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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
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   The Forest  

4/3/2011 11:41
Posted By:  - MADISON, WI  
Date Posted: 4/3/2011 11:41
   Pulling my car into park. I turned and looked at her. I could tell she was nervous as she has been in ages. As she turned back towards me, I handed her the instructions. "Read and when you are done, come to me and hand me the note, I said." With a nod of her head, she began the task at hand. Reaching for the door handle, I soon left the vehicle. Taking in the warm sun above, had me enjoying this perfect summer day. We couldn't have picked a better day to have had this new experience. My eyes surveyed the landscape. I had already scouted this area well, little did she know.

A couple minutes later I heard her door open. As she approached me I could tell she was excited as her nipples were like bullets. The way she walked showed the other side of her at that moment. It was almost like time was to stand still. With cautious footsteps, she no doubt was delaying the inevitable. Looking at me, I watched as she slowly removed her skirt and top. Sure enough, under neath she was wearing the camoflage bikini that I had seen her in before.  Pausing for a moment to take all of her in, I finally spoke up. "Did you understand all of the instructions?" "yes sir," was her reply. "Go now, an hour will come soon enough my dear." With that I moved back inside the car and and soon was driving away. On my way back to town, I wondered if the best laid plans would go astray or if indeed this would be her hottest adventure yet. The ten minute drive back was filled with oh so many thoughts. I knew I had picked right. Would their search be speedy or would this be a challenging search. With her outdoor skills and background, I knew she would put up a better challenge than most.

Pulling into the hotel parking lot, I saw that they both were already there and waiting. Pulling up next to their vehicles, I couldn't help but smile at their appearances. Keith was dressed in camo from head to toe. The camo face paint added to the full effect. He most certainly looked like a man of the woods. Todd was dressed all dirty and looked like a homeless man. His weathered look with the bucket hat most certainly would have given him looks if he walked into any store or business. As I pulled along side of them, I soon rolled down my drivers side window. "Any questions?" I asked. Keith replied "nope, we all are on the same page from your emails and chats."

"I left her off near the railroad tracks. I'll give you guys a 30 minute start. I'm going to grab some lunch quick. Text me if there is any problems."I stated. With that I pulled out of the lot and headed to get my quick bite. It seemed every few minutes I checked my watch to see if it was time yet. I guess a part of me was eager to see how things were going. Was anyone having any luck? Pulling my copy of the note out of my pocket, I'm not sure why but I reread it. It said...

"Precious, today is your next adventure. You know you need to be challenged at times. You know that I have been not as good at being what you truly need. Today we shall see how skilled you are. You were asked to wear the camouflage bikini under your clothes for a reason. You will upon completion of reading this remove the rest of your clothes besides the bikini and tennis shoes that I have brought for you that are on the floor. You are now PREY. This is your own personal scavenger hunt, but you are the prize that is being seeked. There will be three men 1 hour from now searching for you. There was a long list of eager recruits that I prescreened for this. The one's I chose are skilled in their own ways. You best be fleet on the feet and be ready to adapt to the surroundings. There is one set of limitations for yourself. There is a set of railroad tracks that runs east and west. You will not cross those tracks at any point and head north. There is a river that runs to the south of the forest. You will not cross that river. It is too dangerous and again it's part of the rules. You will not head any farther east than this roadway I am leaving you off on. To the very west you will come across another boundary. You will know it when you see it. Your job is to find something  hidden inside the boundaries of this forest area. The something you need to find is a red flag. If you find that red flag you are safe and declared the winner. With that comes rewards. If you are found at any time to be violating the boundaries you will be punished. The game will be instantly over and I'll take you back home instantly. Your one clue to find the red flag is.......You've seen it in one of my pics. Again, you will have pursuers. They have instructions that you are the prize and when they find you you are theirs. They have rules to follow as well but again, they are experts in their own ways. Good luck searching. Be well and be swift.

Finishing up reading my copy of note, I knew it was time to see what was unfolding ahead.

