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Are you seeking Charlotte, Michigan swingers personal ads?
Forum Category: Erotic Stories
 Originator Date Posted 

3/24/2011 09:58
Posted By:  - CHARLOTTE, MI  
Date Posted: 3/24/2011 09:58
   Let me know if you like this. One of my hobbies is to write erotica, but feedback is my motivator. Story below...

Chapter 1

David knocked on the door, but there was no answer, so he decided to let himself in. After all, she was expecting him, so why stand out in the cold? He was already trembling and nervous.

A quick scan of the room revealed your typical mid-range hotel suite, with a king sized bed, a table and chairs near the window, and paintings that could only look appropriate in a hotel room.

She was in the shower. The bathroom door was cracked open with steam drifting out. David could hear her singing softly, and realized that he had never heard her sing before. He was quite certain she would never be singing if she knew he was there.

This was the first time they had ever met like this. For months they had been exchanging emails, text messages, and phone calls, sharing their deepest fantasies with one another, but meeting face-to-face had never been an option.

The thought of getting in the shower with her crossed Davidís mind for a moment. He had always liked way a woman's skin feels when it's wet, and burying his nose in her damp hair sounded like a fantastic way to start their romantic evening. But the thought quickly faded; he didn't want to startle her. He wanted her to be ready for him, ready for what he had to offer her. His charge was to satisfy this woman and starting out on uncomfortable terms would make that difficult. So he removed his coat, sat down on the bed, and listened to her sweet song.

Her clothes were lying nearby on the bed. Black skirt, light blue blouse, and black lace lingerie. Perhaps if he had arrived on time, he could have helped her out of those clothes, but freeway construction around the airport delayed him by half an hour. The lingerie looked brand new. She may have bought them just for this occasion, much the way that he purchased new clothes to make a great first impression.

The shower water suddenly turned off, and the sound of the curtain sliding open broke Davidís attention. He wondered if he should say something, or just wait for her to round the corner. No, that would scare her too.

"Brooke?" He shouted. Probably a little too loud, but he was so nervous that he was lucky to avoid choking on the single syllable.

"Oh, you're here," she replied. "I'll be out in just one second."

She didn't sound nervous at all. On the contrary, her voice was very soothing, and David suddenly felt better.

"Sorry I'm late, the construction held me up."

"That's okay," she replied. "Were you able to find any wine? I could use a drink."

"Of course."

David had picked up a Spanish red wine called Rioja. He always thought it sounded sexy, and loved the subtle glaze on a woman's lips right after taking a sip of dark wine.

Just then she appeared, wrapped in a very plush white robe. Her hair was still wet, water glistening on her chest beneath her gold necklace. She was truly a sight to marvel, and David did just that. Six months he had fantasized about one day being exactly where he was - on the edge of the bed - looking up into Brooke's deep brown eyes.

"What's the matter?" she asked. "You look like you're about to get your knuckles cracked by a Nun."

"I'm just nervous," he admitted.

She haunched her head slightly and cracked a smile, amused by his honesty.

"Maybe I can help calm you down," she replied.

She moved slowly in front of him, straddled his legs, and bent slightly to rest her knees on the vertical edge of the bed. David took a long, deep breath. In his peripheral vision he could see the outline of her exposed waist, but never took his eyes off her face. She took his hands into hers and tilted her head to kiss him. Time seemed to completely stop as they kissed for the first time. Her lips were supple, and even though the moment lasted all of five seconds, it was a moment that solidified Davidís belief - he belonged with this woman.

Chapter 2

Brooke stood back up, closed and tied her robe, then made her way to the table where David had left the wine.

"I almost got busted on the way over," she said. "He called my cell, and I'm just so used to answering that I picked up without looking."

She was referring to her husband. They had been in a messy relationship since day one, but she always found a reason to go back to him. David was hoping he could change that, but even during their six-month relationship, she continued to stay with him. He was Davidís competition for her.

"Where did you tell him you were going?" He asked.

"I didn't. We're fighting, so I just hung up on him."

She lit up a cigarette, and tossed the lighter to the middle of the table. She had promised herself months ago that she'd quit smoking, but then, she also resolved to leave her husband. David didn't care; heíd take her any way he could get her.

