feel her shiver with excitement. After a few seconds I pushed myself away and looked at her and said "time up yet?" Her reaction was s gentle punch on my left shoulder right before she grasped me and pulled me once again to her. I couldn't help but enjoy the sensuality of the kiss. Seventeen seconds became minutes. Turning my head back toward Jim to make sure everyone was comfy, he whispered "Go for it." Knowing we were all on the same page, I began to massage Kris with my large yet gentle hands along a path that became lower and lower. Teasing the outside of her shirt over top her breasts, her reactions were immediate. I recall how sensitive her breasts could become from what I was told. Yep, they were. A moment later I moved my hands along her hips. Slowly I snaked my fingers nearer and nearer to her sex. Gently rubbing a few strokes on the outside of her jeans caused a loud gasp. Just as I was about to unbutton her, she pushed me away. "Me first," she exclaimed.

With that she reached down and seized my own button. The zipper soon followed. Almost as in a frantic rush, she had me down and exposed. With my boxers out of the way, her hand grasped me for the first time. "Oh my", she replied. Slowly she began to stoke my ever hardening cock. From the feel of it I was already leaking a good amount of precum. Rubbing it in with each stroke, I couldn't help but groan with excitement. It had been a good long time since I had a truly great handjob. Finally she asked "shall I?" All I could muster up was a simple head nod. As she dipped her head lower, I could see what I had store for her. A large thick drop was about to dribble down, and like an expert, she didn't lose a drop. capturing all of me in one rapid movement. "Whoaaaaa," I screamed out. She surprised me with her skills. She did some things that I wasn't use to. It was almost as if she knew my body like a long time lover. Truly testing my will power, I savored every moment. Every time I was pushed to the edge, she knew just when to back off. Mercilessly she was and I was enjoying every moment. Finally, I decided to turn the tables some. Reaching my hands over to her, I found the outside of her lacy panties. Sliding my hands inside them, It wasn't long before I found out how wet she truly was. Sliding my large middle finger along her lips, it seemed to encourage her even more. Teasing a path up and back, I paused for a moment before circling in counterclockwise fashion closer and closer to her erect bud.Trying to shift herself to push it against my finger, I'd have none of that. Making her wait a moment more, finally I found my mark and circles around and around it. She no longer could focus on myself and moved her mouth away. "I'm going to cum, I can't believe it", she screamed. A few seconds later she did just that. As she came down from her high, she chimed in "I'm not usually that quick." Kissing her on the lips once more, a minute later I turned back to Jim and asked "Do you think we have time for one more?" With a wide grin he replied "I love what your doing to her." "Honey, do you want more? he asked her. Without answering, she just reached for my hand once more and moved it to her soaked pussy. I most certainly got the hint.

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