As I pulled my car back out onto the highway, I couldn't help but be a bit nervous. All this planning , what if things weren't as hot as i'd hoped? I began to think about where I should go once I pulled into the little lot by the tracks. I had a feeling both Keith and Todd were going in opposite directions. I also had a feeling where "the prey" had flee to. She no doubt would be trying her best to find the flag. Soon enough my questions will be answered. A few more moments and I find myself pulling into the exact spot I left her off. Both of their vehicles were parked nearby. Opening my door, I feel so eager to join the search. I know I should slow myself down and enjoy this wondrous weather. With sun beating down overhead, I move to the trunk. Retrieving the fleece blanket, I have a feeling it will be needed. The backpack full of supplies I grab next and soon it is slung over my back. With that I am off on my quest.

Moving along the old logging road, I begin to recall a time where this was the inspiration for a photo shoot. The trees, the little meadow all soon appear before my eyes. Moving along this meandering trail, I marvel at this natural secluded wonder. The birds are happy and the gentle breeze brings all the natural smells before me. A few moments later my eyes catch a glimpse of some movement about a half mile down the cut out area. Todd was in the south area and obviously without luck on his part yet. Pausing a moment to scam more area ahead of me, I see some pine needles disturbed on the forest floor. Moving ahead to check it out, I see that it is foot prints. I recognize who made this. I know i'm on the right path.

Another ten minutes into the search, I decide to take a V toward the flag in case she got lucky and found it. A few hundred yards through the tall pines and I find the location easily. At the base of one of the white pines, my eyes catch the two large rocks. Looking up the tree, the flag is still there. Even though this is a distinctive path, there are a few more like it down here. Well, at least she isn't a winner. Turning back to backtrack, I begin to wonder how far she could possibly have made it. I hadn't seen Keith yet, and even though she is swift, eventually she would run into the boundry. Ever so often as I continued down the cut out area , my head would swivel to see if I could detect any moments. Soon brown appeared before my eyes. A young doe and her newborn fawn. Oh how I love nature.

Not long after seeing the wildlife I hear a scream. Pausing to detect where the sound came from, I heard another, then another. Yep, she was on the move. Assuming it was Keith in hot pursuit, I slowed myself down even further. I have a pretty good idea this won't end easily. Moving slowly farther west, five minutes later I hear a mans voice. "Easy now." Stopping in my tracks. I scan the trees on both sides of this lane and figure out my best options. Recalling the lay of the land, I move south and decide to circle back around them. With slow and easy movement, I try my best to not make any loud sounds, with the forest floor littered with small branches and trigs. After circling around perhaps a 1/4 mile I see movement. It is them. Keith was still in his gear. "Wow", I think to myself, he had been practicing his rope work. As I got within a 100 yards of them I could tell what the situation was. He had her tied to the tree hands bound above and legs around the base as well. I wasn't hearing any sounds, no doubt her had her gagged. Deciding to watch a bit, I wondered if some of the things I had told him would be put into motion.

I had an idea if i got even closer that I would see the black blindfold over her eyes. The ball gag, her ball gag i'm sure found its mark. She was still wearing her bikini but just as I was observing the scene, i watched as he reached and untied her top. With it falling to the ground, I watched as he moved to her neck. I couldn't hear anything but it appeared that he was whispering something into her ears. It must have been good as she began to pull hard against the ropes, trying to free herself. Moving from tree to tree, I crept closer. Keith's attire i'm sure had her very nervous and wondering. Pausing behind a large oak, I watched as his hands rubbed the outside of her bottoms. A moment later and I was watching her receiving spankings. With steady pace, i wondered how many were coming. I could hear the crack of his hand upon her flesh. This being my first time seeing someone else spank her, I wonder if it's the way she likes. I always have a hard time bringing myself to giving her what she craves. Finally he stops. I can see her body shaking. Her ass must sting from how she adjusts herself. Legs shifting back and forth. Next, I'm even surprised as he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a. Not long before it finds its mark. I wonder what other surprises he has in store.