"I should grab a quick shower myself," he said. "I've been in the car for 4 hours."

David was fresh off a flight to Houston and they decided to meet in Dallas, which was halfway for both of them. He was scheduled for training the entire week, so they took advantage of the opportunity to finally meet in person for the first time.

David stood up to make his way toward the bathroom, but she immediately obstructed his path.

"I don't think so," she contested. "I've already had to wait a half hour for you."

With a hand on his chest, she pushed him back down on to the edge of the bed. He grabbed her hips and moved her gently to position himself underneath her. Her robe had slipped completely open from the commotion, and for the first time, David was able to look at her naked frame up close. Photos just couldn't do it justice. He was captivated by the sight and scent of her cinnamon skin.

David kicked his shoes off as she started unbuttoning his shirt. He wasn't sure which part of her body he wanted to touch first, but he knew he wanted another taste of those lips. He put his hands on her neck just below her ears to get a handful of her silky brown hair. He interlocked his fingers behind her head, and pulled her down for another kiss. She was still warm from the shower with perspiration building on her forehead and neck. Taking the opportunity to cool her down, he slipped her robe back over her shoulders and down off her arms.

Davidís heart started pounding as he felt himself getting hard. She slid one leg on to the bed again, then the other, seating herself just below his waist. Her every movement drove him wild.

She pushed his shirt down over his shoulders and slid her fingernails down his chest. For a moment they just sat there, their lips inches away from one another, heads titled in slightly as if they both decided to pause and savor the moment. David playfully bit her bottom lip and she tilted her head back to get away, exposing her neck as the next point of attack. She giggled as he bit her near the collar bone.

He lifted her up and laid her down onto the bed. Her legs were bent with her knees raised. She sat up slightly, grabbed his pants at the waste line, and pulled him in, but he pulled away. David knew that if he let her get his pants off so early, it would be all over before they even got started. He wanted to let his lips and tongue do some exploring first.

Raising her left leg, David began massaging her foot. He knew from experience that the arches of a woman's foot are extremely sensitive to touch. He ran his finger slowly from the top of her foot to her knee, then slid his hand over the top of her thigh and pulled her leg outward. It gave her goosebumps, but he began to nibble his way inward starting from her knee. As he sunk his teeth in about midway up her inner thigh, she began squirm.

David fought the urge to dive right in and go to work on her clitoris, so he simply brushed it with his nose as he moved my lips up just below her belly button. He could feel her hair tickling his chin as he nibbled across her waistline. He glanced up at her face - her eyes were closed. It was obvious that she was enjoying the teasing sensation, awaiting his next move with quiet anticipation.

David released her leg and used both hands to cup her breasts from beneath. He didn't want to focus too much on her chest, even though her nipples were hard and looked inviting. He got a mouthful of her left breast from the inside, but then moved up to her lips to get an idea of whether to change the tempo or maintain the slow, playful pace. So much can be communicated through a passionate kiss. She was hot, and eager for him to continue providing the pleasure.

Brooke began grazing Davidís stomach with her fingernails. Resting his forehead on the bed to prop himself up, he reached down and interlocked his fingers into both of her hands, then pulled them upward to meet above her head. His lips went back to work by nibbling the left side of her torso below the base of her arm. He brushed past her underarm with his nose, and slid up to nibble her arm on the inside of her bicep.

Their hips were rubbing together, and David felt as if he was going to explode from the friction. He pulled back again, but he wasn't going to be able to hold out much longer. It was time for him to get serious. He slid his chin down between her breasts and stomach, then moved his hands into position on the crooks of her inner thighs. There was moisture glistening on her hair. He thrust his tongue inward and began to massage back and forth, up and down. After about a minute, he spread her lips open and blew gently on her clitoris. He started massaging with his thumb on the top while working it with his tongue in the middle. Utilizing his left hand, he penetrated her with his index finger.

In and out with his finger, back and forth with his thumb, and supplementing any missed areas with friction from his tongue, it only took her about 2 minutes before she cracked. She moaned and quivered, raising her hips slightly several times as he kept the friction going. Her hips started rolling, more of a pumping action as she continued to moan.

