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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
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   The Sailor and the Nurse  

3/29/2011 08:26
Posted By:  - ADELPHI, OH  
Date Posted: 3/29/2011 08:26
   in Sarasota, Florida, there is a statue of a sailor and nurse identical to that world famous photo of the random, passionate kiss when everyone returned from World War II.

RW and I came across a commercial property we liked and placed a call or two to the selling brokers, a 52 y.o. hottie in her own right and her female assistant who was a hot 26. Both always donned serious heels and sundresses that made us both melt... and indeed sold the property more than the property itself. Through the next few weeks, as we cleared closing conditions we had some innocent flirting, lunches, drinks and jokes about what we could do with a half acre on Siesta Key (conveniently appointed with a coach house and large sun area on the roof). The jokes range from tension relief in a law office, to day care for kids to our photo art gallery. Still nothing innocent until closing.

On the day of the closing, RW appears in a ruffled, short sun dress, after studying the attire of the brokers who planned drinks and dinner with us to sell us on their services as rental agents. They were a shoe-in for the work, but we did not tell them this. The younger broker made reservations for six, their husband and boyfriend included. The flirting promptly ended on arrival, dinner bored us to the core and we were left wondering what we had just done for, surely, these two women could not have lives so dull as what their partners reflected of them.

With the end of dinner came the Key Lime pie. Two of the men got up to order coffee of all things, and I took to pleasing RW from under her sundress. Now, Phillipe Creek is a packed seafood joint known for its crowds, and RW loves public fun and risk. She has not yet mastered the art of concealing her responses however, and I could not help but notice that the brokers too caught on to what we were up to. With two fingers firmly inside her, I Could not help but to spring a noticeable male response, pronounced by white cotton pants and I angled myself to the senior broker who eventually ran her hand down her younger study's upper thighs.

The men returned, and RW and I ended our fun by sharing her delicious juices somewhat privately. As we did this, the younger broker took a fingertip full of cream from the Key Lime pie in front of her and proceeded to suck on her finger longingly. The older broker then dipper her finger in the frosting, slid her finger in the younger broker's mouth with their counterparts finally waking up a little. The younger male suggested drinks at the bar which was crowded with people on all sides and had a depth of two people surrounding it before the aisle for waitstaff and the packed tables.

Afte a round of shots, the young guy notes the statue of the sailor and nurse while describing it as a symbol of PDA that ran counter to Sarasota's conservative background. The younger broker tells RW and I that she gets wet whenever she drives by it. Rw laughs, and responds that she is a PDA freak of nature, so I then embrace her over the shoulders and passionately run my lips up her neck to her ear. The older broker has been much closer to RW since the move to the bar, often keeping a hand on her for balance it seems, but she tells me and RW that her assistant got her job when she told the story about the statue and that on slow days, the older broker would pull off near the statue to use her pocket rocket ever since that first interview.

The younger girl blushes, but leans forward and kisses the older one on the lips, while grasping RW's hip and holding her mentor's hand. Meanwhile, I survey the area and realize the men are behind us and I start caressing RW from behind, she is still wet, and frankly the last few minutes have made it quite easy to keep it up with the vision of public sex, two hot brokers and a crowded bar dancing in my head. I position myself behind RW and enter her as she leans forward on the bar. Each broker's hands become more active, one of each tweaking RW's nipples. Occasionally, I feel the fingers of one or the other of them around the base of my cock as I gently thrust forward.

The more senior of the brokers makes her way around behind me and while grabbing my right thigh, tells the men the game is on "so shore up the circle" before positioning herself on her toes crouched down perfectly so she has her tongue on RW under that sundress and occasionally takes me orally. The younger woman clearly with one hand under her sundress leans back to the bartender, passes her iPhone over the bar and orders another drink for all of us. Reacting ass if he were previously trained, the bartender proceeds to snap a few shots, wink at RW and the men. RW cums, shuddering quietly, not knowing that the bartender caught this on cam. Ultimately, I can't restrain myself and I explode inside RW. We straighten up a bit, the older broker emerges, some dribble on her lips, kisses RW then me and her husband, while telling the younger male what fun he could have "if only" he partook....

To be continued.

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