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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
 Originator Date Posted 
   Let me ride  

4/9/2011 19:28
Posted By:  - ESCONDIDO, CA  
Date Posted: 4/9/2011 19:28

Let me ride
Sit on the bed with your back against the wall
Let me straddle you
Gliding you into my wet pussy
I start kissing and licking your neck
Nibbling on your ear
While I tease the tip of your dick
Pulling you in and pushing you out with my pussy muscles
My hips moving in a circular motion
Sucking on your chest
I feel you squirming, hear your moans
Don't move!
Let me take care of you baby
Wrap your hands in my hair
Feel the wetness of my pussy
Soaking your dick
I want you deep inside of me but I want to play a little longer
The head feels so good, massagin my sweet spot
Mmmm...I plunge you deep inside of me
Slow, long strokes at first
Milkin and massagin as I ride
Grinding on your dick
Poppin' the pussy
Grab my ass baby
I start to bounce
Sucking your chest, kissing your neck
Fuck me baby!
I'm cumming!
I feel your dick swell
You are ready to cum
I rise and take you in my mouth
sucking hard
Feeling you shoot deep in my throat
I keep sucking
Getting every last drop
You taste so good
I want to do it again!!!


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