"Okay stop, stop!" she whispered, closing her thighs together, squeezing his head to get him to retreat. She put her hand on his chin and gently lifted his head upward. The look of satisfaction in her eyes was evidence that he had done well. David slid up and kissed her gently on the neck, then rested his head on her chest. Her skin was scented with a combination of flowers and perfume. Her breathing was short and erratic, trying to catch up on the oxygen she had lost during the climax.

It seemed like a long, blissful moment, but they couldn't rest long. It was his turn, his chance to experience that feeling he could see in her eyes.

Chapter 3

Just then her phone rang, once, then twice, and a third time.

"Do you need to get that?" He asked.

"Of course not, it's probably just him anyway."

She got up from the bed and turned the phone off, then leaned back against the table and looked at David. She was still naked, and once again he marveled at the beauty of this Matriarch. There were still visible red marks where he had bitten her, and her hair was a bit frizzy from having laid on her back, but he loved it. She had an aura of integrity and intrigue; this was Brooke in her purist form, and he felt special being with her, with the secret side that few people have ever seen.

"Am I allowed to take those pants off now?" she asked with a smirk, making her way back to the bed. "Or are you being the nervous kid in the boys locker room?"

David laughed, but she was right. He felt like a silly school boy, but he had earned this opportunity. His erection had settled a bit with the distraction of the phone. Although he wasnít a smoker, he considered having a cigarette to give him a break so he might appear to last longer once they got physical again, but he decided against it.

"Just don't expect me to last very long."

"Well let's start with your socks," she said playfully. "I want to see if I can make you climax just by touching your feet."

As she pulled his socks off, he unzipped his pants and pushed them down a bit. He felt relieved to be free, aching from being trapped in his pants thus far.

"You look even better in person than you do on my computer," she said. She climbed onto the bed, hovering over his legs, and began sliding his pants the rest of the way off.

"I've been thinking the same thing since I arrived."

"Didn't you know you were supposed to do the flattery thing before you stuck your mouth between my legs?" she responded with a sarcastic tone.

"I'll keep that in mind for next time."

David was finally naked. The feeling of the sheets and the light brushes of her skin were making his heart race once again. He felt her hair being dragged across his legs. Her eyes focused on his, grinning and teasing as she made her way to his midsection. He knew what was coming, and the anticipation was driving him insane.

"Do you need me to flatter you before I put my mouth on you?" she inquired as she ran her cheek up the shaft of his penis.

"You're killing me," he declared. "I hope you know that."

She laughed, then sat upright. Tilting her head up, she pulled her hair back before pushing it all over to one side. Then she came down again, but this time it was for real. She wrapped her lips around the tip of his penis and wrapped a finger around the base to hold it upright. David was so hard that the tip resembled a mushroom top. He let out a small gasp at the intense pleasure of her moist lips. Up and down, with such tremendous pressure, he could feel her tongue and the inside of her cheeks with every stroke. He wasnít the type to sit back and close his eyes; he had to watch, and she loved it. She looked up at his face several times, just to make sure he was loving every second of it. She was remarkable.

David attempted to hold out as long as possible, desperately trying to delay his orgasm. He couldn't come too quickly; what would she think? But after a minute, he couldn't hold out any longer. He didn't care anymore - it had to happen. It let loose with such amazing force that he screamed out loud. He put his hands on her head to slow her down because he was so oversensitive. He couldn't help but moan as she began stroking him with her hand. His semen was running down over her hand and pooling at the base of his penis. He wished she could sit there all day, stroking over and over.

Brooke looked into his eyes, and he offered the same glazed over appearance that she had 10 minutes prior.

"Now... you can go shower," she said. "But don't put your clothes back on yet. I've got you all night."

Chapter 4

"Hey David?" She stuck her face through the crack in the bathroom door.


"I'm out of cigarettes. I'm going to walk down to the main office to see if they sell them."


David had caught a glimpse of her cigarette pack earlier; she didn't need cigarettes, she just needed a good excuse to step out so she could check in with her husband. Perhaps she was feeling guilty, who knows. This was disconcerting to him, but in order to keep their relationship a secret, they both had to make concessions. Davidís concession was the facade that he needed professional development training that's only offered in Texas, just a few short hours from Brooke's home.