I next see him producing a knife, bending down her cuts straight through the rope securing her legs. Putting his legs between hers, he pushed her legs wider. "Don't you dare move them back together or you will get more." I hear him instruct her loudly. Slowly, he steps out of his pants. Producing a condom, I smile wide as i see what is about to come next. I am glad to see lube being used, I know it wouldn't be easy without it. But then again, maybe she is wetter than ever. Time will tell that answer. Seeing him moving behind her, slowly he pushes ahead into her. I can tell by how her lower body reacts, that she is trying her best to accommodate. With steady rhythm he takes her. It goes on and on until I am startled by a few trigs cracking to their right. Turning my head to look, I see Todd. He hasn't seen me yet but I know he has seen them. He like me takes flight behind a tree and watches the scene before him as well. A few more moments of taking her from the back, Keith no doubt has other ideas. Reaching up to her hands, he unties her from the tree. Grasping her wrists. he speaks once more, "on your knees, you know what to do." Her nature has her soon doing just that. Reaching behind her, he unfastens the ball gag, allowing her mouth free to do what she needs to do. She takes very little time to find his cock. I watch as it disappears into her mouth. Her talents are obvious.

My eyes catch Todd no more than 10 feet away from there. I lost track of him as I was watching the pair before me. At the same time Keith saw him as well. Without her being able to see anything, she reacted none the less. She also had to have heard the footsteps coming closer. I can tell by how she stopped sucking that she was trying to figure out things. "Look what I found," Keith turned and voiced to Todd. "Need help?" Todd replied. Moving right behind her, Keith spoke once more "don't stop sucking." Grasping her hair, he encouraged her even more. Rapidly Todd's pants hit the ground. Leaving his boots on and with pants at his ankles, he took little time in joining in. Dropping on his knees, he moved right behind her. His large cock already erect and ready. "I'm glad you got her first, she will now be able to handle this." He spoke loudly. The both chuckled. The prey pausing a moment wondering what they meant. It wasn't long before she had her answer. His large head pushed swiftly into her. It seemed like he was pushing the air right out of her. She instantly lost focus at the cock in her mouth. It took Keith to tug once more on her flowing mane to get her back in focus.

I felt myself stirring , watching the view from before me. I once again got a surprise as Keith reached down and removed her blindfold. As she adjusted her eyes, I wondered what was going through her head as she saw Keith in his camo. Todd just then reached down and turned her head to face him. The look on her face was priceless and no doubt will be forever ingrained. Oh the effects were just what we all hoped for. Fear no doubt was what I was seeing. Keith grasping her head, he turned her once more back to his cock. Todd had her ass firmly and was no doubt testing her well down there. I had a feeling it would be the biggest shes had to this point in time.

Minutes more they man handled her. Soon I heard Todd proclaim, "switch." and with they did. Minutes became perhaps another half hour or hard fucking and oral. Her talents were obvious and I knew from previous experience what they both were enjoying. Finally I heard her cry out in orgasm. She finally got hers. With her cries of joy, it must have drove them both even harder. Not more than 30 seconds later I saw each of them pull out at once. Almost as if choreographed, they both moved to her ass. Spurt after spurt found their mark, coating her greatly. With their orgasms subsiding, I decided the time was right. Moving towards them, their eyes caught my movement. With her catching sight of me, it was obvious she wasn't sure how to react. "Stay," I spoke as I approached. "I see you have met Keith and Todd. Keith since you found her first as agreed upon you get her for another hour." Looking down at my lovely, "I'll be dealing with you when he's done, see you in town." "Todd, let's roll." I spoke next. A minute later as he had his bearings about him, we were walking side by side away from the couple.

A minute later of silence, he finally spoke as we got out of hearing distance. "Think she suspects what's coming next?" Turning to look at him I replied "She knows me well, she no doubt knows there is more coming. Great weather we are having, eh?" I say as we continue onto the second phase of my plan.

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