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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
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3/22/2011 17:55
Posted By:  - FLAGSTAFF, AZ  
Date Posted: 3/22/2011 17:55
   I see you,standing there, looking unsure of what to do. You look just like I have always dreamed. Beautiful,at least to me.Lets go, I say grabbing your hand a bit nervously. We walk, hand in hand into the beautiful house that is our for the afternoon. As you look me in the eyes and tell me how much you have been waiting for this day, my heart begins to beat extra fast. I reach up and put my hands around your neck...pull you close.I can all ready feel your bulde pressing against my belly. We stand there for a moment, until I break the moment by gently kissing your neck. My hands begin exploring your body.God, you feel sooo good. I am dying to get my hands on your hard cock,but I am trying to be good. I control myself, a bit...my hands reach down to your ass.Wow, you feel amazing.I stand upon my tippy toes and gently kiss your lips. You pull me into you, sucking and probing my mouth with your tongue. Your hands can not stay where they should....they slide right down my body to the bottom of my black, fitted sweater. You gently reach up, under my shirt...my skin is tinglingly. My mind is racing and my body is aching with desire. You slide your hands over my large tits...quickly and masterfully unfasten my bra. My nipples are so hard...just waiting for your full,undivided attention. I decided to help a bit and I pull my shirt and bra all the way off. You stand back for a minute , staring...I only have on my short,black skirt and heels. You have no way of knowing that I decided not to wear panties today. My pussy is sooo wet, ready for you. You come back, close to me. First rubbing your hands allover my tits, then moving your mouth down and sucking on one nipple at a time...making them even harder. My hands...that have been exploring your butt, come around and feel your very hard dick through your pants. I know I shouldn't be pushing this...but want you so bad. I quickly unbutton and unzip those pants. My hand finds your underwear a bit wet from your pre-cum. I slide your pants and underwear down...to expose your amazing cock. I know that I need you in my mouth right now. I kneel down tomy knees and guide your dick inside my mouth. You taste sooo good. I begin by licking your cock and balls...making sure I miss nowhere. I gently slide your entire dickinside my mouth, and look into your eyes. My head begins to move up and down, slowly and precisely at first...then picking up to a faster more frantic pace.I can feel you getting close, and since there is NO way we are stopping at this,I slow down so a soft licking. You pullme to my feet and move me over to the bed, where you lay me down and pull off my skirt.My shaved pussy is already soaking wet...waiting for what is coming next. You spread my legs...kneel down at the end of the bed and go to work. You seem to have a way of alternating between soft gently flicks to my clit and fast circular motions. You are driving me crazy! God...this feels so good! You can tell I am getting close....you keep going. Your free hand reaches up and squeezing my nipple...hard.With the pressure I can no longer control my self...I begin moaning, quietly at first...then escalating to a load groan. I need you inside of me, I beg. You keep licking until my body convulses and I scream with release. Now I am so wet and just dying for your cock to enter me. As you stand up, I push you onto the bed, then quickly climb on top.I gently slide your cock into my waiting pussy and begin to rock.My clit is already begin to feel full again. I ride you, hard...fast up and down until I feel you once again getting close to orgasm. Fuck me from behind now, please! I beg.You stand up... pulling me up and bending me over the side bed. You enter me from behind. You are plunging so deep into me, it feels amazing. I am begging you to fuck me harder. My hand reached under my belly and finds my clit. I begin rubbing myself at the same pace that you are pounding. God...I am so close/ I whisper...this seems to get you even more turned on. " Harder," I begs you fuck me as hard as you can. My body begin to tighten and squeeze around your cock. You, are relieved that I am finally going to let you cum. As I move and grind, your cum flows deep inside of my, filling me up. We both collapse onto the bed, exhausted.....but anxious to see what the rest of the afternoon will bring.

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