He climbed into the shower - the hot water stung as his skin got acclimated to the temperature. Brooke had a series of fancy shampoos and soaps lining the tub wall. These are the things that make a woman feel sexy, the elements that give her that intoxicating scent.

Thinking about Brooke's tongue was making him hard again. He stood there washing his hair and body, fully erect. David laughed to himself; she would probably find it arousing to peak in and find him standing there like that. When he finished soaping up his chest and arms, he slid his hand down to wash between his legs. He couldn't help but give himself a few good strokes, being so close to it anyway. It was still sensitive, and while he knew he could get off again very easily, he needed to save himself for Brooke. She's the adventurous type, so he knew he'd have to be ready and able to keep up with her all night.

David turned off the water a few minutes later and stepped out. He didn't hear Brooke in the room, so he strolled out of the bathroom to see her silhouette through the curtains, standing on the balcony outside the door. Just as he suspected, she was chatting on the phone while smoking a cigarette. The closed windows made her words indecipherable, but her giggling was clear. How could she be having a nonchalant conversation with this man considering where she was? David just stood there peeking through the curtain at her, towel wrapped around his waist. When he saw her lower the phone and close it up, he quickly backed away from the window and sat down at the table.

The room door opened, and she emerged. She looked at his towel and smiled. Glancing down, he found himself sprouting a tent, partially erect once again.

"Did you find any cigarettes?" He asked.

"No, but I'll live."

"How's your hubby doing?" David asked, feeling slightly combative. She was his for the night; he didn't want to compete for her attention.

She just looked at him, her expression went flat.

"I told him I'm staying with my sister tonight," she explained. "He hates her, so he'd never call to verify."

"When are you going to tell him about us?" He asked.

"When are you going to tell your wife about us?" she rebutted. "If you're waiting around to make an honest woman out of me, you should know by now I'm not that type."

Davidís mind began swelling with disappointment. He knew she spoke the truth, but it hurt for him to hear it from her lips. He wished for something clever to say, but nothing came to mind.

She cocked a smirk. He knew that look on her face; it was a playful, naughty grin that meant she was about to get naughty. She started unbuttoning her blouse, slowly, revealing the top of her black lace bra. She stepped toward him when she was about half way down the buttons on the blouse. Her black skirt hugged her hips, and they swayed as she walked.

When she got within range David reached out and wrapped his hands around her waist, then slid them down and back until he got a handful of cheek in each hand. With his legs spread, he pulled her in to steal a taste of her belly button, exposed from the removal her shirt. After a couple quick nibbles he glanced up to see her face lowered over the top of his head, eyes closed. Her long hair swung over the right side of her head, casting a shadow on his face. Davidís hands moved up her thighs and gently raised her skirt up to her waist. She wasn't wearing her panties. She either neglected to put them on, or she remembered the fantasies he had described to her in the past.

David slid his hands up behind her back to relieve her breasts from the confinement of her bra. His excitement grew as he watched the bra slide off her chest. Brooke had a fantastic build. He reached up and put one hand behind her head to pull her down to his level. He stopped when her lips were level with his, but didn't kiss her. Instead, he pushed her lips into his neck, then took her hands and placed them on his shoulders.

Davidís erection was beginning to throb from the stimulation. She reached down and peeled his towel back to expose it, then raised her legs up to perch herself above him. Her pubic hair brushed against the top of his stomach, then as she slowly lowered herself, he felt contact with the tip of his penis. Instead of sliding it into her, David made a slight adjustment and decided to do a bit of grinding first. She let out a groan of disappointment as he made the first pass. Her breathing got heavier as her clitoris rubbed against his shaft. She wanted him to penetrate, but he was having fun teasing her for a change.

"Put it in!" she commanded. She attempted to do it herself, but he held her hand back and continued to roll his hips, grinding up and down. She was incredibly frustrated, and there was so much clamor that David had to tilt his head backward to prevent their heads from slamming together.

Finally, she stood up and let out a grunt, clearly disgusted by my taunting. The look on her face said it all - she was furious, yet desperate for him.

David abruptly stood up and lifted her by the hips. She wrapped her legs around him and locked her feet, squeezing his ribs as if to punish him for breaking a cardinal rule of sex. He dropped her on to the bed. Her skirt was still pulled up around her waist, with her legs spread apart and raised, waiting to receive him. David came down on her and penetrated all in one swift motion. She let out a moan so convincing that he wondered if she had climaxed instantly, but the moaning continued with every thrust.

She reached down and grabbed one of his ass cheeks with one of her hands, while the other hand slipped and ended up on his back. It didn't matter where her hands were, she squeezed his body like a python as he continued in and out. Davidís heart felt once again like it was going to burst out of his chest. He could feel hers racing as well - her pulse beating firmly through the base of her neck as he sucked on it.

She felt so good to him - warm, firm, and moist. If he never accomplished anything else in life, he could still feel satisfied having been able to please this woman.

Brookeís fingers made their way up to Davidís head as she entwined them in his hair. They had a matching rhythm, hips pounding and slapping together as sweat began to bead in every crevice of their bodies. With tongues interlocked, each one could taste the otherís electricity. Brooke took the opportunity to mimic his teasing and bite his tongue, then opened her eyes and the smirked once again.

She rolled over on her stomach, pulling away from him. It was a disappointing feeling for David, but she quickly amended the situation by propping her knees underneath her and exposing her vagina to him once again. She laid her shoulders down on the bed, and turned her head to look back at his reaction. The tip of her tongue was between her teeth as she smiled, and she slid her fingers up between her legs to massage herself. Moving her middle finger in circles over her clitoris, she closed her eyes and further moaning ensued. Her eyebrows raised slightly as her hips started to rock.

David wasn't about to sit idly by while she did the job herself. He needed to feel that warmth once again. He put his hands on her hips to remind her that he was there, then slowly inserted himself once again. Letting out a few quick noises, he felt her squeeze him after he entered. Her eyes were still closed, but her expression went from pure pleasure to sheer determination. Her finger moved faster, so David sped his motion as well. He looked down to watch her labia rolling in and out with a tight fit around his penis. He loved to look down and watch their motions; he barely believed what was happening. After about thirty seconds of thrusting, she finally came and started a pumping action to prolong the feeling. She pushed at him strenuously for several more seconds, then collapsed on the bed with her legs spread outside his.

David was frustrated yet amazed that neither of them could last long enough to have that fabled ďall-nighterĒ. Perhaps they were both just so excited by the anticipation of this encounter that they couldnít contain themselves, or perhaps she was just way out of his league - used to pleasing herself instantly. If that were the case, he would be left feeling like an under-sexed teenager. Either way, they were both enjoying it, which was all that mattered.

David had fantasized not only about ravaging her with her skirt on, but of timing their orgasms so they could both experience that crippling pleasure simultaneously. He needed more of her, but he was sure she wouldn't object. She turned slightly, rolling on to her side so she could look up at him. The frustration on his face must have been obvious.

"You didn't come?" she asked.

"Would you notice if I had?" He asked, but then quickly felt as if heíd posed the question too harshly. She just smiled with a warm look on her face that made his frustrations disappear.

"I wouldn't have noticed if a truck drove through this hotel room."

She pulled herself up into a kneeling position in front of him. David was still massively erect, waiting to finish since her orgasm interrupted them.

"How do you want me?" she asked, her breath escaping her.

David decided against responding with words. Instead, he put his hands underneath both sides of her chin and pulled her face toward his abdomen. Both of them lay slowly back down on the bed with David on his back and Brookeís naked body hovered inches above him. She began to kiss his stomach; biting him with every third or fourth area that she touched. Her mouth slid downward to his pubic line, but he stopped her. He pulled her head upward until their lips met. She straddled him and slid her waist down on top of his, but she wouldn't let him inside of her. She was teasing him now, but it was exciting. Reaching down with one hand, she held his penis against the top of her vagina, letting him feel the contrast between the shaven areas and the small strip of pubic hair she left untouched. She slid up and down, both of them wet, and he could tell by the look on the face that her next orgasm wouldn't be far along.

Brooke knew most of Davidís fantasies. She knew that he liked to be dominated, and that he didnít like to be asked what to do next. She might have forgotten, or she might have just been stirring from the orgasm she had minutes before. Either way, she was back in action now, grabbing his hands and pushing them down onto his chest. She held on to his wrists to brace herself as she finally let him penetrate again. The sensation was slightly colder this time, but still wet and firm. The pressure of her putting her weight on his chest was intense and cumbersome, but her pattern of movement made it all worth it.

Her eyes were closed again. David began to wonder what was going through her mind when she closed them. Was she just concentrating, or maybe she felt guilty looking at him since they were both cheating on their spouses. He had a tendency to over-analyze things, but he felt a small disconnect when he couldn't look into her eyes.

After a few minutes, she paused to spread his arms straight outward. His arms were longer than hers, but she maintained pressure on his forearms to prevent him from moving. She put her lips on his neck just below his chin and took a deep breath.

"I love the way you smell," she said. "I want to eat you."

"At least pleasure me first," he joked.

"Just let go, " she said. "Weíve been waiting for this night for so long. Let everything else go. "

Her body laid flat on his now. Her breasts pressed against his as they continued to kiss. He was still inside of her, but her motions had become very slow.

"I want you to come inside me," she whispered. Brooke had told him that her husband always pulls out when they have sex, always coming on her stomach, back or face. She didn't like it on her face, but she let him do it anyway. The idea of coming all over a womanís face is a fantasy that men have come to covet from the porn industry, but if she wanted it inside her, David wasn't going to argue.

She pulled her legs forward and squeezed his hips between them. Releasing his arms, she sat upright and leaned back. This had to be one of Davidís favorite positions, because he could see all the curves of her body while she straddled him. She was no supermodel, but she was everything to him, so in his eyes, she was perfect. Her hands rested on his legs as she moved up and down. The friction from having his penis bent that far back was intense. He put his hands on her hips to help her keep her balance, gripping her tightly. With a single, swift motion, she once again flipped her hair over to one side and fixed her eyes on him to make sure he was enjoying himself. He certainly was - the pleasure was unmeasurable. She liked to watch his facial expression change as he got closer and closer to climaxing. Then suddenly he felt it, that exact moment right before ejaculation where a mind races - so incredibly sensitive that the muscles of the body seem to contract by themselves. He let out a moan as he finally came. He couldn't help but close his eyes and lunge his head backward on the bed. She slowed the motion to a minimal amount of friction, but tightened up to make sure he enjoyed every second. She was still looking at him; he could feel her eyes even though his were closed. She kept moving for about fifteen more seconds until he opened his eyes again and looked at her. The glazed over expression on his face must have said it all, because she cracked that beautiful smile once again Ė that sinful grin that would be ingrained in his mind forever. David raised a weak, trembling hand toward her face, inviting her to rest on top of him again so they could enjoy the moment.

Ten minutes passed as they laid there, her head rested on his chest. David nearly fell asleep, but she finally got up and headed for the bathroom. He rolled over to look at the clock - the afternoon was now gone, making way for the evening. He was completely exhausted from the fun we'd been having. The shower turned on once again and she began singing in that soft sweet voice. It was just enough to lull him to sleep.

Chapter 5

David woke early with the sunlight peering in through the hotel window. Upon realizing where he was, he was suddenly filled with warmth knowing that Brooke was lying beside him. As he rolled over, he realized that his assumptions were incorrect. A note sat angled between her pillow and the mattress.

David already knew what it said. Anger filled his heart. How could such a passionate evening end in a clichť fashion? He laid there Ė an inner conflict not allowing him to indulge his curiosity. She must have left early to avoid a difficult confrontation in person. They obviously couldnít be together until someone gave in, but he was convinced that his deep feelings for her earned him no reciprocation. Davidís life was that of a structured family, with innocent kids and a wife with whom he hadnít been in love for years. Brookeís life seemed a bit simpler, but sometimes kismet is nothing more than an illusion or an excuse to feel a happiness that couldnít be expressed with the restrictions of reality.

A box of matches lay on the table nearby. David sat up and rested his head between his hands, thinking about the night heíd shared with the woman, which with he was smitten. A single tear ran down his cheek. Without reading the note, he lit a match and watched it burn in the ashtray. It would bring the end of a half-year of intimate knowledge between two people lost in the chaos of life.

He needed to compose himself, stand up, and get back to reality. Brooke was his angel Ė his escape Ė but she was gone now.

Life offers many distractions, many temptations, but when it comes to love, itís always a gamble. David had gambled and lost, but their encounter would forever change his life.

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